Kolibree: The Future of Dental Hygene

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Austin McAbee

Professor Jenkins


January 7, 2017

Kolibree: The Future of Dental Hygene

When it comes to brushing teeth, children are not always the most enthusiastic. For many of them, it seems like just another chore that they dread. This leads to children developing cavities and other dental problems, which can affect them the rest of their lives. Not just children however, have poor brushing techniques. People of all ages practice inadequate brushing techniques on a daily basis.

Thankfully however, a new product, the Kolibree Electric Toothbrush with 3D Sensors aims to eliminate these problems. In order to get young children on board with the idea of brushing their teeth, Kolibree toothbrushes can connect to apps, and with the use of 3D sensors, can let children play games simply by brushing their teeth. In addition to this, the sensors track where children brush their teeth, so parents can monitor and make sure their kids are brushing properly. For the adults, the product offers “tips from dental professionals,” which promote proper brushing techniques (Kolibree). The sensors also monitor the adults’ brushing, so one can review and track their brushing zones to ensure proper brushing.

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