Lady Eaton College Cabinet Minutes December 4, 2016 Present

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Lady Eaton College Cabinet
December 4, 2016

Present: Jessica Randall, Jessica Collinson, Claire Sanders, Ann-Majella McKelvie, Haley Sheppard, John Bruyea, Scott MacDonald, Hamza Khattak, Emily Beaudin, Gytha Chapman, Brandon Remmelgas, Bailey Howell, Annie Howell, Erik Bak, Maryam Rashid, Megan Baker, Grace Bourgeois, William Logan, Marissa Storey, Ethel Nalule
Absent: Beth Bekele

  1. Call to Order

  • Meeting is called to order at 4:15pm.

  1. Speakers Remarks

  • Last cabinet meeting for the fall semester. Stick with the usual rules. Raise your hand. Answer questions after giving your report. Try to be concise as possible as this will be a long meeting.

  1. Approval of Agenda

  • William motions to approve the agenda, seconded by Emily.

  • Discussion:

    • Add Position report for Bailey Howell

  • Motion is unanimously passed.

  1. Approval of Minutes

  • Bailey motions to approve the minutes, seconded by Annie

  • Discussion:

    • Clarify not all members of cabinet agreed with the camera discussion

  • Motion is unanimously passed.

  1. Prime Minister’s Report

  • [President’s Meeting]

  • Champlain Update: Dorcas taking the lead on strut your stripes event to showcase the scarves and what they mean. Thinking it won’t happen until March. Surplus to use up. Want to bring in a speaker in collaboration with the college office. Other ideas for this surplus: getting a railing for their balcony, furniture for the patio, microwaves in the Great Hall, shed for the K/L Field (broomball supplies), fireplace room dedication for an Alumni of Champlain.

  • Traill Update: Winter bike storage, Traill/Champlain mentorship off to a good start. AGM next semester. Dinner Friday of our Festive Weekend that went really well

  • Gzowksi Update: three members went to a conference on leadership in Niagara Falls. Sustainable gift making Dec 6. Idea of having a student issues rep on other cabinets. Outdoors space looking for ways to make use of it. Researching other colleges and universities. Not sure exactly what space they are talking about but most likely the quad area.

  • OC Update: Just finished selling formal tickets. Mittens collection to donate.

  • TCSA Update: Alaine spoke to the Mental health Committee. Went really well. Quick transit update: if you are noticing any issues with drives you can now text or email . TCSA office closes December 21st.

  • Trent Grad Student Association Update: Concerns with the library renovations and removal of books. Books they are getting rid of are being digitalized. TGSA is meeting with someone high up who works at Bata to discuss this and Alaine is also setting up a meeting with this person as well.

  • Nona Update: Camp Firefly approached Trent. Takes place in July. More meetings next semesters. January 20 11:30AM location TBD. Looking for organizers.

  • Ancillary fee was approved. Big thank you to everyone who came out to the video shoot. Some discussion about traffic on campus. Looking at ways to ensure safety of students and drivers.

  • Discussion

    • Adding yellow poles in the bike lane so cars cant go around the speed bump

    • Looking at ticketing drivers going through stop signs

    • Police cant ticket – need Trent security to do so.

  • [Cabinet Training Meeting] Next date: January 13th 4-7:30pm. If you can’t be there please let Claire and Jess know. Discussed having students running workshops so if you are interested email Jess. Discussed a cabinet social afterwards. Lindy brought forward the idea of intertwining it with the idea of an event of Cabinet plus students but it may be difficult to find the space for this.

  • [Levy Fee Structure and Changes] Feedback on the Levy Fee Structure. Trent recently switched to semester billing. Great for Trent and students who leave during first semester, but hard for levy fees toward cabinet etc. Going to read an email from Pippa, who is looking for feedback on this. All levy’s split in half. We need to decide where the levy fee will go if students change their affiliation mid year.

  • Discussion:

    • Good if the fee goes with the student – if we aren’t doing things for them, why should they be paying us that money

    • How do we budget for this?

    • Some events are really expensive like formal, and losing students and fees could really impact that. Hard to cut something like that in half.

    • It shouldn’t be too much of an issue as we usually have surplus anyway.

    • Amount of students who switch is so low it won’t impact as much as we think it will

    • A lot of students also start in January

    • Splitting it is a good idea. While we are a larger cabinet, Traill will need any funding they can get as they are just getting started

    • Consensus: We are okay with splitting.

