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CLIPPA SAFE Soother Saver €3.00

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CLIPPA SAFE Soother Saver €3.00

Young children who use dummies, soothers or pacifiers are always likely to drop them on the floor, where they become dirty or lost completely!

Our Soother Saver is a simple but effective way of ensuring the soothers are not lost as they stay attached to an item of clothing. The product comes in a choice of colours and includes an attractive motif to make sure it's the most stylish of accessories for any little one.

CLIPPA SAFE Fun Sunscreens €4.99

On a hot summer day it's important to keep your child sheltered from the sun's rays as they travel in the car. Sticky, humid conditions can easily make young passengers irritable and the shortest of journeys could turn into a nightmare trip for both child and parent!

Our Fun Sun Screens will make sure they stay cool, shaded and comfortable as they travel. The colourful logo will brighten up the dullest of excursions, they can easily be repositioned if need be and its foldable design means you can easily store it away when it isn't needed. The screens are supplied in a pack of two, and come complete with permanently attached suction cups for optimum safety.

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