Lee Sheridan was helped to adjust to this city by Elsa Craddock, played by Vivien Leigh, in a 1938 film about a "Yank" here. Elijah Wood played Martin, who tried to solve murders around this city by using mathematics, in a 2008 film

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Packet by Kyle Haddad-Fonda, Hannah Kirsch, Andy Watkins, and Dennis Sun

(but the questions that didn’t get written are Andy’s fault)

1. Lee Sheridan was helped to adjust to this city by Elsa Craddock, played by Vivien Leigh, in a 1938 film about a "Yank" here. Elijah Wood played Martin, who tried to solve murders around this city by using mathematics, in a 2008 film, while another detective who solves murders in this city appeared in (*) Last Bus to Woodstock, the first novel of Colin Dexter, and is known as Inspector Morse. This city is also the destination of the title characters of Jerome K. Jerome's Three Men in a Boat and the location of the botanical gardens where Will Parry and Lyra Belacqua sit on a bench every midsummer in The Golden Compass. The famous lamppost from The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe can be visited in this city at Magdalen College, where C.S. Lewis was a fellow. The home of Sebastian Flyte in Brideshead Revisited, Christ Church College, can also be visited in, FTP, what city whose namesake university is the oldest in England?

ANSWER: Oxford

2. In 2008, the decision to remove this deity from coinage in favor of a more modern design led to a popular movement to "save" this deity.  Also referred to sometimes as (*) Prydein, this figure is usually depicted seated on a globe above waves, or on a rock holding a spear with a spiked shield beside her -- similar to the goddess Minerva.  She first appeared on coins issued under the emperor Hadrian and was worshiped by the inhabitants of her namesake Roman province.  For 10 points, name this female deity, the personification of the British isles.

ANSWER: Britannia

3. Elizabeth Starr-Masoudnia premiered Joseph Hallman's composition for this instrument and orchestra titled Divine Discontent, and this instrument portrays the title figure of the third movement of the Lemmenkainen Suite, the (*) "Swan of Tuonela." One of these plays a duet with the flute in the overture to William Tell. This instrument and the oboe represent shepherds in the third movement of Symphonie Fantastique, and it has a solo in the second-movement Largo of the New World Symphony. For 10 points, name this instrument which, unlike its "French" counterpart, is a double-reed member of the woodwind family.

ANSWER: English horn [grudgingly accept cor anglais with derisive comment about the French]

3.5 Kyle clinched a win over Downing College Cambridge by getting this starter for ten.  Can you?  Answer as soon as you buzz.  What adjective describing the number of syllables in a word is auto-reflexive, that is, describing itself?

ANSWER: pentasyllabic (we aren't sure whether "polysyllabic" is acceptable or not)

4. Alexandra of Denmark was nearly forbidden to do this because of the controversy between Denmark and Prussia over Schleswig-Holstein. Lady Sarah Lennox was not allowed to do this in 1759, the same year that Queen Caroline resisted (*) George II’s attempts to make Sophia of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel do this. Mary Teck planned to do this twice and finally succeeded in 1893, one year after the death of Albert Victor. It required special permission from Pope Innocent VI for Joan of Kent to do this in 1361 because she had been raised in the court of Edward III, and it required James I to procure the special sanction of Parliament when the Catholic Henrietta Maria of France did this in 1624. Most recently, it was done at Windsor Guildhall and not attended by Queen Elizabeth II, who as head of the Church of England could not attend a civil ceremony. FTP, name this action performed in 1981 by Diana Spencer and in 2005 by Camilla Parker Bowles.

ANSWER: marrying the Prince of Wales (accept equivalents)

5. A smaller than normal number of these structures is formed in Crouzon syndrome. Notching and broadening of these structures form one symptom in a triad named for Hutchinson that appears in patients with congenital (*) syphilis. Some individuals demonstrate the cusp of Carabelli on these structures, which undergo insufficient amelogenesis in Turner's hypoplasia. During that process, these structures are coated with a layer of hydroxyapatite crystals that make up the hardest substance in the human body. That coating can be stained by childhood fever, cigarette smoking, or insufficient oral hygiene. For 10 points, name these structures that are susceptible to cavities and used for chewing, except by British people who have lost all of theirs.

ANSWER: teeth [accept diseases involving the teeth; accept disorders involving the teeth]

6. One of this type of event occurred in response to a rent strike in Mitchelstown in 1887. In another of these events, the soccer (er, football) players Michael Hogan and Jim Egan died; that event coincided with a soccer game at Croke Park and was perpetrated by the so-called (*) Black and Tans. An early one of these events involved a failed surrender by soldiers in the Millmount Fort and the burning of St. Peter’s Church by John Hewson, who participated in the Siege of Drogheda under the command of Oliver Cromwell. The most famous such event led to the Widgery Tribunal and the Saville Inquiry after it occurred in 1972 in the Bogside area of Derry under the command of Ted Loden. That event, Bloody Sunday, was, FTP, the most famous of what type of event perpetrated by the British against their nearest neighbors?

ANSWER: massacres of the Irish by the British (prompt on massacres and be lenient)

6.5 George Woudhuysen of St. John's College demonstrated in this year's final of University Challenge that he knows that 2,305 is the sum of the years of the Battle of Marathon and the Battle of Waterloo.  Can you do military historical math as well as George?  What is the sum of the years of the Battle of Midway and the fall of Constantinople?

