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Introduction to Telescopes

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Introduction to Telescopes
During the YCCC program, you will control several robotic telescopes over the internet. In order to better understand these telescopes, it is helpful to look through a telescope with your own eyes! Your kit will include 2 different kinds of telescopes, a refracting telescope and a reflecting telescope.
Refracting Telescope - the Galileoscope
A refracting telescope is what most people think of when they hear “telescope.” It has a long skinny body, a lens at one end, and an eyepiece made of lenses at the other end.

Reflecting Telescope - the Celestron FirstScope

The Celestron FirstScope (like the MicroObservatory telescopes) uses mirrors instead of lenses to collect and focus light. This telescope has a large mirror at the very end of the main body, and a smaller mirror held in the center of the tube that reflects the light upwards towards the eyepiece.

Lenses and Mirrors
Make sure you have a bright object to project; this can be a projected image of a large R. You can easily make this slide in PowerPoint. You can also use a window in a darkened room as your target.

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