Mann-Callahan Non-Profit Scholarship Lomax Family Scholarship

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Internship Scholarship

Please carefully review the criteria for the scholarship to determine your eligibility before applying.

Mann-Callahan Non-Profit Scholarship

Lomax Family Scholarship

Tom & Susan Ross Civic Engagement Scholarship

All application materials must be submitted to UNCG Career Services no later than 5:00 PM on Friday, April, 8, 2016. (See Application Part 5: Required Submissions Checklist). Incomplete and late applications will not be considered. Winner notification will be made within two weeks after the application deadline.

Important Deadlines:

Application Period Closes: April 8, 2016 by 5:00 PM

Final Candidates Invited for Interview by Selection Committee: April 13, 2016

Scholarship Awarded: April 25, 2016

PART 1a: Personal Information

First Name:      


Last Name:      

Address During

School Term:      













Permanent Address is valid until:      

School address is valid until:      

Are you a resident of Guilford County?       No      Yes

If yes, how many years?      

PART 1b: Academic Information


Minor / Concentration:      

Total Credit Hours Completed Prior to Internship:      

Expected Graduation Date:      

Current Cumulative GPA:      

Degree Expected:       BA/BS       MA/MS

PART 2: Internship Information:

Faculty Supervisor’s First Name:      

Last Name:      

Course number associated with completing the internship for credit:


Faculty Supervisor’s Campus Address:      



Company / Organization Name:      

Supervisor or Contact Person’s First Name:      

Last Name:      

Company Mailing Address:







Company / Organization Description:


Semester that Internship will be completed:       Total number of hours you expect to work in the internship:     

PART 3: Letter of Application / Essay

Prepare an application essay (1-2 Pages, typed) that addresses these questions:

  1. Why are you applying for this scholarship?

  1. How does this internship complement your academic studies?

  1. How does this internship relate to your career interests? How will it help you to prepare for career success?

  1. How will an internship scholarship assist you with your financial challenges? What circumstances make the scholarship critical to your internship plans? Are you currently receiving Financial Aid?

PART 4: Statement of Affirmation

Please read the following statement carefully before signing at the bottom.
I hereby certify that I have provided accurate information on this application. I understand that members of the Career Services Center, the Financial Aid Office and an evaluation committee appointed by Career Services will review my application and supporting documents. I hereby authorize and consent to this review.
I understand that I must thank the donor of the scholarship in writing before the funds will be released by UNCG, and that I must complete the internship described in this application.

____________________________ _____________________________

Signature of Applicant Date

(electronic signature considered valid)

PART 5: Required Submissions Checklist

Submit the following documents via email or in person to
Mary Lesa Pegg, in the Career Services Center:

  • A completed copy of the application form.

  • A formal internship description from the interested organization

  • An application essay (see Part 3 of the application form).

  • An email or letter from your internship employer confirming the internship.

  • A statement of proposed learning objectives approved by your faculty representative. Internship learning agreements are acceptable, but must be signed by your faculty representative for your internship.

  • A current resume.


  • Include “Internship Scholarship Application”: in the subject of your email.

  • Include your name in the file name of each electronic document, for example:

“John Smith – Resume,” “John Smith – Internship Scholarship Application.”

Please direct any questions you have about the application process to Mary Lesa Pegg at or call the Career Services Center at 336-334-5454 to arrange an appointment to discuss your application.

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