Optimal configuration for 3-d lc cell with half-wave retardation using Film Patterned Retarder technology

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Figure 4 shows how this proposed FPR system produces the linear polarization states on the Poincaré sphere in the horizontal and the vertical direction. In Figs. 4(a) and 4(b), the starting position is position -S1. Then, the polarization state of the light passing through the half-wave biaxial film, which has the optical axis at the position AH (112°+2 (=0°)) and the position AV (112°+2 (=90°)), moves to position KH and KV along the path L1. The polarization of light passing through the right patterned half-wave A-film, which has the optical axis at the position BH (67°+2 (=0°)) and the position BV (67°+2 (=90°)), moves to polarization position S1 along the path L2. As a result, we obtained the optimized values for the final polarization position S1: 0.9971 (B), 0.996 (G), and 0.9945 (R) in the horizontal direction and 0.9954 (B), 0.9966 (G), and 0.9974 (R) in the vertical direction.

(a) (b)

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