Kingdom of bahrain ministry of health tender specifications

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Tender Announcement Date: 17.06.2009
Tender Closing Date: 29.07.2009

King Hamad General Hospital (KHGH) is being built in Muharraq, Kingdom of Bahrain. It is a 312 beds hospital that will provide secondary health services to all the population of the kingdom. The project management and the Operation and Management of the hospital will be outsourced. The Ministry of Health will be the main sponsor of this hospital and they will regulate and supervise the quality of services provided by this hospital since they are the regulator of health in the country.
Being a secondary services general hospital KHGH has distributed as follows:
60 Beds Obstetric and Gynecology, 8 Beds A&E, 18 Beds Neonatal, 12 Beds ICU, 28 Beds Pediatric, 84 Beds Surgical, 68 Beds Medical, 34 Beds Day Care (Surgical Medical Obs. & Gynae).

Surgical instruments are tools or devices that perform such functions as cutting, dissecting, grasping, holding, retracting, dilating, probing, suctioning or suturing, etc. Surgical instruments are made from high quality stainless steel and other metals, such as titanium, chromium, vanadium, and molybdenum. Surgical instruments facilitate a variety of procedures and operations.
This modern general hospital requires various and numerous general and specialized sets of the state of the art and high quality surgical instruments as detailed in this package.

3. Quality Standards
All Surgical instruments must be manufactured in accordance with quality control processes and crafted from the highest quality material in accordance with recognized relevant international standards. These standards and certifications (including, if applicable materials and manufacturing processes) must be clearly stated and submitted with the associated documentary evidence.
Only suppliers with quality management system in conformity with same of the following standards and quality controls are invited to bid.
ISO (001/ ISO 9002

ISO 9001 : 2000

ISO 13485 / ISO 13488

EN 46001 / EN 46002

QS Standards # 1128(Japan)

QS Standards 21 CFR Part 820(USA)

4. Comprehensive Warrantee
All Surgical instruments must be warranted against all manufacturing or material defects for at least one year from the date of acceptance. Any reported defective instrument shall be the responsibility of the supplier to rectify or replace immediately.
The suppliers shall be responsible to rectify or replace the defective instrument without additional cost or laps of time.
5. Special Conditions
All quoted items should be CE marked or equivalent as stated above in item 3 and should clearly certify that it is not a reprocessed item.
The sterilization technique for disinfecting the tools should be specified with maximum allowable temperature.
All the tool assembly should have a blow-up diagram with reassembling techniques.

6. All relevant technical and clinical clarifications and certifications must be provided in support of the submitted bid.
7. Catalog/product information or other related information that could support your offer for evaluation purposes must be submitted along with the tender documents.

8. Clear Pictures and Part Numbers for each Surgical Instrument must be submitted. Failure to submit the required materials would lost your chance to get any order from this particular tender.

9. Offer must CLEARLY specify the following (Mandatory):

  1. Model.

  2. Manufacture.

  3. Country of origin.

  4. Delivery period.

  5. Warranty period.

  6. Installation / Commissioning / Training.

10. Bidders must be prepared to conduct presentations at any time for the ease of evaluation.
11. Bidders are requested to submit Two Original Hard copies of their offers and Two soft copies.

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