Licking River Basin Team Meeting Notes

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Licking River Basin Team Meeting Notes

September 4, 2007

Clark County Extension Office

10:00 am – 12:00 pm

Notes prepared by: Lajuanda Haight-Maybriar
Participants: Kenny Book, Lajuanda Haight-Maybriar, Fred Howes, Tom Leith, Corrine Mulberry, Mindy Scott, Jack Stickney, Tom Timmerman, Jon Walker,

  • The last LRWW sampling event of the year will be held on September 8. Due to financial constraints, only E.coli analysis will be performed for this low flow event.

  • The Bluegrass Watershed Summit being hosted by the Bluegrass Partnership for a Green Community, and originally scheduled for October 25, has been changed to October 23. It will be at 6:00 pm. Dinner will be provided. Participation is by registration only and you will be given the location when you register. For further info and to register please go to .

  • The Triplett Creek and Hinkston Creek 2008 319 project applications both ranked out. They have received comment letters from DOW asking for revisions to the applications. These must be received at DOW by COB Sept. 5.

  • Kentucky Waterways Alliance, DOW, and Fleming Creek project staff met on August 28 to select a HUC 14 for the development of a watershed based plan as part of the KWA 319 project. Town Branch was selected.

  • The Strodes Creek Conservancy will conduct their monthly meeting on September 13 at 10:00 in the City Council chambers.

  • Jack attended a CREP field day in Barren River basin. 5 new counties (including Warren Co.) have been added to the qualifying area and there have been changes to the requirements for funding. He heard about the possibility of CREP in the Licking River basin. We will try to find out more about this.

  • Corrine is working on the development of a Standard Operating Procedure to address sampling requirements and procedures for no flow conditions. She will look for any documented guidance on the perceived requirement for not sampling if no flow is present.


  • The Licking River Watershed Watch held three Regional Sample Results Meetings to discuss the results from the May and July sampling events. Three additional meetings will be held after the September sampling event to discuss those results.

    • Winchester – 4 attendees

    • Morehead – 11 attendees

    • Northern Kentucky – 9 attendees

  • Sanitation District 1 is hosted a Watershed Summit on August 30 at 6:00 at the NKU METS Center. It was well attended and provided info about their local watershed efforts and their Consent Decree. There was an open house with displays for local groups with an interest in water quality. I had a display for the Licking River Basin Team. We shared a booth with LRWW. Then there was a presentation and a panel discussion. I participated on the panel. They are asking for interested local applicants to participate on their Watershed Council. I will provide technical assistance and support.

  • Slabcamp Creek and Stonecoal Creek In-lieu Fee Restoration project – this $2 million restoration project is proceeding on these streams in the Daniel Boone National Forest in Rowan County. The design phase will last through the winter.

  • Claysville In-lieu Fee Restoration project – this restoration project is currently in the design phase.

  • The Division of Water, NRCS, and Redwing Environmental, Inc. are cooperating to develop what will become an annual summary report on the work and expenditures to date and current water quality status of Fleming Creek. Gradual improvements are being seen in Fleming Creek and one 4.5 mile segment of the creek has be taken off the 303d list because it now supports warm water aquatic habitat.


  • Basin Status Report

    • There has been a delay due to mistakes in the DOW 2006 Integrated Report coverages. As soon as they are resolved, the maps will be completed and the draft will be submitted for layout design and printing.

  • Strategy for reviewing basin data to provide input on the next monitoring cycle. We will begin to compile the available data from LRWW, DOW, and other groups and agencies for review by the LRB Team to identify our areas of concern, recommendations for assessment, and list of all cooperating agency activities in the next Licking River monitoring cycle in 2009. Some of this monitoring will begin in the winter of 2008, so we need to be prepared early with our recommendations. This will allow time for them to be incorporated into the monitoring strategy.

  • There is a need to reconvene the interagency monitoring workgroup. Any basin team members or supporters need to emphasize the importance of this workgroup to the Watershed Steering Committee and request a push for its revival.

  • Townsend Creek 319 project status – there was a public meeting in December 2006 that generated some interest in the project, but the level of participation in the project in the Townsend and Silas Creek watersheds that was predicted in the developmental stages of the project has not been there. The project work plan specifies that, after a certain date (I think Nov. 2007), the BMP funding and technical assistance can be offered in 303d listed watersheds elsewhere in the Licking River basin.

  • We discussed several issues related to septic systems and sewage management with a focus on the Strodes Creek 319 project and the Sanitation District No. 1’s efforts to identify illicit discharges. The gray area between the responsibilities of the Health Departments and DOW was included in the discussion.

Next meeting: October 2, 2007 from 10:00 – 12:00 at the Clark County Extension Office in Winchester

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