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and it was about Tooker and him jumping off a bridge in Halifax. I was shocked and had to sit. I was silent for a while, remembering how much he had inspired me to get out there and all....

He was an inspiration to me, almost an eco-hero.

Like Tre Arrow, who is now dying because the prison will not allow him his vegan diet.

I ask myself, with all the mind controls and liberty infregements, with our collective consciousness being toyed with, and herded into destructive paradigms, is it worth it? is fighting and standing up to it all the answer?

Tooker jumped off a bridge, and Tre is starving himself out,

can we awake together before its too late, before too many of us fall into depression and dramas, before too many of us die of diseases, of hunger, of thirst, of contamination.

They say critical mass is 3%. 30 million

When heroes die, they create more heroes. And i beleive that Tooker's words and Tre's compassion and determination are uplifting and liberating.

we are the ones we have been waiting for.

It is far too easy to drive the paved electrical road and learn nothing than it is to toil the trail and become a man of wisdom.

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Peter Blanchard

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PostPosted: Mon Jun 14, 2004 7:05 pm Post subject: Silence and Suicide, by Angela Bischoff Reply with quote

Silence and Suicide, by Angela Bischoff

Tooker's partner, Angela Bischoff writes on the

connections between suicide, drugs, and the

medical profession:

Tooker suffered from depression, an illness

that made it difficult for him to reach out. He

suffered because there are few resources for

those with modest incomes. He suffered because

society fails to accept and deal with mental illness.

But Tooker died, I believe, because he reacted

adversely to his anti-depressant medication.


Suicide is largely preventable. Yet it is epidemic,

having tripled over the past 45 years. At the same

time, pharmaceutical use has increased dramatically.


It is a myth that talking about suicide will induce it.

The psychiatric community knows that talking saves

lives. So why the media blackout? Why the lack of

information? Why the taboo?
The complete article:
More links & resources:
Depression & Mood Disorders


Activist Support Forum

Let's Help Each Other Heal

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PostPosted: Sun Aug 01, 2004 11:26 am Post subject: Stunned Today Reply with quote

It was with nothing but stunned surprise that today I read of Tooker's passing. Having then followed up with Angela's remarks, I now feel far less surprised.

I myself have suffered with mental illness all of my life, and have intimate experience with the medical and psychiatric communities of Ontario as a result. If the authorities were to devote themselves to an active program of eliminating mentally ill persons, they could hardly fare better than what is presently being achieved.
When I lived in Edmonton some years ago, and as a bicycle commuter through some of the most unforgiving traffic conditions I've encountered, I appreciated Tooker's activism (though perhaps not his self-preservation instincts!) I found his antics amusing at times, and enjoyed them best when they left those in authority scrambling for any valid response to his challenges. Tooker wasn't often realistic, but he wasn't often wrong either.
Then I moved away from Alberta. Imagine my surprise, when I moved to Ontario years later, to find he had turned up in Toronto! Unfortunately, too far away for me to hear of his activities, if any. But it was still nice to know he was there.
And then, at some point he moved to Halifax. I wish that Halifax had been a more pleasant experience, to say the least.
So, this really sucks big time. I would never have known but for a fluke visit to Maplemusic, where a link to this site appears.
To everyone who knew Tooker personally, and especially to Angela, I can tell you I've been there, I know how he was feeling, and once his mind was made up it was OK, you know, a great weight would have lifted from him.
I feel bad for all you folks, and I think it's a shame for all Canadians that the future potential of such a dynamic and talented individual was lost through such incompetence and mismangement. But that is the way Canada is run, I'm afraid. Stupidly, that is.
Now Tooker gets a holiday from trying to knock sense into the heads of people and politicians who are genetically immune to any form of sense. I hope he realizes that, despite the frustration of dealing with these losers for so many years, he did accomplish an enormous amount of good whilst he was here with us.
Well done Tooker Gomberg! And on behalf of my family, thanks for making our own future a little bit safer and more enjoyable.

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PostPosted: Tue Jul 27, 2004 4:13 pm Post subject: Eco Freako weekly CKDU program online Reply with quote

Great program to wich Tooker was a contributor, Angela keeps up the good work with this program live from Dalhousie University...

Eco Freako

CKDU's ecological action show.

