Main Participant Outcomes for Bearskin Meadow Camp Participants, based on the 40 Developmental Assets for Adolescents (ages 12-18)

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Main Participant Outcomes for Bearskin Meadow Camp Participants, based on the 40 Developmental Assets for Adolescents (ages 12-18):

  1. Participant demonstrates increased knowledge about the outdoors.

  2. Participant demonstrates a deeper appreciation of regular physical activity utilizing the outdoor environment including hiking and/or backpacking and/or nature exploration.

  3. Participant sees his or herself as a steward and ambassador of the outdoors.

  4. Participant demonstrates increased confidence in diabetes management and diabetes decision-making.

  5. Participant demonstrates increased independence in diabetes management.

  6. Participant understands the different types of insulins and technology available to adjust and administer insulin levels.

  7. Participant knows and understands how to identify and treat hypo and hyper glycaemic episodes especially during high and low activity periods.

  8. Participant demonstrates an increased sense of diabetes responsibility upon returning home.

  9. Participant sees the self as a useful and valued member of the camp community by camp peers and adults.

  10. Participant feels encouraged to do well in school and home community.

  11. Participant is aware of, and confident in, the steps of group and individual decision making.

  12. Participant has increased friendship-making skills.

  13. Participant reports having increased self-esteem.

  14. Participant reports feeling optimistic about personal future.

Main Community Outcomes expected from Bearskin Meadow Camp:

  1. Participant shares diabetes knowledge learned at camp with peers, family, and school personnel.

  2. Participant shares enthusiasm about outdoors gained at camp with surrounding community including peers, and family.

  3. Participant encourages peer participation in outdoor activities.

Measurement of Outcomes
Outcomes will be measured utilizing a detailed post-program on-line evaluation survey to be completed by each participant and each parent. Surveys will also be available off-line for those who request it. Questions on the evaluation form will not only cover program content and quality, but will revolve around the achievement of the desired outcomes. A separate evaluation will be completed by camp staff and volunteers on their assessment of outcome achievement for children ages 13-18. Additionally, a focus group of teens who attend camp will be conducted on the final day of the program.
These evaluations will be carefully reviewed by agency staff and a culminating camp report will be generated outlining success, challenges, and recommendations for future Bearskin Meadow Camp programs serving this age range.
As always, the Diabetic Youth Foundation is committed to running intentional programs that do not just temporarily impact our participants but change their growth and development imparting skills that last a lifetime. Based on feedback given on the survey, the teen focus group, by staff and volunteers, and through an objective assessment of our own programs, changes for the following camp season will be made. Additionally, feedback will be used to help shape of our multiple outdoor-based year-round programs pre-2010.

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