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1th Grade

English Renaissance

Digital Station Activity
This station activity will help you to understand more about the English Renaissance Period, what everyday life was like, and King Henry VIII (8th). Read over the information and respond to the questions, each non- fiction excerpt will help you to learn about another aspect of the Renaissance period. Answer the questions completely and be ready to discuss.
DIGITAL STATIONS 1 & 2—King Henry VIII and his Many Wives

  1. Fill in the chart below with names, description, children, and what happened to them.




Catherine of Aragon


Anne Boleyn


Jane Seymour


Anne of Cleves

Dates: ____________________

Catherine Howard


Catherine Parr

Dates: ____________________

  1. In what ways does the Hollywood Interpretation of these famous historic figures differ from historic accounts or portraits?


  1. Besides beheading wives and carrying on affairs, what other interests did Henry VIII have?

  1. What instruments and how many did Henry VIII leave behind after his death?

  1. What traditions did Henry VIII introduce to England and where does it originate?

  1. Explain Henry’s connection to the orchestra.


  1. What two diseases did Henry VIII contract when he was younger.

  1. What major change did he undergo when he was in his late 30s? Based on early incidents, what could this be attributed to?

  1. What happened to Henry during his 44th year?

  1. How did the strange prophesy come true?

  1. What is the assumed cause of death for Henry VIII?


  1. What were women taught at an early age about their status? Paraphrase the quote by Knox.

  1. Why was educating women considered a waste of time? What did they learn? When did the idea of teaching women come about?

  1. How were husbands and wives chosen?

  1. What is a dowry?

  1. What was the common marriage age?

  1. How was sexual intercourse viewed before marriage and during marriage?

  1. Why was childbearing so hazardous during the 16th Century?

  1. Does this sound like the kind of life you would enjoy?



  1. Explain the idea of clothes controls, what was happening to the middle class?

  1. What materials and colors were restricted for wealthy females?

  1. Who introduced the fashion of a French hood? What was its purpose?

  1. What is another name for a necklace? Who wore these accessories?


  1. How many calories did one person eat during this time? Compare to present day recommended calorie intake.

  1. What was included in a common Tudor Meal?

  1. How did religion impact a Tudor’s meal?


  1. What was the point of hunting and why was it favored?

  1. Describe the sport of jousting and its purpose?

  1. Describe the sport of archery and why it helped in military matters.


Please review your textbook pages 276—281.

  1. What are the years for the English Renaissance?

  1. Another name for Renaissance is ____________________? What started this period in history?

  1. Medieval economy focused on landholding and feudalistic control, making life very difficult and intolerable at times. How did the focus on life change during the Renaissance period?

  1. What did Renaissance Europeans delight in? What is the “new” emphasis?

  1. What is a Renaissance man? Who could be considered a Renaissance man?

  1. What prevented the onset of European ideas in England? (specific war)

  1. Who is Henry VII (6th) and what did he do for England?

  1. What would ideally come about from a marriage arrangement between Arthur and Catherine of Aragon?

  1. What was Henry VIII (8th) like?

  1. At first, Henry VIII remained loyal to Catholicism. What made Henry VIII break with Rome?

  1. What happens to Anne Boleyn and why? What is this daughter’s name?

  1. Henry VIII marries a third time and finally produces a son, Edward the VI (6th). What is wrong with him and what happens after Edward VI dies?

  1. Finally, some sanity. Elizabeth I was the unwanted daughter of Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn. What was her dynasty like? Provide many details.

  1. Elizabeth I executed her cousin Mary Stuart because she was believed to be in conspiracy against Elizabeth and her legitimacy to the throne. How did Philip II of Spain react to this and what was the outcome?

  1. When Elizabeth I dies so does the Tudor Dynasty. Who and what family succeeded? What did he change his name to?

  1. What religious problems did the new monarch face?

  1. Where did the unhappy English citizens go?

  1. Due to Charles I’s inability to keep balance between his own personal desires and Parliament, a Civil War ensued. Describe the sides of the Civil War—in other words, who fought on which side?

  1. What happened to Charles I and who is the final ruler of this time period?

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