Mns medical Plan and Dental Plan thru Aetna Eligible to Full Time Employees Special Notes for Filling out Aetna Application

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MNS Medical Plan and Dental Plan thru Aetna

Eligible to Full Time Employees

Special Notes for Filling out Aetna Application
Waiver (Mandatory) – if you currently have insurance through Shared Market Plan or your spousal insurance plan you may waive out of our group plan. Please sign section B on the application form and provide your insurance information. Return to Debbie DeMarco at 223 Pine Cliff Dr., Wilmington, DE 19810 or fax to 302-397-2698. Please remember to Xerox a copy of your insurance card and send it with the waiver.
Be specific when filling out the Waiver in identifying why you choice to Waive out of MNS Group Insurance Plan. Examples: Spousal Coverage, Shared Market Plan, No Coverage etc...

  1. See Monthly Premium Fees section below. ALL applications must be submitted with a check made out to Mortgage Network Solutions, LLC in the amount of 3 months premium. See note below.


  3. Please leave Effective Date and Date Hire blank

  4. Section A – MUST USE the following work address: 223 Pine Cliff Dr., Wilmington, DE 19810 and Work # 302-475-5508.

  5. Section B (Waiver) - DO NOT SIGN or fill out if you are opting IN for coverage.

  6. Section C – check mark Medical - check mark Health Network Option. In the Plan Option write in the provided line 3.4. Dental - Plan Number: Option 4. Plan Name: DE PPO Max 1000.

  7. Section D – Please be sure to fill out information for yourself and any other person you are including for coverage. Be sure to provide the PCP Provide ID and Dental ID numbers. These can be found on Aetna's website under Doc Find (more information below).

  8. Section F - Dependent Information

  9. Section G – J – Do Not fill In

  10. Sign page 4 of the application and mail the original to Debbie DeMarco at MNS, 223 Pine Cliff Drive, Wilmington, DE 19810. You can fax me a copy to 302-397-2698. It is important that I have a clear copy to process your application. Be sure to keep a copy for yourself.


  1. The website for Aetna is

  2. If you are already a member you click on Log-In/Register at this time.

  3. All others - Click on Find a Doctor

  4. Click on Search a Public Directory (no log-in needed)

  5. Click on A Plan Offered by my Employer

  6. Under Select a Plan

    1. Physician/Hospital/Services - Under Aetna Open Access Plans choice: Aetna Health Network Option (Open Access)

    2. Dental Providers - Under Dental PPO/PDN with PPO II Network choice: Aetna Health Fund/Aetna Dental Fund with PPO II Network

Monthly Premium Fee
IMPORTANT Note: MNS will hold 2 months premium in reserve – each application must be accompanied with a check made out to Mortgage Network Solutions in the amount of 3 months premium (1 month for current months coverage, 2 months to be held in reserve). MNS must receive a check by the first of each month to cover the monthly premium. If you have a closing we can deduct your premium from that payroll but you must communicate this to Corporate Office.

Effective: 8/1/15
Medical/RX - Premiums are calculated per enrolled member - See Attached Chart

DE Silver HNOption 2000 100/50

How to calculate Premium for Medical/RX: each enrolled member 21 and over will calculate their individual premium. Rates apply to the oldest 3 children under 21 per family.
Employee age 50 – 651.77

Spouse age 47 – 570.39

Oldest child age 22 – 364.94

1st child under age 21 – 231.74

2nd child under age 21 – 231.74

3rd child under age 21 – 231.74

4th child under age 21 - 0

Total for Family - $2,282.32

Dental - DE PPO - Max 1000

EE: $37.60

EE & Spouse: $75.30

EE & Family: $111.00

EE & Children: $73.80

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