Minutes of the 2015 Annual General Meeting of Clydeside Orienteers

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Minutes of the 2015 Annual General Meeting of Clydeside Orienteers

29th November 2015 at 20 Leman Drive

Houston, Renfrewshire, PA6 7LN
1. Present:
Alastair Dunlop, Andrew Macpherson, Claire Macpherson, Ruaraidh Macpherson, Andy Paterson, Val Paterson, Michael Paterson, Caitlin Paterson, Catriona Robertson, Ann Robertson, Kirsten Robertson, Arnis Saltums, Kate Thomas, Alex Kemp, Donald Petrie, Amelia Petrie, Steve Wilson, Rachel Wilson, Thomas Wilson, Alice Wilson, Patrick Walder, Val Belton, Liz Britton, Neil Barton, Mirjam Alik, Ty Solomon
2. Apologies:
Val Belton, Robin Orr, Liz Orr,
3. Minutes of 2014 AGM
They are also available on the Club website
4. Office Bearers Reports:
4.1 Chairman: - Alastair Dunlop
Firstly, thank you to all of the committee for their support during the year and to the Petries for hosting today’s AGM.
In February we hosted the Scottish Sprint Champs at Erskine, with courses planned by Patrick, and Alex organising a major event for the first time. A series of Spring/early Summer Thursday evening events was hosted in the Glasgow and Renfrewshire area in conjunction with STAG. Clyde provided helpers at the Scottish Champs relays in May. Clyde organised Day 4 of the Scottish 6-days at Darnaway in August, with Andrew and Robin being day organisers and Clyde teams running the car parking and one of the starts. Dave Robertson planned the WOC mixed sprint relays at Nairn (nominated for course of the year) and Andy Paterson planned the Forres ‘rest-day’ sprints at the 6-days (and was in the top 3 volunteers at the Renfrewshire community sports awards). Clyde’s 40th anniversary was celebrated in November with courses at Mugdock using old and new maps and a party at Patrick & Charlie’s, with a cake by Ann and a speech from original member Donald.
Thanks to everyone involved for their significant volunteering contributions during the year
Our plans so far for 2016 include an urban race on a new Renfrewshire Council-funded map of Paisley provisionally in February, another Spring Series, and a SOL in October at Aberfoyle which will incorporate a Junior European Cup event.
Other club activities
The new map of Glennifer Braes was used for two coaching sessions, Croy Hill and Erskine were used for WOC training and Clyde supported an introductory event by Lomond School in Helensburgh that attracted over 200 participants. Coaching plans for 2016 will include focused training prior to major events. Dave and Steve led weekly hill runs in the Kilpatricks and fortnightly club nights continued during the summer months. Clyde members are sporting splendid new o-tops and training jackets this year, sourced from Bulgaria by Rachel. We enjoyed a club gathering in Oban for the Scottish Championships and also our annual summer barbeque at Mugdock. Simon Gardner has continued to promote orienteering at Glasgow University.
We qualified for the Compass Sport Trophy final near Kendal and finished 4th (more from Steve on that shortly). At the JK in the Lake District, there was an excellent bronze medal for the CLYDE team of Emma Wilson, Rachel Wilson and Lindsay Robertson on the Women’s Short Relay.
Junior major achievements
Several CLYDE juniors helped Scotland to record breaking wins at this year’s Junior Inter-Regional Championships (JIRCs) and Junior Home Internationals (JHIs). Thomas, Emma and Alice Wilson and Lindsay Robertson all represented Scotland in the JIRCs held in the Midlands, with Thomas and Emma also taking part in the JHIs held in Northern Ireland.
Lindsay and Emma competed in the World Schools Champs in Turkey in April.

Thomas and Emma were selected for the 2015 GB Talent Development Squad.

Thomas made his GB debut at the European Youth Champs in Romania in June, and also competed in the Junior European Cup in Germany in October.

Mikey and Kirsten both won bronze at Scottish Schools.

Alice Wilson was crowned W14 British Sprint Champion in Aldershot and Emma Wilson took the silver medal in W16.

At the JK in the Lake District, a win in the W16 Sprint & 2nd in W16A Long Race for Emma and 2nd in the M18E Middle Distance & 4th in the Long Race for Thomas.

Lindsay - Scottish W16 Night Champion at Drumpellier.

Alice (W14) and Lindsay (W16) - Scottish Sprint Champions at Erskine.

Scottish O-league highlights:

Thomas 2nd on M18

Kirsten 1st on W12B

Alice 3rd on W14

Emma 1st on W16 (best overall points total)

Lindsay 4th on W16 (9th best overall points total)

Scottish Urban League highlights: Mikey 1st, Alice 2nd, Kirsten 2nd

UK Urban League: Mikey 1st

Senior major achievements
World Champs – debut for Ali McLeod, finishing 28th Middle Distance (Darnaway) and 26th Long Distance (Glen Affric).
British Long Championships – men’s open relay team (Ali, Thomas, Patrick) an excellent 5th
Scottish Long Champs at Ardnaskie - titles for Alasdair McLeod (M21) and Alastair Dunlop (M40)

Scottish Night Champs at Drumpellier – titles for Arnis (M21), Patrick (M45) and Dave (M50)

Scottish Sprint Champs at Erskine – titles for Alastair (M40) and Dave (M50)

Scottish Score Champion – Simon Gardner

Scottish O-league highlights:

Ali 2nd M21E, Dave 2nd M40, Patrick 1st M45, AndyP 1st M45S, Donald 2nd M55

Scottish Urban league highlights – Donald 1st, Dave 2nd
Ali McLeod ran in the winning Scotland Senior Home International team (3rd in individual, 1st in relay).