Local & International issues on environmental & social justice themes & events

5pm to 6pm(Atlantic Time) EVERY TUESDAY

4pm to 5pm(Eastern Time)

3pm to 4pm(Central Time)

2pm to 3pm(Mountain Time)

1pm to 2pm(Pacific Time)

Listen Online Live:

Hi Fi:

Or tune in to 97.5 FM in Halifax
On air phone: 902 494 2487
Very often Tooker's writing, life work & contributions are quoted & mentioned on this program...
Mr. Green

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PostPosted: Wed Jun 23, 2004 11:44 am Post subject: TOOKER ENERGY Reply with quote

I would just like to share some inspiration today. Since Tooker's death, there have been huge changes in myself and shifts in my external and internal realities. Knowing about Tooker (I called myself a disciple of him because he inspired me to act and be strong against what seemed to be impossibly strong counter-forces) and much of his work and actions, when he died something clicked inside me. It said to me "Now I have to do a lot more than I was doing, there's no more Tooker energy to get it done". I began to meditate and do affirmations on finding more like-minded souls in Toronto and area, I began sending out Tibdits with a stronger force (my mass mail-out informing people about important enviro/social news, etc., that may be hard to find, for the most part, for many people). I needed to be doing more than I was, to try and offset such a huge loss and a huge force on the side of the "light-warriors". I also bet there are many others who felt what I did.

The energy continued, however. It was like a hand came down and guided me to the right time-space so that I could meet Fiona who created non-profit Sustainable Spirit. I floated directly to the table at the Raw Peace festival on May 1st, like magic, and said "Hi, how can I help?" Ever since, Sustainable Spirit with Fiona, lovely Kate (who arrived on the scene about the same time as I) and myself, has been flowering and growing and we've been so successful in getting the word out for the greatest good of all. We are still working on our website ( We hope to be a very comprehensive source of info and resources for activists and non-activists alike, to connect health, and planet back to spirit and what really matters. To show others how to embrace diversity to manifest unity.

I really feel that a part of Tooker is within me now. I believe this was the gift of his death. His energy was not lost, in fact the opposite: it was given as a gift, a seed, many seeds, for all of us to nourish and grow inside of us so that together we can give out to the world more Tooker energy than was ever possible before. His death, even though it is something which "shouldn't have happened", DID happen. And I believe in divine order, that nothing is really a mistake. Tooker died and used his death to spread his love energy to all of us, to be the spark for those disciples here and now and for those still to come. His death is NOT for nothing....not one bit. If fact his death in this way may be what saves us all. Thank you so much Tooker for this gift, may we all use it wisely.
With gratitude, Amandha Vollmer


Those who dream by day are cognizant of many things which escape those who dream only by night.

Edgar Allan Poe (1809 - 1849), "Eleonora"

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Peter Blanchard

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PostPosted: Tue Jun 08, 2004 9:17 am Post subject: CD released including Mike Ford's song about Tooker... Reply with quote

Hello friends of Tooker,
For those of you who attended the memorial for Tooker in

Toronto, you would've seen Mike Ford perform his original

song written in honor of Tooker called Tooker: Le Monde a

Bicyclette (The World on a Bicycle). The tune is posted up

on our website:
It's an incredible song, both heart-wrenching and upbeat.

It really gives a sense of Tooker's vision and contribution.

If you haven't heard it yet, enjoy...
It has been released on CD, with proceeds going to the

Tooker Gomberg Greenspiration Fund (also see for details)
Thanks Mike... What an honor...
– angela
News Release

Moxy Fruvous' Mike Ford Releases Album,

Does Some Do-Gooding

Wednesday June 02, 2004 @ 03:30 PM

By: Staff
Moxy Fruvous
Mike Ford, one quarter of Canada's once famed a capella

band Moxy Fruvous, is releasing his first solo album.

Ford's new album, Stars Shone On Toronto, will be

released this Friday.

Ford's will celebrate the album's release at Toronto's Hugh's

Room (2261 Dundas Street West), located in Roncesvalles

Village. Stars Shone On Toronto features a collection of

songs that were inspired by Ford's interest in acoustic folk

The album consists of eight tracks, which are all based

on characters, places or events in Canadian history -

essentially a celebration of Canada's past and present.
It also features tributes to Canada's environmental and

geographical history, consisting of songs about the

Oak Ridges Moraine, the effect that SUVs have on

our environment and also a special track in memory

of environmental and social justice activist Tooker

Gomberg, who recently passed away.

