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Nova IRTC r6 8-15-09

USDA Forest Service

Stewardship Contracting Proposal


Project Name:

Central Oregon Restoration Project 5 Year Stewardship NOVA


R6 - Pacific Northwest


Deschutes National Forest

Ranger Districts:

Sisters Ranger District

Primary Forest Service Contact


Ingrid Anderson


Supervisory Forester


HWY 20 & Pine Street, P.O. Box 249, Sisters, OR 97759




A.1 Project Summary/Objectives: Provide a summary of your project. Summary should include overall resource objectives as well as the need for stewardship authority. Describe the current conditions of the project and the conditions being restored. Identify the goods and services involved in project.
Nova IRTC is part of the Central Oregon Restoration Project Area approved for the use of stewardship authorities by the Regional Forester on March 27, 2009. The overall resource objective of this project is to reduce the risk of high intensity stand replacing wildfire around the Sisters community by reducing stand densities to improve forest health, thinning small trees and mastication of brush while maintaining old growth trees and improving habitat conditions for focal species such as the white-headed woodpecker, pygmy nuthatch and Flammulated owl. Sawtimber will be removed to help pay for the service work (small tree thinning and mastication) with a thin from below prescription to achieve variable densities. Most of the project has had small tree thinning and mastication work performed through ARRA, though additional units still need treatment. Receipts would be tracked on a project by project basis and retained at each Forest where they are earned.
A.2 Project Location: Describe where the project is located relative to the nearest community.
The Nova project area is located approximately 5 miles south of Sisters, OR and butts up against Private Property on the eastern side of the project. It is located on either side of National Forest System Road 16. The legal location is: T15S, R9E, Section 36 and T16S, R9E, Sections 1, 2, 11, 12, 13 and 14.
A.3 Size of Project Area:
The NOVA project consists of approximately 590 acres, 30 acres of which are within plantations. Sawtimber, nonsaw, and biomass material will be removed and utilized in these areas.
A.4 Proposed Activities: Describe the work activities or treatments proposed to be accomplished with your project.

Proposed activities to achieve these results include:

  1. Mechanical and/or hand thinning of ponderosa pine, white fir and juniper stands.

  2. Mastication of residual brush and small trees.

  3. Hand thinning and/or piling.

  4. Hazardous fuels reduction through grapple piling and or biomass removal.

  5. Sub-soiling.

A.5 Proposed Contract Procedures:

Authorities and Procedures

Mark if Proposed for Use

Trading Goods for Services


Designation by Description or Prescription 1/

Retention of Receipts


Use of Retained Receipts from Another Approved Stewardship Project

Retention of KV or BD Funds from Receipts (not applicable to an IRSC)


Best Value Contracting


Multi-Year Contracting (cancellation payment to be obligated with award)

Multiple Year Contracting

Other than Full and Open Competition 2/

Non-advertisement with product value exceeding $10,000

Non-USDA Administration of Timber Sales

Use of an Agreement

Type of Contract(s) to be used

Integrated Resource Contract(s) - Service


Integrated Resource Contract (s) - Timber

Standard Service Contract(s)

1/ Will require use of Washington Office or regional special provisions. Designation by Prescription is for noncommercial material or scaled sales only.

2/ Will require special Regional Forester approval - summarize the need this authority.

Was there consultation/coordination with AQM in development of the proposal?




Mark Phillip


Was there consultation/coordination with an Agreement Specialist in development of the task order(s)? Enter N/A if not applicable.





A.5.1 Timeline: (estimated)


Estimated Date Completed



SAFR Project DN, November 2008, W. Anthony


January 2013


April 2013


May 2013


June 2013

Contract Termination

September 2016

A.6 Current Status: Include a summary of the NEPA status, sale preparation, and of the collaboration accomplished to date and/or collaboration planned. List cooperating groups and/or communities, city, county, state and federal agencies, tribes, individuals, etc.
NEPA is completed and this will be the sixth project to come out of the SAFR Project Area. All units of the NOVA project have been laid out and posting/ painting is being wrapped up with marking/cruising to commence early February.
See B.2 for Collaboration.
B.1 Project Funding: Please provide the source of PROPOSED funds anticipated for the project. May change as project progresses. For multiple fund codes, add rows as needed. Make entries in the first table only if funds are to be added to the contract. Adding retained receipts from another approved stewardship project goes into the second table.