  • [Winter Alumni College Weekend] Call for co-chairs sent out. If no one comes forward it falls to Scott and John. Do we want to keep it the date it is or move it? Currently February 3-5, could move it to February 10-12.

  • Discussion:

    • Switching it too close to midterms and we may not get students out.

    • Good opportunity to try Saturday dinner.

    • Gzowski Weekend February 10-12

    • SuperBowl on the Sunday night (February 5)

    • Not sure how catering would work on a weekend.

    • Play off of the SuperBowl idea. Switching the weekend could be confusing.

    • Won’t get many students out to Friday events at the original weekend due to East vs. West

    • No matter what we do other events will be happening on campus at the same time. We need to pick a date that works best for us.

    • Pep rally before East vs. West

    • Majority: stay with February 3-5

  • [Cabinet Hours] Done for the semester! More than welcome to use the office during exam period. Please be respectful of the space still. We will pick hours next semester at our first meeting.

  • [Semester 2 Meeting Dates and Times] I will discuss all meeting times and dates at our first meeting next semester January 15 4pm in The Pit.

  • [Thank you] Thanks to everyone who came out to Festive College Weekend. It was really fun and it went really well. Reminder to please send regrets if you can’t make it to events.

  1. Deputy Prime Minister’s Report

  • [CASSC] Motioned to approve a Traill Cabinet member. TGSA wanted to clarify they are an undergrad rep not graduate. Mock case for procedures. Social Media and how there are Facebook Pages for Trent that are not run by Trent. Discussed how no one wants to monitor the page constantly so if you have any issues, bring them forward. If someone is uncomfortable going to the university they can go to the TCSA and the TCSA will help them. New AVP of Finances presentation will be in January. Concern with first generation grant expiring in March. OHIP billing for International Students. Budgeting will be important next semester. Utilities have gone up this year. If you see lights on in a room no one is using please turn them off. Next semester will be huge for budgeting, however in the end the Board of Directors can turn around and say no to changes. Joint program with the Swansea University. Since this enrolment in humanities has gone up. Student Affairs took a hit in their budgeting for the Counseling and career centre to get more. Quite a bit of a colleges reserve. Next semester we will look at this to see what else it can help with. Renovations in the JCR will come out of this fund. Any ideas of what you want to see please let Claire know. Housing update: now you can self select your own room and change your mind up until August. Application fee now $50 (from $30). Returning students cannot continue to be in residence unless you have a medical need. Housing survey went out and 92% of students are satisfied. Furniture and renovations will be looked at for updates. Overall colleges survey have a 17% increase in participation. 15% increase in students using their college space (now up to 70%). 11% value their college, we are looking on improving that. $26,000 from Pan Colleges Funding has been used. Co-curricular update: tool to reflect on what you have learned. Example: conflict resolution. If you want to add things from learning achievements you can do that now. There is also diversity and spiritual training you can go in and add. Convocation update: budget hasn’t changed and there was a discussion about crossing the Faryon Bridge at convocation.

  • [Colleges] 63% of students have a scarf and 10% didn’t know they existed. 57% would pay between $10-20 for a scarf. Looking at other ways to fund the scarves. Stephanie is looking at the value of a scarf even if you don’t wear it all the time versus if you do.

  • Discussion:

    • Scarf ideas: reaching out to Alumni, charging first years $25 (levy fee), selling them like O-Week shirts, audit student staffing to pay for scarves

    • Selling like O-Week shirts – if I was to order it before I wouldn’t know the value of my scarf

    • There needs to be more discussion about how important the scarves are. Show history behind the scarves.

    • During Don training Michael Eamon gave an amazing talk on the colleges and history about the scarves. Something like that during O-Week might help with understanding the importance of the scarf.

    • Advertisement of the scarves in our promotional videos and stuff.

    • Really need to address where the money is coming from for scarves because unless we have a plausible solution administration won’t do anything.

    • Any more points email Claire, who will pass them on to Stephanie.

