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Part 1: Project an image of a galaxy or nebula on a projector in PowerPoint. Ask the students to each provide a single word they’d use to describe the image. Try to get a variety of nouns, verbs, and adjectives. As participants come up with ideas, type them as individual words on the PowerPoint slide. Now, ask volunteers to verbally arrange the words on the screen into different lines of a poem, while you move the words into place on the PowerPoint slide.
Part 2: On your own

Now, students can create their own Astro Poems based on their own images. Ask students to select an RGB image that they requested and processed. They should brainstorm words they would use to describe the image, and write one word per index card. Then, have them arrange the index cards into a poem! Finally ask students to type up or write down their resulting poem.

Here’s an example of a completed Astro Poem

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