Norpix StreamPix 5 and Motion Capture: Understanding the Advantages. Table of Contents StreamPix 5 and Motion Capture

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Norpix StreamPix 5 and Motion Capture:

Understanding the Advantages.

Table of Contents

StreamPix 5 and Motion Capture
Motion capture technology has increasingly become one of the most relied-upon tools for 2D and 3D animators involved in modern film-making, video game creation and other digital media. Not only is stand-alone motion capture growing in popularity, but the versatility of this technique allows it to be combined with more traditional tools like keyframe animation. Motion capture essentially allows animators the opportunity to create more lifelike representations on the big and small screen, as well as obtain extensive coverage that can be a major advantage when putting together complicated scenes in post production.
StreamPix 5 from NorPix offers an advanced software management system that incorporates multiple high speed, high definition cameras in order to provide an all-in-one motion capture solution. The StreamPix 5 software suite is a fully-featured digital recording system that can be adapted to any type of motion capture filming environment.
Multi-Camera High Definition Motion Capture
ne of the most appealing aspects of the StreamPix 5 system, from a motion capture standpoint, is its ability to handle an unlimited number of high speed, high definition video feeds. With an average StreamPix 5 workstation capable of receiving video from as may as 16 camera sources, and with the option to use the StreamPix Remote software to combine and control an unlimited number of StreamPix 5 installations, the potential of this tool to achieve complete motion capture coverage of a particular scene is unmatched.
Motion capture actor in a sound stage environment.
he advantage of being able to use so many high definition cameras in a motion capture setting is an obvious one. The use of more than one camera creates multiple points of reference for motion capture animators and keyframe animators alike, allowing for the actions of human participants in a scene to be examined from a number of different angles. The ability to focus a particular group of cameras on the face of an individual actor while simultaneously filming their broader movements is also an advantage when putting together animation from this type of video data. The need for multiple cameras increases along with the number of actors contained within a particular scene, and this is an area where StreamPix 5 excels thanks to its use of a single, easy to use interface for complex multi-camera setups.
Additional StreamPix 5 Motion Capture Features
In addition to its ability to manage an essentially unlimited number of high definition video sources, StreamPix 5 also offers motion capture professionals with a number of other important features. All StreamPix 5 video feeds offer Linear Time Code (LTC) referencing, which makes it simple to use the software to track actor movement through a scene for referencing at a later date. This is particularly useful when assembling animation from multiple takes, or when recreating the details of a scene in order to do additional takes. All images and video captured by StreamPix 5 features embedded LTC, and the application is continuously synced with this time code during all operations.
StreamPix 5 is also capable of capturing video at twice the speed of the selected time code. For example, a time code running at 29.97 Hz offers users to ability to either capture video at that specific rate or instead select a rate of 59.93 Hz. This allows for the capture of two frames per time code, which in turn creates additional reference points for animators and directors.
StreamPix 5 can record synchronized audio with each camera feed, and supports markerless 3D motion capture. Through the use of the StreamPix Remote software module, the software is also fully capable of synchronizing with the Vicon Blade motion capture system.
The StreamPix 5 Motion Capture Advantage
As advanced motion capture techniques continue to blur the line between the role of keyframe animating and the need for comprehensive mocap coverage of live action scenes, StreamPix 5 is poised to offer filmmakers and animators an impressive tool that can be added to the suite of software they are currently using. With the ability to manage unlimited multiple high speed, high definition cameras using a single interface, the software provides a comprehensive array of mocap services, including full body capture, facial capture, hand and finger capture and even audio capture.
The prospect for actors to engage in the full freedom of movement within a stage environment while simultaneously having their every facial expression and hand movement recorded opens up new creative opportunities for directors and animators alike, and removes the restrictions that can interfere with expressing the true vision of a scene. The ability of StreamPix 5 to provide a fully-featured performance capture solution for digital filming makes it an indispensable option for modern animators.

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