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Phone: 902.464.7447



for info-contactE-MAIL:

info contact: 604 779 3691 (VeloJuanito-Da ZillionLeafletman)
or SEE:
or SEE:

Very Happy

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PostPosted: Sun Apr 04, 2004 12:53 am Post subject: Trying to get something done with the "Lost Doc" Reply with quote

I thought maybe I should suggest that people ask Ralph Klein

what he's going to do about the "Lost Doc" and why. If

Tooker failed to get any answer, maybe if all the people

who have admired his work keep asking his questions, it will

make enough people to get Mr. Klein to consider doing something?
To contact Mr. Klein:
Legislature Office

#307, 10800 - 97 Avenue

Edmonton, AB

T5K 2B7

Phone: (780) 427-2251

Fax: (780) 427-1349

E-mail address:

Here's what I sent:

Dear Premier Klein,
I was reading the last article Tooker Gomberg wrote

about his tireless attempt to get you to do something

about climate change by asking you to implement

recommendations of a document produced by your

government over a decade ago on how Alberta could

save money by investing in greenhouse gas reductions.

I was impressed (as always) by his dedication and shocked

that he couldn't get the attention of Alberta's government.

I though I should try to honour his memory by doing a bit

to support the work he did for our planet. I will probably

not get the answers he tried to get for weeks by any mean

imaginable (and even unimaginable) but I must at least try.

I would very much appreciate to know what was done of this

report and why. I would also like to know what could be

done of it now, what will be done of it and why.
His last article

The executive summary of the document:

René Coignaud

403, Alexandre-Taché, appt. 3

Gatineau (secteur Hull), Québec

J9A 1M6

(819) 777-7028

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PostPosted: Wed Apr 28, 2004 6:04 pm Post subject: Brian Johnston's comments on the Tooker Memorial screening Reply with quote

Some of us got this in our e-mail, now i wonder was this following the Edmonton(thurd A-22) or the Toronto(Mon A-26) screening?

*** Velo Juanito
Subject: Brian Johnston's concluding comments on the Tooker Memorial screening

From: "Brian Johnston"

Date: Tue, April 27, 2004 10:15 am
Brian's concluding comments regarding the * "Lost Document"
The Lost Document, formally know as "A Discussion Paper on the Potential for

Reducing Carbon Dioxide Emissions in Alberta 1988-2005" was published by the

Energy Efficiency Branch of the Alberta Department of Energy in January of

1991. Some of the results of the paper are as follows:

1. A carbon dioxide reduction of 7.8% accruing from implementation of the

energy reduction measures. This is beyond Kyoto and was developed before

2. The capital cost of the measures is $6.7 billion....An energy mega

project.(or an mega negawatt project!)

3. The first years savings resulting from the investment is $2.2 billion
4. Average payback on investment of 3.1 years. Just think after 3.1 years

the investment would be paid for and a steady net revenue stream of $2.2

billion per year after that. This was 13 years ago! Is this a $22 billion

dollar boondoogle?

1.That any individual energy efficiency measure not exceed a 10 year


2. That the measures meeting the payback criteria be instantly applied with

full market penetration.

The Lost Document can be found at Read it for yourself!
Our society has chained itself the the automobile, which is now chaining

itself to the tar sands, as we run out of conventional oil. As the ghost of

Jacob Marley said ...."tis a ponderous chain!).
Tooker was unable to confront Premier Klein about the "Lost Document" in

life. He was scheduled to appear in court resulting from charges from


himself in Kleins vault on March 1, 2 and 3rd trying to raise the awareness

of the "Lost Document".

On the evening of the 3rd he went missing.

Perhaps the ghost of Tooker Gomberg will catch up with our Premier.


