Laboratory 5 dermoptera, scandentia, primates

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Cercopithecidae--Old World monkeys

A. auditory meatus with bony tube

B. two premolars, molars bilophodont

C. anterior root of p3 slopes forward and wears against upper canine.

8. Family Hominidae

A. no tail

B. two premolars

C. Lower third molar with Y-5 pattern

8A. Subfamily Ponginae--orangutans, chimpanzees, gorilla

A. a paraphyletic taxon

B. forelimbs much longer than hindlimbs

C. canines usually distinctly larger (especially in males) than adjacent teeth

D. dental arcade parallel
8B. Subfamily Homininae—humans

A. Hindlimbs much longer than forelimbs

B. dental arcade diverges posteriorly

C. Foramen magnum positioned ventrally

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