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Flex 2 in 1 System


We at Baby Elegance are delighted to launch the new Flex buggy. This revolutionizes the way you buy a buggy.

This 4 wheel buggy can be used from 6 months (or from birth with the Group 0+ car seat) and can also take the new Isofix compatible Baby Elegance Flex car seat. The buggy comes complete with buggy, rain cover, footmuff and then one free colour hood and liner pack.

What this means is you have a choice of ten colours to choose from.

The buggy also includes a large shopping basket and a multi position handle. The frame is made from Aluminium which makes it one of the lightest buggies in its class.

Once you have made your decision on the colour why not take a look at all our matching accessories....Sun Parasol, Baby Bag, Head Hugger....or better again if you get fed up with the colour you can buy another hood and liner pack and transform your buggy in minutes!!!


If adding the Flex car seat to the buggy the adaptors are free with the car seat and are easily attached onto the buggy frame.



Age: Up to – 15kg

Size: 57Wcm x 80Lcm x 106Hcm

Size Folded: 57Wcm x 90Lcm x 32Hcm

Approx weight: 9.2kg



 Price:  €189.00 

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