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PostPosted: Tue May 18, 2004 7:53 pm Post subject: VaANCOUVER: See you at the movies! A video memorial JUNE 03 Reply with quote

See you at the movies! ***A video memorial for activist Tooker Gomberg***

Come to an evening & screening of Tooker's(own) videos: ~~~~~ A memorial for activist Tooker Gomberg ~~~~~
~~~A call to renewed action! Meet Tooker! See Tooker!~~~

Come to an evening & screening of Tooker's(own) videos:

~~~~~ A memorial for activist Tooker Gomberg ~~~~~
When: Thursday, June 3nd, 2004

6pm to midnight

(people are welcome to arrive 1/2 hour early to share about Tooker's life)

where: Video In Studios, 1965 Main Street( between 3rd & 4th Avenue East )

in South-East False Creek- Mt Pleasant area

(buses: 03, 08, 19; "Main-Science World" Skytrain, also 99B-line & bus

09 on Broadway)

...& of course tha BICYCLE-LA BiCYCLETTe-XEDAP- FIETS-le VELO...

For description go here:

& link to program here:

By donation: suggested 5-10$ (No one turned away for lack of funds)
Refreshments & vegan food available by Pumpkin Patch Kitchen Works &

Ginger Draught(all natural, non-alcoolic)

You can also bring your own potluck style...
So we can estimate participation at the event, people are welcome to let

us know, if they plan to attend...

If possible please e-mail :

or leave a message at 604 682 3269 ext: 9521

Great thanks! to ~Video In~ for providing the space for this event...

...big thanks to Hadas for technical support & helping organise this


...also kudos & big thanks to Sheryl & Barb from Rainbow Bridge

Communications & Kelly from Boiling Frog Videos for all of their fabulous

work & assistance...

...Ackowledgements & appreciation to all the people, friends & family

making this serie of memorials, forums & healing happen & for manifesting

Tooker's vision & inspirAction... in each & everyone's own way...

Big pedal powered thank you to Carless Carmen, Amy & the Momentum Zine...

& Kudos for promoting self-propelled culture...
Kudos & warm thoughts to Angela in these sensitive times...
>>>>Poster & flyer pdf can be(SOON) found here: [

>>> ] on the newswire


Eulogies and Condolences for Tooker

and Stories of ecology and activism



Join our email list by emailing us at:

Write "subscribe" in the subject line

and tell us what city/country you live in

<~~~~~~~~~~~Tooker Gomberg~~~~~~~~~~~>

~Memorial Discussion Forum & Bulletin Board~

*** ***


You can contact Angela at:
or by snailmail at:

Angela Bischoff

2A Harbour Drive

Dartmouth, Nova Scotia


B2Y 3N9

Phone: 902.464.7447



for info-contactE-MAIL:

info contact: 604 779 3691 (VeloJuanito-Da ZillionLeafletman)
or SEE:
or SEE:

Very Happy

Peter Blanchard

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PostPosted: Mon Apr 19, 2004 7:53 am Post subject: Tooker's Life in Video, Mon Apr 26, 7pm, Toronto, free Reply with quote

Tooker's Life in Video


Monday April 26, 7:00 pm

OISE Auditorium, 253 Bloor St. W. (St. George Subway)

Free Admission

donations accepted to the Tooker Gomberg Memorial Activist Fund

View some of Tookers greatest adventures in Video:
- the 2000 Mayoral race,

- UN Climate Talks/Passport burning,

- Arrest and deportation looking for nukes in The Netherlands,

- keeping up the pressure on Mike Harris,

- Cycling with Angela for Greenspiration in Asia,

- Burning Earth Day,

and more...
3 hr program with 15 min intermission, bring your own refreshments.
PLEASE download and POST some posters in your travels this week.
or follow the link on the bottom right hand side of
Can anyone get a PSA on the campus radios?
see you at the show!


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PostPosted: Tue Apr 27, 2004 5:45 am Post subject: Reply with quote

In Toronto on Earth Day 26 April 04 after the Tooker memorial video night: A call to renewed action Event, some people & friends gathered had a toast to Tooker & about 10 second later some lightning erupted as the beginning of a lighting storm & shortly after a lighting bolt also rose from the CN Tower .

In 2000 Tooker, Angela, Kelly, & i, had climbed that tower all the way up the stairs to the top...

& i remember Tooker & i, both inspired by the landscape & the panoramic view, sharing ideas about a vision of a sustainable Toronto with recycling & composting, solar, wind &methane from compost power generation... & whole string of practical ideas economicaly & environmentally beneficial; all of them requiring only the political will...

