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CLIPPA SAFE Plug Socket Covers (UK 3 Pin) €2.50

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CLIPPA SAFE Plug Socket Covers (UK 3 Pin) €2.50

As children grow they love to explore their surroundings, pushing, pulling and touching whatever they can and plug sockets seem to be no exception! The outlets are attractive to little fingers, but as we all know electricity and children are not a good mix.

Our Plug Socket Covers allow parents to sit back and relax knowing their youngsters can play safely. The unique, patented design is easily removed from the socket by inserting the plug you need to use, ensuring no more broken finger nails.

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CLIPPA SAFE Door Catches €2.99
It's worryingly easy for young children to trap or pinch their fingers in doors, especially as they love to open and close them as part of their games. At the same time, that playful streak could lead to youngsters becoming accidentally locked inside a room. That's a major concern for any parent, particularly if it's the bathroom or kitchen where sharp items, medical supplies and cleaning products are stored.

Our Door Catches will make sure doors are kept in the open position, ensuring there's no chance of injury or entrapment. The catches come in a pack of two, complete with screws so that you can easily and securely fit them to doors and skirting board

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