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DIVISION 4 – Conference Call

April 22, 2008 Noon Eastern
1. Attendees: Kerry Kester, Mark Menghini, Jim Dickson, Michelle Copeland, (SC); Joel Rhiner, (WC); Tamara McNulty and other Division 4 Members.
2. Presentation: Mark Larson provided a primer on GREEN Building technologies involving the use of specialized building materials such as those sold by Platinum Advanced Technologies, Inc. He discussed their premier product in the housing industry which involves the use of light-gauge steel and closed cell polyurethane foam insulation in the construction of walls, ceilings and roofs. Thanks so much to Mark for pitching in on short notice and providing some very interesting information on GREEN!
3. Meetings -- Planning and Development: The agenda for the Division Planning Retreat was discussed. All the handouts and attachments for the planning retreat were emailed to all Steering and Working Committee members so that those not attending in person could join by conference call. The focus of the meeting will include Programs and Publications development and the future development plan for Division 4.
4. Publications: Design Build Desk Book – We are waiting on a list of contributors and publication plan and schedule. We have contacted the Forum Publications Committee and are awaiting a response.
5. Membership: Michelle reported on the status of the Division Membership Phone Survey project. This effort is very important to our growth and development as a Division, so we appreciate very much those who have volunteered (or been assigned) taking the time to do this. Thus far, the calls have been very well received and callers have met with unbridled enthusiasm on occasion!
6. Programs: We discussed a number of proposed program ideas that will be the focus of the planning retreat later in the week. We agreed to a goal of submitting at least three well-developed program ideas to Adrian Bastianelli, incoming Chair-Elect, at La Quinta.
7. Technology: Kerry reported that the web page has been updated with meeting minutes and presentation materials along with a current calendar of events.
8. Annual Meeting Breakfast. Plans for the Breakfast meeting were confirmed and Paul Audsley of NBBJ will be presenting on the topic “BIM in the Real World.”

Deepening Member Involvement – Enriching Member Experience

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