Some of these seeds of projects have started to grow, be manifested & be implemented by dedicated citizens keeping these types of visions alive...
Da zillion leaflet man @ ;-}) ~
Rolling Eyes *** Surprised

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Peter Blanchard

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PostPosted: Fri Apr 23, 2004 10:48 am Post subject: Tooker on activism, finding balance, avoiding burnout Reply with quote

Tooker on activism, finding balance, avoiding burnout

Hello friends of Tooker,
Below is a piece written by Tooker on Earth Day, 2002. At the time

he was suffering from severe depression; the piece was a private

exercise for his therapist.
Tooker spent his entire adult life doing inspiring and often

successful work for a greener, healthier world. In 2001, in his own

words, he "hit a wall". For the first time in his life, he battled

I am circulating this article because I think it contains some

important messages for all of us who are working for a better world.
For those interested in further discussing these ideas, there has

been an Activist Support Forum / Discussion set up at
- Angela Bischoff
(This message has been posted here and in the [url=]

Activist Support Forum[/url] . To discuss this posting or its themes,

click the oval "Post Reply" button, near top left. The Tooker

Gomberg forum requires that you register, while the [url=]

Activist Support Forum[/url] does not. - ed)
April 22, 2002, Earth Day
Letter to an Activist

by Tooker Gomberg

An exercise for his therapist
Dear Activist:
It's another strange day for me. Things have been strange for eight

months or more. I used to be an activist. Now I don't know what I am.

Did you ever read the Kafka story about the guy who wakes up and he

has turned into a cockroach?

My mind is in a fog - I can't think very clearly. Making a sandwich

takes a long time - I have to concentrate on every step along the

way, and I am moving very slowly and deliberately. I feel like I am

stunned, and spaced out most of the time. Today is Earth Day, but I

feel I am on another planet.
I have been spending lots of time in bed, mostly sleeping, dozing,

and dreaming.

It feels like my mind has melted down, though I am told that it comes

back once the depression lifts. Whenever that is. For some people it

seems to be months, for others years, and others never get out of it.
But I am writing to you about activism, not the frightening impacts

of depression.

Amory Lovins, the great energy efficiency guru, once called me a

Hyper-Activist. I guess that's what I was. I lived, breathed, and

focussed on activism. It kept me thinking, inspired, interested, and

But it also allowed me to ignore other things in life that now,

suddenly, I realize I never developed. This makes me sad and


I used to enjoy cooking, but stopped. I always liked kids, but never

really thought about having kids of our own. Changing the world was

more important, and having a kid would interfere with our life's work

of changing the world.

I didn't develop my mind in a broad way, learning about music and art

and theatre and poetry, for example. It was focussed on changing the

world. I never really thought about a career - I was living my life,

not worrying about the trappings and credentials of the boring,

status quo world.
Maybe I was living in a bubble of naiveté, doing my own thing,

unconcerned that my perspectives and actions were so different from

"normal". I never wanted to be normal anyways. Normal got us into the

mess we're in.

So now I find myself, with my sliver of being smashed to smithereens

after being assaulted by police in Quebec City, a security guard in

City Hall, and various other security guards during the mayoralty

race. And numerous arrests.

Or maybe it was the tear gas, and last summer's smog. Maybe I pushed

my brain too hard, and overstressed it with the run for Mayor of

Toronto, or the passport burning, or 20 years of pushing against the

juggernaut. And maybe Sept. 11 firmed up my worries into a real fear

that working for change was really dangerous.
Or it could be a physiological response to too much coffee, stress,

and smog. Maybe I've burned out my adrenal glands. Maybe my brain is

poisoned from so much thinking about tragic ecological issues,

pondering bad air, and getting frustrated at the slow rate of

improvement and the rapid destruction of the living world. Could my

brain have been damaged when I was close to dying with heat stroke in

Vietnam in 1998?
I should have developed a deeper kinship with my family and with

people. Don't get me wrong - I had lots of friends and acquaintances

in the activist world. But they were not deep friends of the heart. I

neglected my heart, and how I was feeling about things, about people,

about situations. Now that I'm in crisis I don't really have the

language to connect with people. The silence is easier than trying to

explain what I'm going through, or to relate to other people's issues

or problems.

