Math 20-3 Names: Tin Man Project

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Math 20-3 Names: ___________________________

Tin Man Project

You are creating a tin man. Your tin man will be made out of recycled objects put together. Your tin man MUST have at least the following: two arms, two legs, a body, a head and a hat. Your tin man should include at least the following shapes, a cylinder, rectangular prism, cone, and sphere.

  1. Assemble your tin man using the recycled materials.

  2. Find the surface area of each body part below. Remember, this number will be the amount of tin foil you will get to cover your tin man. You will need to calculate the exact amount of tin foil.

  3. Present your total surface area to the teacher. They will give you that exact amount of tin foil to cover your tin man. You must use all of your foil without running out or having any left over.

Surface Area of Each Body Part:










Now add all of your answers together:

Head: ____

Hat: _____

Body: _____

Arm: _____

Arm: _____

Leg: _____

Leg: _____


(name of each person)

(total area)

(name of your tin man)
We _______________________________________________ agree that we need the exact amount of __________________________ of tin foil to completely cover our tin man _______________________________, without running out and without having any left over.

The Tin Man Reflection

This is meant to be done individually after your group has completed dressing your tin man in tin.

The Tin Man

  1. What was the hardest shape to measure and find the surface area of? Why?

  1. Did you have enough foil to cover your entire tin man? Why or why not?

The Process

  1. What was the most confusing part of the project?

The Group

  1. Did you and your group work well together? Explain.

  1. How much effort did you put into this project?

  1. If you had to give yourself a grade on this project, what grade would it be and why?

  1. If you had to give your group members an individual grade on this project, what grade would it be and why?

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