Project Funding:

Forest Service Appropriations - PROPOSED

Fund Code(s): CFLR09, CFTM, NFTM*



Cooperator Contributions




Donated Services



Other (specify)



*Includes field prep, contract award and administration.
B.1.1 Estimated Budget: (add lines to the table as needed)

Activity 1/

Goods (+)

Services (-)

Product Value (Net - from below) through Commercial Thinning




Biomass Utilization (30 acres of plantations)




Mastication (87 acres)




Addition of Retained Receipts

Source Stewardship Project -



Subsoiling (approx. 2 miles)









1/ group activities by type of treatment type; fuel reduction, road closures, wildlife habitat

improvement, pct to restore old growth characteristics, etc.

Estimate the value of Goods by completing the following table; (add lines to the table as needed)

Product Type (Sawlogs, and convertible and nonconvertible products)

Quantity or Volume to be Removed

(CCF, Tons, lineal feet, cords, etc.)

Value of material to be

(from appraisal)



1,600 CCF



600 CCF



200 CCF



2,400 CCF


B.2 Collaboration: Please describe the collaborative process associated with the project. Scoping, hosting tours of the project area, or FS led group for the project, does not meet the collaboration requirement for stewardship.
Collaboration on the Sisters District started back in 2002 with the Metolius Basin EIS and continued in 2004 with the Glaze Forest Stewardship. Since then, our collaborative efforts and partners have grown significantly with the increase in stewardship projects.
There have been several collaborative meetings with the “Greater Sisters Area-Community Wildfire Protection Plan (GSA-CWPP)” in connection with the Sisters Area Fuels Reduction (SAFR) Project, which includes the proposed NOVA Integrated Resource Timber Contract (IRTC). Meetings with the GSA-CWPP stakeholders began at the start of the planning process of the SAFR EA in 2005 and have continued through the implementation phases to date. The most recent of which occurred on February 7, 2011 where the annual Forest Service and GSA-CWPP meeting was held to update the stakeholders of the status of the SAFR project activities completed in FY10 and the anticipated activities planned for FY11. Currently, two of these projects are nearing completion (Orion and Quasar) and KH operations will be starting up later this spring. In addition, the stakeholders were advised of the initiation of the proposed NOVA IRTC this year. All projects were given full support by the stakeholders for implementation. All projects are within three to five miles of the local community and the city of Sisters, Oregon.
All projects within the SAFR project area, including NOVA, are also within the Deschutes Skyline Landscape area that will be awarded funding annually for the next ten years under the Collaborative Forest Landscape Restoration Program (CFLRP). Our collaborators in this CFLRP include Central Oregon Partnership for Wildfire Risk Reduction (COPWRR), Deschutes Fire Learning Network (DFLN), Project Wildfire, Deschutes Provincial Advisory Committee (PAC), and the Upper Deschutes Watershed Council (UDWC).
A field visit of the SAFR project area by the COPWRR steering committee is planned to occur sometime in the summer of 2013 to monitor ongoing activities as part of their annual review of ongoing fuel reduction activities of Central Oregon.
Additional information about collaboration through the GSA-CWPP and CFLRP can be found at the Sisters Ranger District Office.

B.3 Stewardship Roles and Responsibilities: See the table for a list of roles and responsibilities related to stewardship projects. Each project and/or contract is to complete the following table to identify persons with specific roles and responsibilities. Send an electronic copy of this form to the Regional Stewardship Coordinator at time of submission of Stewardship Contracting Proposal to Regional Forester for approval as a stewardship project, with updated versions sent upon award of the contract, and prior to the start of operations. Keep the completed form with the project/contract documentation. Required entry of a named individual at time of submission of Stewardship Contracting Proposal to Regional Forester for approval as a stewardship project is indicated with and asterisk (*).



Designated Person’s Name, Phone Number, e-mail address

Forest Supervisor *

Overall responsibility for stewardship projects on the forest. Recommends projects to Regional Forester for approval. Recommends person by name to Regional Forester to be delegated authority as Contracting Officer for a stewardship contract. See FSH 2409.19, 60.42b. Requests from Regional Forester specific amounts of retained receipts to be transferred to another approved stewardship project.

John Allen 541-383-5512


Ranger *

Overall responsibility for stewardship projects on the district. Primary lead in establishing and maintaining collaboration. See FSH 2409.19, 60.42c. Coordinates with AQM in defining local area for stewardship contract. Determines amount of retained receipts to be used to pay for incidental expenses related to project level multi-party monitoring. Recommends to Forest Supervisor amounts of retained receipts to be transferred to another approved stewardship project.

Kristie Miller 541-549-7701

Forest Stewardship Coordinator *

Provide overall guidance for stewardship process. Serve as liaison and information conduit between Forest and RO, and Timber and AQM on Forest. Arrange for necessary, internal training and information sessions. Reviews stewardship proposals for compliance with handbook, manual, and 16 U.S.C 2104 note, prior to sending to RO for Regional Forester approval.

