Law Enforcement Tactical Tracking Operations Student Equipment List

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Law Enforcement Tactical Tracking Operations

Student Equipment List

This tracking course involves 5 days of comprehensive field exercises in support of the limited lecture presentations. The training also includes a night tracking session utilizing artificial light sources. Any law enforcement officer, or military personnel involved in operations in rural, urban or interface environments will benefit greatly by participating in this course and will be able to utilize this highly effective and applicable skill set in the course of their duties.

Students will participate in short and long tracking exercises with one day involving a full day tracking scenario. There are no prerequisite's for this course. Outdoor skills including land navigation are beneficial but not essential. The following Students are encouraged to provide

Recommended Personal Gear

  • Two to three pair of camouflage BDU shirts and pants (any camouflage pattern)

  • Field jacket or fleece (per time of year)

  • Shemagh or camo handkerchief

  • Gloves

  • Warm head gear and/or Boonie hat (per time of year)

  • Rain gear

  • Sunglasses

  • Hiking boots (broken in, ankle high are recommended, with extra pair of socks when tracking)

  • One half, or one day field pack to include a hydration system

  • Compact flash light (with red, blue, yellow or green filters)

  • Mole skin

  • Electrolyte supplement

  • Sun screen

  • Compass

  • Pocket size signal mirror

  • Personal GPS unit (optional)

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