Oregon Health Authority Dental Care Organization (dco) Work Group Charter

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Oregon Health Authority

Dental Care Organization (DCO) Work Group Charter
DRAFT 4-5-2013

  1. Authority

The DCO Work Group is formed within, and conducted in corroboration with, the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) Division of Medical Assistance Programs (DMAP).

  1. Scope

DCOs and other stakeholders collaborate on issues relating to policy, rule and delivery of the dental service benefits provided with the Oregon Health Plan (OHP). Direct involvement of DMAP allows the work group to maintain two-way communication with DMAP regarding OHP dental topics.

Under Oregon Healthcare Transformation, Coordinated Care Organizations (CCOs) have replaced historical managed care plans. CCOs now have the responsibility to integrate and coordinate OHP benefits. As oral health is integrated within the regional CCOs, the DCOs will seek to unify the oral health delivery efforts across all stakeholder groups within the OHA and communities at large while maintaining our advocacy for issues pertinent to dental contractors.

  1. Specific Topics

Dental contractors shall work together in partnership with the DMAP to discuss and make recommendations on the following:

  1. Delivery systems;

  2. Contract issues;

  3. Quality improvement; and

  4. Coordination of care as it relate to the CCOs.

Dental contractors also discuss issues and make recommendations related to the OHP Dental Program benefits such as:

  1. Policy and billing issues;

  2. Alignment of dental service delivery efforts statewide;

  3. Rates; and

  4. Quality assurance modification prior to implementation.

  1. Timing/Schedule

The OHA DCO Work Group meets from 12:30-2:30PM on the third Thursday of the month, in the Human Services Building, Capitol Mall, Salem, Oregon.

  1. Co-chairs/Chair and Staff Resources

Co-chairs/Chair: Matthew Sinnott

Staff: DMAP Dental Policy staff and other designated DMAP representatives

  1. Work Group Membership

The DCO Work Group is a public meeting with membership consisting of, but not limited to:

  1. DCOs contracted with the DMAP to provide dental care to OHP recipients.

  2. DMAP representatives

  3. CCO Representatives

  4. State Oral Health Unit

  5. Oregon Dental Association

  6. Oregon Board of Dentistry

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