  • Added Traill to College’s committee

  • Champlain is having their annual tattoo contest. First prize: $20 to Mike’s Tattoo

  • Annual holiday event with cookie decorating. Food drive. Mitten tree collab with OC

  • Gzowski: had their first Enwing Gathering Lunch. Planning a second on next semester. Extraordinary ideas event on January 28 Michael Eamon is MCing. All day event with mini breakfast and lunch. Want to turn part of Gzowski into a rain garden. LEC now has picture frames. Women’s Luncheon LEC Alumni Janette McPhee. Traill got 200 of their Levy cheque. Mentoring with Champlain is going well. Traill is fully open to any collaboration. Might have to take more of the budget on but we have more student’s so that is not an issue. Frost week is in the works. JCR Reno Updates: Reserve fund was approved last year. Community kitchen for off campus students and programing. Budget was $13,000 last year, now down to $9,000. Since it is under $10,000 it is easier to get approved. Stephanie wanted to thank everyone who came out to Long Night Against Procrastination. Fifth academic advisor has started. 6 appointments a day. Originally from Durham and now she is here. Short term contract. Monday/Friday Champlain, Thursday Traill, Tuesday/Wednesday OC

  • Colleges Survey had more of a social media push this year. 1500 students started it but only 1200 completed it. The number of first years working doubled. 13% of first year students are living at home. 93% are committed to completing their degree. 64% of students go into the college office. 66% use their college space as a hang out. If anyone has ideas on how to increase value to the colleges email Claire. Budgeting again. Main focus: things colleges as a whole should be focusing on. Traill talked about all the maintenance they need. Scott house accessibility door with a ramp but no button. LEC needs music room sound-proofed. Gzowski wants to remodel the teaching space. LEC SCR is not accessible at all. Discussed the Student Centre and how it will impact student space and the college system. $450,000 to be used to increase the Collegiate System.

  • [Meeting with Lindsay] Kitchen has been gutted and painted an off white. Waiting for a quote from flooring. After this is done the cabinets will go in. Going to start looking into appliances now so that we can get an update in January. Lindsay wants to come to one of our cabinet meetings to create a policy for the kitchen. Certain appliances will need to be locked away at certain times. Need to create a way to rent the space for events. Need ways to prevent theft of appliances.

  • Lindsay is going to look into the flag flying policy. She’s open to have other flags on the pole btu is leaning to only the LEC Flag we create. Brought up how it might be better to have the flag in the LEC South Field. Waiting to hear about gas lines in the spot she wants before she decides. College Counsel: electrical drum set. Can buy practice pads. Discussed the art show next semester. Two days before our Winter Weekend.

  • [Constitutional Review] I need two other people for constitutional review. In January I will send out an email to find a time to meet for this.

  • [Events Planning] Fast meeting. Discussed the Art Auction next semester.

  • DodgeBowl went really well. No free agent team might be better. Earlier start time.

  • Erik: Survival guide went really well. Wants to do it again next semester.

  • Megan mentioned the Dons/CRC is doing drop in movie night in the Pit

  • If anyone want to do Hockey night in the JCR with Crawpaddies let me know

  1. Position Reports

Minister of Social Affairs

  • [Mental Health Sub Committee] First meeting ever at Trent. Discussed what is working well at Trent. Wait times long currently Mental Health First Aid at a subsidized cost. Discussed collaboration with Active Minds and I.M Well App. Any suggestions shoot me an email

TCSA Commissioner

  • [TCSA Report] I am going to email my report and food services advisory report. Few quick highlights:

  • Orientation Committee: Questions about the Charity Auctions and if it is appropriate to ask students for money. Questionable content at the Auctions. Questions about where the money should be going to: Trent Community or Peterborough Community. Any feedback, please email me. Questions about leaders in Orientation Week. Concern about Burnout of leaders. Leaders aren’t going to class because they are so tired. Deeper conversations coming down the road. Provide me or Orientation Committee Members with feedback

  • Transit Update: Tracy and Alaine have met with Transit. Maintaining a 10-minute schedule for East and West Bank is impossible. No foreseeable changes this semester. Reminder: any issues contact by text or email. List the bus time in your message

  • Library getting rid of 50% of its books. Books that have not been checked out since 1971.

  • Any questions email Brandon.

  • Sandwich press operator should be asking people if wiping down the machine is enough in terms of Allergies (Gluten Free etc).

