Officer Criteria, Selection, and Packet Information

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Officer Criteria, Selection, and Packet Information
Students running for elected office are running for an officer position. Following are the job descriptions typical for the officers. Other duties may be assigned as needed but always with advanced notice. Please rank order your office preference with 1 being your most desired and 4 being your least.

_____1. President: Runs meetings according to Roberts’ Rules of Order. Serves as the lead officer on the Yearbook committee. Helps the VP make assembly announcements. Delivers weekly announcements. Any other extra duties assigned by leadership advisors. Attends all PTSA meetings and reports back to Leadership.

_____2. Vice President: Takes care of all of the President’s duties when the President is absent. Is the lead officer on the Spirit Committee. In charge of the spirit activities during lunch or assemblies. Helps the President with weekly announcements. Attends PTSA meetings in addition to or instead of the President.
_____3. Secretary: Takes notes at all Student Council Meetings, records approvals for expenses. In charge of generating ideas for fundraising and then coordinating with the Treasurer to act on those ideas. The lead officer on School Service, second officer on yearbook.
_____.4 Treasurer: Gives the budget report at all Student Council Meetings, takes notes when the Secretary is absent, works with secretary on fundraising. Works with Mr. Beacom on monthly budget reports. First officer on Publicity/School Service. Second officer on Spirit.
Turn in the following by May 3, 2013 to Mrs. Roberts in Room 41. No late packets will be accepted, PERIOD.

  1. This packet filled out with all necessary signatures.

  2. Provide a copy of your current grades from powerschool.

  3. On a separate sheet of paper or in a word document, describe in a few paragraphs why you think you are perfect for the offices you chose 1st and 2nd and why you feel someone else would be more qualified to serve in the other offices.

  4. Write a two to four minute speech and show Mrs. Roberts for approval by April 30, 2013.

  5. Video yourself giving your speech/performance. Make sure it is in an “mpeg” format that Mrs. Roberts can upload to her computer. If you have trouble you can record it in Mrs. Roberts’ room, just ask! Have the video ready to upload when you turn in your packet or you can turn it in before May 3rd

  6. Applications will be reviewed and candidates will be announced on Monday, May 6th.

Posters and other campaign “stuff”

  • Posters with correct spelling only can be put up starting May 7th on windows only with painters tape (blue tape).

  • You may use campaign stickers but they should only be found on people. Any stickers or posters found in/on inappropriate parts of the campus will disqualify you from running for office.

  • Posters and all campaign items will be removed within 24 hours of the election on May 20th.

On Election Day (May 20th), speeches will be shown and voting will take place immediately. The names of the top four vote getters will be forwarded to the teachers who will select the office placement for each winner based on their application and order of preference.

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