Local dentist is saving lives with his/her cutting-edge approach to dental caries

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Local dentist is saving lives with his/her cutting-edge approach to dental caries

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Dr. ________ and his/her team are not the typical dental office. They not only see themselves as oral health specialists, but as whole- body wellness practitioners. (enter quote from doc about how the separation of mouth/ body medical advice is outdated and illogical- the mouth is the gateway to the body and dentists have to practice with this in mind).

Dr. ________ and his/her team know that 90% of systemic conditions are linked to symptoms in the mouth. The mouth is a crucial part of any diagnostic process for physicians and dentists when it comes to overall wellness. If symptoms such as bleeding gums, fungal infections, decay, inflammation or missing teeth present in the mouth, it could be a warning sign that a patient is at risk for things like heart disease, diabetes or osteoporosis.

Because of the responsibility to patient’s health, Dr. __________ and his/her team have adopted practices that help them simultaneously manage a patient’s risk for oral imbalance while cluing them in to possible systemic risk. The newest tool being used at the office is a caries (cavity) risk assessment program developed by CariFree that is shown to decrease incidents of tooth decay by up to 74%. The system is based on a medical model of risk assessment called CAMBRA or Caries Management by Risk Assessment.

The CariFree system requires the dental professional to assess each and every patient’s risk factors for the dental caries disease and then develop a personalized treatment plan to systematically lower their risk. The CariFree diagnostic tools leverage biofilm testing (to determine the levels of cavity-causing bacteria in the patient’s mouth) as well as a risk assessment questionnaire. Based on the assessment Dr. _________ can tell a patient what their statistical likelihood is of developing tooth decay over the next 12 months. Never before has such predictive information been available. Patients can then measurably lower their risk for decay by utilizing professional products and behavior modification.

(optional insertion of paragraph of other risk assessment tools used in the office by doctor)
When a patients risk for decay and other oral health issues are lowered, the risk of diseases like heart disease and diabetes are mitigated. In addition, keeping a close eye on changes in the mouth with these assessment tools makes early detection a priority. Dr._______ and his/her team provide a patient centered approach to dentistry that will direct each patient to his or her most healthy self. (enter quote from doctor or team member on importance of whole body wellness in their practice.)
For more information on the CariFree system go to www.carifree.com. To call now and make your appointment with Dr. ________ and his/her team call xxx-xxx-xxxx.

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