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MCFRS Parasites Notification Process

Station Officers Checklist

Parasite: Any organism that lives in or on another organism without benefiting the host organism; to include body lice, head lice, pubic lice(crab louse), mites, and scabies
In the event an EMS Unit and/or crew transports and/or comes into contact with a possible patient or surroundings, the following actions should be taken.

  • Station Officer notifies Safety 700 (240/793-9779) and the EMS Duty of possible exposure and notifies his/her Chain-of-Command.

  • The Station Officer will:

    • Have the crew assigned to the unit(s) remove all clothing to limit the potential of exposure.

    • Have personnel remove all clothing and place them into garbage bags.

    • Have personnel immediately place clothing into a dryer on high heat to kill bugs.

    • Have the clothing immediately washed and dried.

    • Have personnel shower.

    • Have personnel place any garments or towels that were used to shower in the dryer on high heat first, then wash and dry them.

    • Ensure EMS Unit/Apparatus and equipment is decontaminated using normal decontamination procedures. Units do not need to be placed OOS or fumigated.

    • Ensure a 1st Report of Injury is completed for anyone having direct skin to skin contact with the person having scabies. Have exposed personnel follow-up with FROMS.

    • Ensure that all other station officers and all personnel at your assigned station or facility are notified of the problem and provide available literature on parasites.

    • Ensure personnel at facility are encouraged to shower and change their clothes at the end of their shift. To the extent possible, soiled clothing and bedding should be washed at the station to limit cross-contamination.

  • The Station Officer will:

    • Notify Safety 700, EMS Duty Officer and Supervisor of the exposure

  • Ensure all clothing that cannot be washed immediately is bagged

  • Ensure all cloth covered furniture is vacuumed and the vacuum cleaner bag is disposed. If bag less vacuum, empty reservoir and wash in hot soapy water

  • No need for exterminator

  • Contact FROMS for advice on treating personnel

  • Ensure a 1st Report of Injury is completed for anyone having direct skin to skin contact with the person having scabies.

If someone suspects they have Scabies, they should be evaluated by a Dermatologist

MCFRS Safety Section

March 3, 2015

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