So what advice can I offer? Stay rounded. Do the activism, but don't

overdo it. If you burn out, or tumble into depression, you'll become

no good to anyone, especially yourself. When you're in this state,

nothing seems worthwhile, and there's nothing to look forward to.

It's honourable to work to change the world, but do it in balance

with other things. Explore and embrace the things you love to do, and

you'll be energetic and enthusiastic about the activism. Don't drop

hobbies or enjoyments. Be sure to hike and dance and sing. Keeping

your spirit alive and healthy is fundamental if you are to keep going.
I never really understood what burnout was. I knew that it affected

active people, but somehow I thought I was immune to it. After all, I

took breaks every now and then and went travelling. And all my work

was done in partnership with Ange, the great love of my life.

But in the end, when burnout finally caught up to me, it was mega,

and must have been the accumulation of decades of stress and

avoidance. And now I find myself in a dark and confusing labyrinth

trying to feel my way back to sanity and calm.

So beware. Take this warning seriously. If you start slipping into

the hole of depression and you notice yourself losing enthusiasm and

becoming deeply disenchanted, take a break and talk with a friend

about it. Don't ignore it. The world needs all the concerned people

it can get. If you can stay in the struggle for the long haul you can

make a real positive contribution, and live to witness the next

[to discuss this posting or the issues it raises,

click the oval "Post Reply" button, at top or bottom left]

Related links & resources:
Tooker & Angela's website, eulogies, events, more...

Activist Support Forum / Discussion

Burnout, Stress, Depression - links & resources

Do Not Burn Yourself Out, by Edward Abbey

Creating Stronger Community - Discussion & Links

Ten Commandments For Changing The World

How To Be An Activist

Preparing for a Campaign

Activism Resources & Strategies

Citizen's Handbook

Thanks to Peter Blanchard for the links...



Eulogies and Condolences for Tooker

and Stories of ecology and activism


Join our email list by emailing us at:

Write "subscribe" in the subject line

and tell us what city/country you live in

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PostPosted: Mon Apr 26, 2004 1:46 pm Post subject: Tooker on Burnout Reply with quote

A very kind soul forwarded Tooker's piece on activism burnout to me. I'm very grateful, because I think we can all relate to some extent to what Tooker is talking about. It's very discouraging sometimes when you work so hard for so little visible result. I've forwarded this piece to every activist I know, and hope everyone else does likewise.


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PostPosted: Sat Mar 13, 2004 4:18 pm Post subject: Tooker & Mirella // from cynicism to hope Reply with quote

[Based on an e-mail Barb sent to me - posted with permission. - peter]
I would be honoured if you use my quote to help initiate discussion about the topic of creating a stronger activist community. I'd like it noted, though, that I was in a highly upset state when I wrote that. (I don't normally rant at strangers in emails.) I am actually feeling much more peaceful today.
The environmentalist community in Edmonton lost another long-term compadre and dear friend this weekend. Mirella Zappone was so distressed about the news of Tooker's death that she decided to drive into Edmonton, from Joussard, near Lesser Slave Lake, to be with us and mourn. She hit a slippery patch and was rear-ended by a semi-trailer. At the time I wrote to you she was unconscious in ICU. She passed away today.
Mirella was one person who was always about the people. She never let anyone slip away. When she was in the hospital, a phone-tree was started to spread the news to all her friends. To make a long story short, I wound up phoning people, seeing people, hugging old friends, many of whom I'd drifted away from over the years. In addition, they closed the Driftpile school where Mirella had been teaching since September, so that all the other teachers, Native and White, could come to see her. Her family decided today to allow the doctors to remove the life support, as the damage to the brain was so extensive. I do believe the presence of all of us was a small consolation, when they saw how many people she had touched in her short time here.
Tonight, there were northern lights over Edmonton. I wondered if all the love and pain and grief going around today - for Tooker and Mirella and all of us - was streaming over the city, reflecting off the night sky. I know that I'm going to carry Tooker and Mirella around in my heart forever, and they are still alive as long as we continue to come together and continue to work for a better world.
So there ya go. From utter cynicism to hope in a couple of days (I've kind of lost track). I'm not fooled though. There is much work to be done, and many pitfalls ahead.

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