ANSWER: 3,395

7. In the 1890s, Mohammed Milza was the first to cultivate this crop successfully in Iran’s Giran region, beginning Iran’s export industry in it. Mustapha Kemal encouraged the cultivation of this crop in Turkey’s Rize Province in 1924 as a way of achieving self-sufficiency. Although Vassili Starkov declined to accept a gift of it in the 1630s on the grounds that it was useless, trade to Russia by caravan in this product was greatly accelerated by the Kiakhta Agreement of 1727. The monk (*) Gyoki is credited with introducing this crop to Japan. George Huntington Hartford and George P. Gilman were the dominant American businessmen who used clipper ships to import this crop, while the Golden Lyon became the first English establishment to specialize in it under the patronage of Thomas Twining. The East India Company lost its monopoly on the trade with China in this product during the prime ministry of Charles Grey, better known as the second Earl Grey. FTP, name this crop that was thrown into Boston Harbor in 1773 in a namesake “party.”


8. Lentivirus vectors containing a miR-142-3p target sequence have been used to correct this disorder in mice. This disease may be caused by LINE transposon (*) insertion into a certain chromosome, and one effective treatment for this disease uses a protein extracted from Chinese hamster ovary cells. Arthropathy in sufferers of this disease can result from hemorrhage into joint spaces. The two types of this disease are caused by deficiencies of factor VIII and factor IX, which bind von Willebrand factor and are activated by thrombin. For 10 points, name this X-linked disorder in which blood does not clot sufficiently.

ANSWER: hemophilia

9. In one engraving, the son of a figure of this type picks lice from his hair and throws them into a fireplace while his mother undergoes a certain action and an old woman roots through a chest to the left of the engraving. One figure of this type in the (*) Bayeux tapestry lies swathed in green robes while a priest in red robes looks on, and another in the Bayeux tapestry whose identity is disputed has an arrow protruding from his eye. One of these people is depicted in a work with a Native American resting his head on his hand and looking at the central figure, painted by Benjamin West. For 10 points, these is what type of person in art, exemplified by General Wolfe, personages from the British isles about to expire?

ANSWER: dying English people [prompt on partial answers, such as English people]

9.5 Kyle negged on this starter for ten in University Challenge. Can you get it right? In the Oxford English Dictionary, there is only one headword that contains the consecutive letter sequence p-t-c. What is that word, which indicates a declaration of insolvency?

ANSWER: bankruptcy

10. Douglas Duff and Edward Keith-Roach failed in this city to prevent the construction of a wooden screen in 1928 and nearly sparked a riot when they used excessive force to remove it. The home of the Nashashibi family, this city was also the cite of riots in 1920 that occurred on the holiday of (*) Nabi Musa. For many years, this city was administered from Government House in its Talpiot neighborhood, which housed such British High Commissioners as Arthur Wauchope and Harold MacMichael. More recently, this city has been the subject of controversy over the nearby community of Maale Adumim and particularly over Gilo, a planned development that has been opposed by the Obama administration and which would be built in territory east of this city gained in 1967. FTP, name this city that has not yet been built in England’s green and pleasant land.

ANSWER: Jerusalem

11. A dehydrogenase that acts on this molecule follows binding with deprotonation of His-51, nicotinamide ribose, Ser-48, and the substrate, a dimeric zinc finger protein. This compound (*), which can be purified for use as a spectroscopic solvent by desiccation with glycerol, forms an azeotrope commonly broken by the addition of benzene. This molecule's aforementioned dehydrogenase is mutated in some Asian populations. This substance is concentrated via freeze distillation in the production of applejack. For 10 points, name this substance, the endpoint of fermentation pathways in plants, which could also be produced by reduction of acetic acid and which is consumed seven nights a week at Oxford.

ANSWER: ethanol

12. After attempting to build a fort along Redstone Creek, this British soldier joined with Tanacharison to lead an ambush on Joseph Coulon de Jumonville, which sparked an international incident when he was later duped into confirming that de Jumonville was assassinated. This British soldier, employed by (*) Governor Robert Dinwiddie, fortified the Great Meadow but soon had to surrender to Louis Coulon de Villiers, who captured his Fort Necessity. Later, he joined in an expedition that lost the Battle of Monongahela and which was commanded by Edward Braddock, but he helped John Forbes to drive the French from Fort Duquesne and win the French and Indian War. FTP, identify this military officer who stopped being quite such a loyal subject of His Majesty George III later in life.

ANSWER: George Washington

12.5 Here’s a fun starter for ten. If you spell out all of the names of the elements of the periodic table in order by atomic number, starting with hydrogen, what is the last of the five vowels that you will use and in what element does that vowel appear?

ANSWER: the a in carbon

13. One person imitated in this manner by his twin sister compares his tears to the saltwater of the ocean after he has been stranded and believes that sister dead. This also (*) occurs in a book in which siblings commit incest while pretending to be alien experimenters; the character who performs that action is their younger brother in that book, The Cement Garden. This action is also undertaken by a play-within-a-play character, who is supposedly mauled by a lion and encounters a lover through a wall. FTP, name this activity undertaken by a male rustic in order to play the beautiful Thisbe in A Midsummer Night’s Dream, something that happens daily at Oxford bops.

ANSWER: men dressing as women (accept clear knowledge equivalents)

14. Because of the sharply diminishing incentive to doing this once others already have, behavioral psychologists have recommended a reversal of the common practice for doing this (*) wherein late arrivals move to the front. FTP, name this activity practiced by anyone who wants to get a critical heart transplant in the UK, which sounds like you might be inserting yourself into a data structure that's not a stack.

ANSWER: queuing [or standing in line]

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