Mask Making in Art II

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Mask Making in Art II
You will be creating masks using your own face, tin foil and masking tape. You will choose your inspiration from the four choices below and then embellish the mask that you make of your face with various added elements. Once you create the base for your mask, you will paper mache the mask and then paint it with acrylic paints. You should choose one of the following mask prompts:

1. An Animal (Inspired by Mexican Folk Masks)

Animals often represent certain traits, behaviors, signs or omens. Do you feel drawn to a particular animal? Are there any animals that you find to be extremely frightening or intriguing? Is there a particular animal that you see often when you’re out in nature? You will start with your own facial features and add one or more elements of a certain animal that you feel some connection to.

2. A Famous Artist (Inspired by…a famous artist)

You will research a famous artwork, and then interpret the artwork onto a 3-D surface – your face! You should make sure to include an “added element” such as the above example of Salvador Dali’s butterflies flying above the mask. You should be able to identify the artist’s masterpiece, but it shouldn’t be an exact copy.

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