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Important Information Coaches Should Read Prior to District Track Meets:

  • Headwear: The wearing of decorative headwear while competing is prohibited. Adornments on helmets used for pole vaulting are also prohibited. Headbands may be worn by track & field competitors, but must be unadorned (except for the permissible logo and/or school name) and be the following colors; beige, white, black or the predominant color of the jersey. All team members must wear the same color. Pre-wrap may be used to control hair under the following conditions; a) if wider than 2 inches, the pre-wrap shall be considered a decoration and is not permitted and b) if rolled and 2 inches or less, it is considered a hair control device similar to a rubber band and may be of any color.

UNIFORMS: (Rule 4-3-b-7), the uniform shall be worn as the manufacturer intended. If the uniform top is manufactured to be tucked in, it must be tucked in. If the uniform top doesn’t extend to the waistline, it is illegal. Rationale for Games Committee “tuck” rule is to prevent top from covering up the competitor’s hip number.

Any visible garment(s) worn under the uniform top or bottom shall be a single, solid color and unadorned except for:

  1. A single school name or insignia no more than 2 ¼ square inches with no dimension more than 2 ¼ inches;

  2. A single, visible manufacturer’s logo as per NFHS rules.

Note: If more than one garment is worn under the uniform top or bottom, all must be the same color under the uniform piece.

Visible undergarments displaying seams stitched on the outside of the garment in a visible contrasting color to the undergarment are illegal.
Additional restrictions for relay races:

  1. In relay races, each team member shall wear the same color and design of school uniform although the length of the bottom or one-piece uniform may vary.

  2. Any visible garment(s) worn under the top or other visible garment(s) worn under the bottom must be unadorned and of a single (and the same) color. Visible garments worn under both the top and bottom do not have to be the same color. If worn by more than one team member (two or more), that garment(s) must be the same color, but not necessarily the same length.


Bungee Cord: A bungee cord manufactured for use in the high jump and pole vault has been approved for use at district track meets during warm-ups only. The bungee cord will not be used for the state track meet.

Height Progression: The pole vault and high jump will be advanced 6 inches and 2 inches, respectively, until seven competitors or less are left in the competition. They will then progress at 4- and 1-inch intervals, except at all district meets the state qualifying mark will be inserted into the progression. For example, if the state meet automatic qualifying mark in the girls pole vault is 9’8” and there are seven or fewer competitors left in the competition at 9’6”, the progression will be 9’6”, 9’8”[automatic qualifying mark], 9’10”, 10’2”, 10’6”, and so on.

In individual races or relay legs of 800 meters and onger, the starter shall use one command, “On your marks.” To alleviate the problem of leaning or movement at the starting line on this preliminary command, all competitiors will be asked to take a position approximately 6 feet behind the starting line or on the dashed arc behind the line. This should be marked with chalk by the starter. On the command, “On your marks,” all competitors will, without delay, step up to the starting line and when all are set and motionless, the starting device will be fired. Coaches shall instruct their runners of this procedure.


The start for races or opening legs of less than 800 meters shall be a 2-command start. Even if all competitors are standing, the the 2-command start is shall be implemented.

The following guide is the one used at the state track meet and should be implemented in all districts.

Runner #1 - You SHALL run in your lane ALL THE WAY. The line on your left is your "curb line," STAY OFF OF IT, DO NOT RUN ON IT.

Runner #2 - You SHALL receive the baton in the lane in which you now stand. After receiving the baton, you must remain in your lane around the first curve. After completing the first curve and passing the break line, you may cut to the inside when you are one full running stride in front of your opponent, without impeding, interfering, or physical contact.

Incoming Runner #2 to #3 and #3 to #4 need to watch their teammate as he/she comes around the curve - it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to line up with your teammate. It is the incoming runner’s responsibility to avoid impeding outgoing runners.

Runners #1,2,3 - After handing off the baton, stay in your lane, look behind you before leaving your lane; in your lane, bumped, legal; out of your lane, bumped, illegal; disqualification

Runners #2,3,4 - The inside line (white, yellow) on the track is the "curb line," STAY OFF OF IT, DO NOT RUN ON IT. If you run 3 consecutive steps, with one or both feet on this line on the curve, your team shall be disqualified.

Runner #4 - DO NOT THROW THE BATON after you cross the finish line. Your team shall be disqualified.


Any visible shirt worn under the jersey and other visible apparel worn under the shorts must be unadorned and the same single color.

BATON must be clean, no tape, etc. BATON MAY TOUCH THE TRACK ANY PLACE on or in front of the starting line; etc.) as long as you have a LEGAL STARTING POSITION.

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