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CLIPPA SAFE Standard Harness & Rein €7.99

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CLIPPA SAFE Standard Harness & Rein €7.99

Harnesses and reins not only allow young children the freedom and stability when starting to walk, but offer parents the ability to keep hold of their children. They also help to keep young children safe in highchairs, strollers and other articles.

This harness features:

Fully adjustable waist, shoulder and anchor straps

Detachable anchor straps and walking rein
Press to release' back clasp
Hand washable
Suitable from birth up to 4 years of age

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CLIPPA SAFE Toy Ties €2.99

Young children always like to have their favourite soft toy with them wherever they go, but they don't always remember to keep hold of them, especially when they are feeling tired or grumpy.

This often results in toys being put down, dropped in the dirt and, worse still, lost, and resulting in tears.

Our Toy Ties, which come in a pack of two, are a great way of ensuring that treasured items stay safe, close at hand and are not mislaid.

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