Kentucky Rising Fact Sheet What is Kentucky Rising?

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Kentucky Rising Fact Sheet

What is Kentucky Rising? KY Rising is a statewide strategic plan focused on a “cradle” to “career” model to improve the economy of the Commonwealth and the prosperity of citizens of the Commonwealth.

What is the goal? Kentucky will have a workforce that is among the world’s most highly skilled, globally aware, and globally competent.

What is the method? KY Rising will involve key stakeholders in a working group to develop the statewide cradle to career strategic plan. The strategic plan will address the following components:

  1. provide strong supports for children and their families before students even arrive at school;

  2. provide more resources for at-risk students than for others;

  3. develop world class, highly coherent instructional systems;

  4. create clear gateways for students through the system, set to global standards, with no dead ends;

  5. assure an abundant supply of highly effective teachers;

  6. redesign schools to treat teachers as professionals, with incentives and support to continuously improve their practice and the performance of their students;

  7. create an highly effective system of career and vocational education and training, built on high academic standards, with pathways both to work and to further education;

  8. create a leadership development system that develops leaders at all levels to manage such systems effectively; and,

  9. institute a governance system that has the authority and legitimacy to develop coherent and powerful policies and is capable of implementing them at scale.

Which groups will be involved in the development of the KY Rising strategic plan? Governor’s Early Childhood Advisory Council, K-12, community colleges and public/private universities, Education Professional Standards Board, KY Chamber of Commerce, Economic Development, Labor Cabinet, Workforce Cabinet, Unbridled Learning Guiding Coalition, National Governors Association Career Pathways planning team, other stakeholder groups (state, national, and international) based on involvement and leadership with the 9 components.
What is the timeline? Completion of a needs assessment and gap analysis by March, 2015 and development of the state plan by August, 2015. Following development of the state strategic plan, agencies and departments will develop specific plans to implement the key strategies from KY Rising that are relevant to their agency or department.
How will this be funded? Planning funds will be provided through foundation funds. Once KY Rising plan is established, implementation funds will be sought through a number of federal grant opportunities, foundation grants and state funds.

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