Becky Zimmerman


FS Collaborative Liasion

Usually the District Ranger, but can be delegated to a person to with authority to act and speak for the ranger. Provides sideboards for the project to the Collaborative, and FS policy and direction related to proposed work activities.

Brian Tandy


ID Team Leader

Leads the completion of NEPA



Project Implementation

Lead *

Host information sessions for prospective Purchasers. Lead contact for project specific questions during contract formulation and solicitation. Provides thorough review of contract package to assure map is complete, proper provisions are being used and correctly completed, technical specifications are clear and included, etc. Lead for formulation of future contracts utilizing Retained Receipts. Completes required monthly report to Albuquerque Service Center of volume and value, work completed and credits earned, and other required upward reporting.



FS Multi Party Monitoring Representative

Represent the Forest Service with the Multi-party Monitoring Team (MPMT). Assists the MPMT with the preparation of the annual report.

Collaborative Group Representative on ID Team

A person appointed by the group and approved by the District Ranger to represent their interests on the inter-disciplinary team for the approved stewardship project.

Field Implementation Lead

Oversee the field work associated with the Goods (product removal) and the Services (service work).

Project Specialists

Lead resource contacts responsible for preparing required specifications for individual restoration work activities included in the contract.



Contract Package Preparer

Prepare all contract documents: Prospectus, Advertisement, Solicitation, FS-2400-13(T), and IRSC. Can be a timber or procurement person, but both are to work together in the preparation of the final contract package to assure proper provisions (clauses) are included, and all required parts are complete and present.



Source Selection Authority (SSA)

Per FAR’s, final authority to approve selection of Best Value

MARK PHILLIPP 541-416-6532

Source Selection Evaluation Board


Utilize the Source Selection Plan to evaluate offers and determine Best Value Offer to the Government. AQM CO describes to the SSEB the process or procedures to be used in evaluating proposals. A member of the collaborative is encouraged to participate in the evaluation of technical proposals, but cannot see the prices of work or product value submitted by Contractors.

SSEB Review

Review SSEB recommendation prior to submittal to SSA

Contracting Officer

Specifically name individual with delegated authority from the Regional Forester as a Contracting Officer (CO) on Integrated Resource Contracts. Prepares the Source Selection Plan for the Best Value determination. Provide instructions and advice to SSEB and SSA.

MARK PHILLIPP 541-416-6532


Forest Service Representative for FS-2400-13(T). Can be assigned to an IRSC to assist with product removal, and be assigned duties related to completing service work, as qualified.

Ross Scrocca 541-383-4768


Sale Administrator for FS-2400-13(T). Can be assigned to an IRSC to assist with product removal, and be assigned duties related to completing service work, as qualified.




Harvest Inspector for FS-2400-13(T). Can be assigned to an IRSC to assist with product removal, and be assigned duties related to completing service work, as qualified.


Engineering Rep for FS-2400-13(T). Can be assigned to an IRSC to assist with required restorative road work.



Service Work COR

Contracting Officer’s Representative (COR) for service work in Integrated Resource Contracts, and be assigned duties related to product removal, as qualified and needed.



Service Work Inspector

Contract Inspector for service work in Integrated Resource Contracts, and be assigned duties related to product removal, as qualified and needed.

* Required entry of a named individual at time of submission of the Stewardship Contracting Proposal form to Regional Forester for approval as a stewardship project.

B.4 Monitoring: Please list proposed monitoring the Forest itself will undertake on this project, monitoring utilizing Collaborative Group members, or other approaches to complete project monitoring.
In addition to Forest Plan monitoring, this project would result in additional monitoring of specific resources by the Forest Service as described below.

Monitoring plans include the use of modeling promoted by our local collaborators. We will develop and conduct multi-party monitoring per Stewardship Authority.



Director of Forest Management Concurrence:


Director of Acquisition Management Concurrence:


Regional Forester Approval:


Instructions for use – complete the form and send to the Regional Forester. Also, send one of the following to Michael Daugherty at the Regional Office;
Hardcopy of the letter to the Regional Forester signed by the Forest Supervisor requesting stewardship approval for the project, accompanied by an electronic copy of the letter and completed stewardship contracting proposal form for the project signed by the Preparer, District Ranger, and Forest Supervisor. Hardcopy letter needs to have the Forest Supervisor’s original signature. Electronic signatures on the electronic stewardship contracting proposal form is acceptable.
Hardcopy of the completed stewardship contracting proposal form for the project with original signatures of the Preparer, District Ranger, and Forest Supervisor, followed by and electronic copy of the completed stewardship contracting proposal form for the project.
Call Michael Daugherty at 503-808-2519 if you have questions!!

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