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(2016 Fall Tournament)
Date: Saturday September 10, 2016

Time: 9:00 am to 2:00 pm

Where: Turner Recreation Center Gym (831 S. 55th St. KCK)

Cost: $30.00 for one or more events plus t-shirt ($40 after August 25th)

(Make checks payable to Turner Recreation Commission)

Events: Individual Kata, Kumite
Shirt Sizes Adult SM Adult M Adult L Adult XL Adult XXL

Adult XXXL Youth S Youth M Youth L

Beginner – Kyu (White and Yellow Belts)

6 yr & under, mixed ___K1, ___S1

7-8 yr old, mixed ___K2, ___S2

9-10 yr old, mixed ___K3, ___S3

11-12 yr old, mixed ___K4, ___S4

13-15 yr old, mixed ___K5, ___S5

Intermediate – Kyu (Orange and Green Belts)

7 yr & under, mixed ___K6, ___S6

8-10 yr old, mixed ___K7, ___S7

11-12 yr old, mixed ___K8, ___S8

13-15 yr old ___K9, ___S9

Advanced – Kyu (Blue and Brown Belts)

10 yr & under, mixed ___K10, ___S10

11-12 yr old, mixed ___K11, ___S11

13-14 yr old ___K12, ___S12

Jr. Black Belt

All ages mixed K13, S13


Beginner /White and Yellow Belt

Men (16 & older) ___K15, ___S15

Women (16 & older) ___K16, ___S16

Beginner /Orange and Green Belt

Men (16 & older) ___K17, ___S17

Women (16 & older) ___K18, ___S18

Intermediate/Blue and Brown Belt

Men (16 & older) ___K19, ___S19

Women (16 & older) ___K20, ___S20

I, the undersigned, do hereby voluntarily submit my application for attendance and participation in the Tsuruoka Karate-Do USA Fall Kata Tournament, and do hereby assume full responsibility for any damages, injuries or loss that I may incur, if any, while participating or attending, and I hereby waive all claims against the promoters or sponsors of said Karate Tournament/ Tsuruoka Karate-Do Organization Canada and USA, and Turner Recreation Center. Otherwise for any claims or injuries I might sustain, I fully understand that any medical treatment given me will be of a first aid nature only.

Please print the following information:

Divisions # _________________Rank __________

(Write all divisions)

Name (s): _________________________________

Address: _________________________________

City, State, Zip _____________________________

Age _______
Parental/Guardian signature if participant is under 18 years of age

Participant’s Signature

Tsuruoka Tournament

Rules and Regulations
1. All kata divisions will be decided by scoring. Each ring will have three judges. In the event of a tie, the individual will perform a second kata. If a novice belt does not know a second kata, then they can repeat the same kata.
2. Scoring for the novice level (white belt to orange) will be 5.0 to 6.0. The scoring for the intermediate level (green belt to brown) will be 6.0 to 7.0. Scoring for advance level (Jr. black and all black belts) will be 8.0 to 9.0.
3. Competitors can wear eye glasses if necessary for kata but not for kumite. Sport prescription eye glasses are allowed for kumite. Female competitors can wear a white t-shirt under their gi. All competitors must remove all jewelry in order to compete in both kata and kumite. NO EXCEPTIONS
4. For all kids divisions, the competitor will be judged on the kata they actually perform if it is different then what they called. In other words, if a participant calls Heian Shodan and they do Heian Nidan instead, then they will be judged on their Heian Nidan. No participant will receive a score of “0” if they mess up their kata. The judge can award them the minimum score, but not a “0”.
5. Only a first, second and third place medal will be awarded for each division.

1. All division will have a three minute time limit.

2. All matches will be three points to win.

3. No matter the technique, one point will be awarded. A kicking technique will count the same as a hand technique whether to the body or head. That also includes safe take downs followed up with a hand technique.

4. Face and head contact is not allowed in all divisions. Absolutely not strikes or kicks to the groin or knees. Strikes to the body must be light contact in control.

5. Participants that want to compete in kumite must do kata. No participant can only do kumite. They must perform kata as well.
Required Equipment for Kumite

Groin Protector

Mouth Guard

Gloves (WKF style either red, blue or white)


Mouth Guard

Gloves (WKF style either red, blue or white)

Groin Protector (optional)

Contestants can wear safety glasses if needed

All metallic objects must be removed (ear rings, piercings and necklaces)

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