M all Facial muscles resive their motor innervation from the Facial nerve (cn VII) uscles of the face

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All Facial muscles resive their motor innervation from the Facial nerve (CN VII)





Orbicularis Oris

Some fibers arise from median plane of maxilla superiorly& mandible inferiorly, other fibers arise from deep surface of skin

Mucous membrane of lips

As sphincter of oral opening, compresses and protrudes lips (purses them during whistling & sucking

Levator anguly oris

Superiorly to the infraorbital margin

Inferiorly to the angle of the moth

מרים את זוית הפה
levates the corner of the mouth

Depressor anguli oris

Inferiorly to the angle of the moth


Depresses the angles of the mouth

Levator labi superiori

Frontal process of maxilla & infraorbital region

Skin of upper lip& alar cartilage of nose

Elevates upper lip & dilates nostril

Dpressor labi superiori

Inferiorly to the mandible

Merges superiorly with its contralateral partner & orbicularis oris

Draws the lip inferiorly & slightly laterally


Incisive fossa of mandible

Skin of chin

Elevates & Protrudes lower lip שרירים העוזרים ליצירת המתח לשפה התחתונה

Zygomatic Major & minor

Major: Zigomatic bone Minor: passes obliquely from the zigomatic bone

Major: Angle of the mouth Minor: Orbicularis oris

Draws the angles of the moth superolaterally during smiling or laughing עוזרים בחיוך


Platysma & fascia of Masseter

Fascia covering the parotid gland inferoanterior to the ear& to the angle of the moth

Drows the corner of the moth laterally when grinning

מותח את זווית הפה הצידה


Mandible, pterigomandibular raphe , & alveolar processes of maxilla & mandible

Angle of mouth

Presses cheek against molar teeth , thereby aiding chewing; expels air from oral cavity as occurs when playing a wind instrument; draws moth to one side when acting unilaterally


Superficial fascia of deltoid & pectoral regions

Mandible, skin of cheek , angle of mouth , & orbicularis oris

Depresses mandible & tenses skin of lower face & neck

Orbicularis oculi

Medial orbital margin, medial palpebral lig. & lacrimal bone

Skin around margin of orbit, tarsal plate

Closes eyelids, palpebral part gently closes lids, orbital part tightly closes them

Levator Palpebrae superior

top of the orbit

upper eyelid

Lifts the eyelid

Frontalis (= frontal belly of occipitofrontalis)

Epicranial aponerosis

Skin of ferehead & eyebrows

Elevates eyebrows & skin of foreheadיוצר את הבעת המצח יוצר קשר עם Orbicularis oculi ועם החלק העליון של האף



Bridge of nose

Drows the medial part of the eyebrow inferiorly , producing transverse wrinkles over the bridge of the nose. מטרתו להרים את האזור הפנימי של האף שריר זה המשכי עם ה- Frontalis

Nasalis (Dilator & compressor parts)

Superior part of canine ridge of maxilla

Nasal cartilages

Draws ala (side) of nose toward nasal septum השריר העיקרי של האף- הספינקטר אליו מתחברים ה-PRICERUS וה- FRONTALIS . יש לו סיבים היוצרים קומפרסיה (סגירה) של חלל האף

Levator alar nasi superiori

Superiory to the maxilla

Its devides into two slips that attach to the alar cartilage of the nose & upper lip

Elevates these two slips עוזר ל- Nasalis בעבודת הדילטציה שלו - מרים את חלקיה הצדדיים של האף

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