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iCANDY cherry carrycot €170

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iCANDY cherry carrycot €170

This product does not include Chassis

Unique one hand fold mechanism

Seat unit suitable from 6 months

Soft touch comfy grip handle

Extra large shopping basket

Safety tested and certified to BSEN 1888 for the UK and Europe and ASTM F833-08 for the USA

Lightweight, corrosion-resistant aluminium chassis weighing only 7.9kgs (excluding wheels and shopping basket)

Large, low profile, durable, no puncture cushioned rear tires

Reclinable, 3 position forward facing and rearward facing seat modes

All-over raincover included

Two year manufacturing warranty

Swivelling or fixed front lockable wheels

Unique (pop-up) one hand seat removal

Adjustable leg rest

Freestanding chassis when folded

Available in sweet pea, tomato and black jack colour options

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