Dave, Christine and Steve all competed for Scotland at the Veteran Home Internationals in Wales.

4.2 Secretary: - Andrew Macpherson
The committee met 3 times in 2015 to discuss the running of the club.
The club currently has 60 members. Steady versus a 8% decline for SOA overall
Grade B Controllers: Pete Halling (requires to plan an event) and Dave Robertson (when upgraded from Grade C)

Grade C Controllers: Andrew Macpherson, Andy Paterson, Kenny Milton, Dave Robertson

Grade B Organisers: Donald Petrie, Dave Robertson, Rachel Wilson, Patrick Walder, Robin Orr, Andrew

Grade C Organisers

Grade D Organisers

Coaches: Andy P, Kenny, Liz, Christine and Alastair

4.3 Treasurer: - Alastair Dunlop

    1. Captain’s Report – Steve Wilson

Relay highlights:

The JK Women's Short Relay at which Emma, Rachel and Lindsey got a bronze medal for third,
The British Men's Open in which Ali McLeod was 1st on leg 1, Thomas came back 2nd on leg 2, and Patrick brought the team home in 5th (after being overtaken by Graham Gristwood et al).

Compass Sport trophy:

Thanks to all those CLYDEsiders who made the long trip north to Aboyne for the Compass Sport Cup and Trophy qualifier in March. It was very close but a great team effort saw us just take the third and final place in the Final by a margin of only two points over RR. Special congratulations to course winners Patrick, Adela and Lindsay.

A strong all-round team performance saw CLYDE come a very respectable 4th at the Compass Sport Trophy Final held near Kendal on Sunday 19th October behind winner SROC, INT and EPOC. Thanks to all those who represented CLYDE at this event.

Well done to EVERYONE who turned out for CLYDE! Even those who didn’t score themselves helped the team by reducing the points scored by everyone they beat. We were 4th overall with 1211 points, only 4 points ahead of BL (1207 points) in fifth, 18 points behind EPOC (1229 points) in third and 28 points behind winners SROC and INT (both 1239 points). (Note that the final totals for SROC and INT are higher than 1239 because they both include the scores of an extra 14th scorer as a tie breaker.)

Emma, Alice and Lindsay did us especially proud, scoring 296 out of a maximum possible 298 points between them.

Thomas running up on Brown was a good call - even if he’d won Junior Men we’d still have scored fewer points overall.

Ali’s absence (at a big hill race in Italy) wasn’t significant – even if he’d won Brown it would only have earned us 4 more points overall.

In retrospect, Dave should have run up on Short Brown. Assuming he ran at the same speed as he did on Blue Men Trophy he’d have finished just behind Patrick and so scored 95 points, making a net gain of 10 points. However, this still wouldn’t have been quite enough to get us into third overall.

    1. Mapping Report – Dave Robertson

Mapping Report 2015

Currently mapped in OCAD and actually usable
Auchengillan (Scouts)


Bearsden (B+W street map)

Barshaw Park(ISSOM)

Collie Nathais

Croy Hill

Dunrod Hill

Erskine (ISSOM)

Fairy Knowe and Doon Hill


Glasgow West End (ISSOM)

Glasgow University (ISSOM)

Houston and Crosslea (ISSOM)

Houston Woods

Linwood (1:4,000)

Mains Estate (ISSOM)

Mains Plantation

Milngavie (ISSOM)

Mosshead (ISSOM)


Rouken Glen

The Slacks

Windy Hill
School maps
Baldernock Primary

Baljaffray Primary

Barsail Primary

Bearsden Academy

Gartconner and St Agatha’s Primary Schools

Milngavie Primary

Mosshead Primary

Newmains Primary

Vale of Leven Academy
5. Election of Committee:

    1. Chairman:

Alastair Dunlop indicated he would continue for another year.

5.2 Captain:
Donald Petrie indicated he would continue for another year.

Steve Wilson indicated he would continue for another year.

5.3 Secretary:
Andrew Macpherson indicated he would continue for another year.
5.4 Treasurer:
Alastair Dunlop indicated he would continue for another year.
5.5 Mapping Coordinator:
Dave Robertson will continue as mapping consultant
5.6 Committee Members:
Mirjam, Arnis and Kate joined committee

Andy Patterson, Kenny Milton (Child Protection Officer) and Rachel Wilson (Membership secretary) indicated they would continue for another year.

Alex Kemp indicated he would continue for another year
All committee, proposed by Ann Robertson and Seconded by Patrick Walder

6. Club Awards

6.1 Most Improved Male: Mikey Paterson
6.2 Most Improved Female: Winner: Alice Wilson
6.3 Cannon Trophy (Most SOL points): retained by Emma Wilson
6.4 Croy Bowl: Winner! – Dave Robertson

For WOC mixed sprint relay planning

6.5 Club Champion: Not run this year
6.6 Best Performance: Ali McLeod for World Champs debut

  1. AOCB

Andrew Macpherson

Club Secretary

Clydeside Orienteers.

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