Mammalian Eye Dissection Laboratory

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Mammalian Eye Dissection Laboratory

    1. List two functions of the sclera.

    1. The cornea covers and helps protect the eye. List two other functions of the cornea.

    1. A microscopic view of the optic nerve would reveal what?

    1. (2) When the ciliary muscle contracts, what happens to the curvature of the lens and focal distance of the eye?

  1. How many members of your lab group are left-eye-dominant and how many are right-eye dominant?

  1. What is the purpose of the fat around and behind the eye?

  1. (2) Do you think your cow had cataracts? How do you tell?

  1. Explain the difference between the pupil and the iris.

  1. (2) What happens to the tension in the suspensory ligaments when we shift focus from a distant to a nearby object?

  1. (3) Describe glaucoma in a short paragraph.

  1. (3) Describe how one does eyeball tonometry, and what one measures with it.

  1. (3) What does it mean to “dilate the eyes” during an eye examination? How does the examiner dilate the eyes?

  1. (2) Why do you think most primates lack a tapetum lucidum?

  1. (2) Why do we not notice that we have a blind spot?

Point values shown in parentheses. Question with no point value shown are worth one point. Total points = 25.

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