Minister of Communications & Publicity

  • [Accessibility Meeting] Accessibility into residence spaces. Someone from Champlain was wondering if there was anything we could do to make other residences accessible. Not really possible. Another big discussion was maps for accessibility routes. Need better signage and maintenance. Some accessibility buttons aren’t working on campus. Discussed how ramps need to be up to code. Some lights go out at night so if you see any out please let Grace know. Talked about Mental Health – looking to collaborate with the Mental Health Committee. During Orientation Week having a seminar about Mental Health and Accessibility to end the stigma. Need more counselors. Talked about possibly implementing a mental health crisis line for Trent. What other services do we need at Trent? Other ideas email Grace. What services can faculty provide? How can we make events more accessible? More advertising about the Trent Services Van.

Minister of Off Campus Affairs

  • [College Council] Fall Awards are academic standing awards determined by Christine telling Lindsay who has the highest averages. Spring Awards revolve around college involvement and academics. The Ardnt Prize is awarded to an International Student who has benefitted the college. Awards are spread out so no one person gets too many. Prendergast Funding- $5012 allocated by a donor to be spent benefiting Undergrad students. Guest speakers or special programming for example. LEC Art & Music Collections: $5592 allocated by a donor to support student arts. Please collect ideas for Lindsay on how we can reach students with these two donor funds. Send these ideas with Gytha to the next meeting or students can contact Lindsay directly.

  • The College office is redoing the Magpie. There is a quote for $9000 to complete the work. It used to be $13,000 but Lindsay cut costs. Facility Management is covering the cost of painting it. There will be new flooring, sinks, counters, and cabinets. At this point the space is gutted it just needs to be built back now. Cabinet is helping pay for appliances apparently. Originally, there was also supposed to be new tables in the hallway going to the TV Room but the tables have been tabled for now.

  • Lindsay wants there to be a ceremony in O-Week that is college oriented- flag flying. We discussed that the official welcome to the college typically takes place at the first dinner but that this hasn't been effective in the past. There will be a contest for students, staff, faculty, alumni, to design the flag. Looking to find someone who could run a flag design workshop or be a mentor for people who are making the flag. In terms of location, the original idea was the quad but someone suggested LEC South Field so it is more visible form the bridge, road, other colleges, etc.. FM has to do "locates" to ensure that there are no gas pipelines or anything in the areas we could put the flag. Also have to consider whether LEC South Field is actually LEC or if that's just how we've mapped it. Cost will be $600.

  • Lindsay reiterated from last meeting about the Art Show next term. College Weekend it will be taking place, whenever that is. Students, staff, faculty, alumni can submit art, silent auction for profits to go back to artists

  • The three-minute paper is for senior students working on a thesis or major paper to explain their research in 3 minute. They get 3 slides. This competition is international in nature so it's a big deal. Student’s papers/theses don't have to be completed at the time of the contest, but the professor they are working with has to consent to their participation in the contest. Information- Jan 18 3PM, Application Jan. 13 4PM (locations TBD), Competition- Mar 7 2PM Nozhem Theatre

  • [Community Meeting] Concern about recent events on campus. Solution was for Leo to put out a stronger statement than the first two. Their assumption was a stronger statement would make issues go away. William did not agree with this so he left the meeting early. They are going to keep us in the loop. I advise anyone going to bring someone else with them for support. Brandon and William finished the article they wrote. Brandon is going to finish the spelling mistakes and then they will send it out to cabinet. Please give it a quick scan and give us your feedback.

Minister of Health Issues

  • [Wellness Meeting] Wellness fees and how the Director is looking at splitting the funding between health services and counseling. Split the funds more evenly. 1 counselor for every 1500 students. 2.5-3 week wait list. Accessibility services talked about how they got new staff members. Centre with Academic Testing: running out of space but currently looking to get more space. Looking to offer to everyone not just people with disabilities. Time and a half for everyone on exams. Hoping to get an update at the next meeting. Health services space has been expanded. Looking for more faculty and physicians. Two new physicians starting soon. Both can provide trans care. Discussed the Leave the Pack Behind Campaign.

  • Discussion:

    • Emphasize take home exams rather than in class

  1. Closed Session

  • No closed session.

  1. Correspondence

  • No correspondence.

  1. Questions from the Public

  • No questions from the public.

  1. Any other Business

  • Lindsay emailed Grace and she has booked space for studying in the college. Info will be in the Drumline.

  • If you’re going to bring dishes into the cabinet office from the cafeteria please return them.

  1. Adjournment

  • William motions to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Jess. Motion is unanimously passed. Meeting ends at 6:32pm.

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