Meteu: Northern or Southern Plains Style Medicine Man Clothing

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Meteu: Northern or Southern Plains Style Medicine Man



Breach cloth


Shirt (or Calvary jacket)

Vest- decorated with metal spots- limited beading- dark fabric (black or navy)

Blanket coat (or blanket draped over shoulders or around waist when seated- red seems popular)

Scarf/ neckerchief with slide

Head gear:

Long hair with feather tied in

Bonnet with horns (could be regular single or double trailer- single mostly)


Felt hat, brim style, Calvary style with feather


Breast plate, medium to large

Tobacco pouch

Medicine bag

Finger weaving drops and legging ties

Large cross (Christian symbol) necklace

Bear claw necklace

Hand articles:

Large shield, often painted, feathers hanging from shield

Large hand drum (very popular) with drum stick

Huge wing fan or flat fan (long feathers)

Pipe hatchet with long stem (decorative weapon pipe)

Beaded stick or hand cane

Quirt (wooden stick with leather and horse hair whip at end- decorated)


Paint a shield/ hand drum to emulate the OA legend; which can help with memorization, use the shield as a “teaching tool” when doing the ceremony, as to tell the story. The shield can also provide useful to hide your script until properly memorized.

See photographs below for ideas and examples: Source: internet and exposure to authentic craft

Photos of Medicine Men

Crow Medicine Man Lakota Sioux Medicine Man Kiowa- Apache Medicine Man

Note: urine arm and legging drops Note: bear claw necklace, shield Note: hat, cross/ scarf, pipe hatchet

Medicine Man with hand drum Sioux Medicine Man (iconic look) Black Elk- Sioux Medicine Man

Note: size of that drum! DANG! Note: vest, necklace, arm bands Note: Otter with mirrors and cane

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