In a statement, Ford says, "Inspiration is the most important

thing in the world. There's no lack of earth-saving ideas out

there, but what's so often missing is the will to get up and

act on them. I wrote a song for Tooker because I want the

audiences I sing to to know about his brilliant activism,

and to pass on the sparks of inspiration."

The CD can be purchased for $15 through , with $1.50 of the proceeds

for each CD going to the Tooker Gomberg Greenspiration

Fund, which works to support Canada's environment, a

cause Gomberg was extremely active in throughout his life.
For the last several years, Ford has also been educating

school kids on Canada's history using his musical talents

through his company, Canada In Song. "Sometimes with

a song you can express some of the emotional content of a

life," says Ford, "an element that's hard to find in history

books and statistical data."

- Stephanie Lagopoulos


Eulogies and Condolences for Tooker

and Stories of ecology and activism


Join our email list by emailing us at:

Write "subscribe" in the subject line

and tell us what city/country you live in

[topical: Music and Art for Social Change ]

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PostPosted: Sat Jun 05, 2004 1:31 pm Post subject: International Homage to EcoHero in lights ByMinisterBelanger Reply with quote

International Homage to Eco hero in lights

by Minister Belanger • Saturday June 05, 2004 at 01:20 AM 1-250-992-6749 State of Awareness

*Initially found here:
Tributes to men seldom provide lessons so contingent on our species survival as this man did. His reluctance to allow multinationals to run amok on our home and heritage is what has inspired memorials and gatehreings across Canada in his memory...
The efforts and archived films of Tooker Gomberg Canada's formost eco activist and defender were complimented by refreshments and a welcomed atmosphere put on and succinctly historically narrated by Jean of Greenspiration/Velorution at Video In Studio's last thursday night located at 1965 Main St. in Vancouver.
The images were amazingly clear and emotionally impacting as projected on a 10x 15' wall screen.
This timely screening of Tookers activities past, defintely brought Tooker to life and the memories were effectively flowing along with the tears the visual aspect of seeing Tooker at work provoked.
For those of you who did not know Tooker Gomberg he was the guy who would swim to shore to get help if the motor failed on your boat or he would put himself in dangers way to save another. Not to many that we know are like that. This man was not interested in personal; gain or benefit. He was all for mutual gain and benefit. This man of vision partenered with his dynamo powered wife Angela have done more for the environmental awareness movement in Canada than anyone else I have ever known other than David Suzuki and I place Tooker and Angela right up there beside him. Tookers bravery and alternative approach to corruption exposure are what has led us to accountability in environmental disasters. No simple lets do what the other guy is doing was good enough for Tooker.
He was a true innovator and champion of the peoples cause. His heart was on loan to many who did not even know him or had ever heard of him.
The Man , Jean, who organised this event is truly a friend of Tooker and Angela as he dedicated his time and effort in the knowledge of how important what Tooker and Angela did and are still doing as planters of seeds of wisdom for the defense of our home germinate, sprout, and finally take root back into mother earth where our roots belong.
Richard(Tooker)was a true leader of amazingly powerful moral stature that showed us how to apply the energy , all we have to so is follow his example.
Complicated act to follow?? Not really . Just place one foot in front of the next..... Just repeat until sucessful...
"It's just that simple!"

Blessings on all who attended and urgency for those who did not, to find out what this man Tooker Gomberg did for our and our children's benefit.

It is rare to see an evidence trail as the kind Tooker left behind...... It leads right to the doors of all the major Corporations.
Shall ignore the trail and not be on it?

We Need

We need we plead for the fate of Generations to come

Are you gonna watch earth bleed or join to beat the drum

Together we can stand for what is and whats to be joining hearts as well as hands as we fight for what was free.
It's your planet that you use and it's how you treat the land and the water that we drink, do you start to understand?
It's the air that is in your lungs and the food that's on your plate and the poisons it contains, is there any time to wait?
We need we plead for the fate of generations to come

We can all come together now join to beat the drum

To the directors of the boards that control our planets fate surely there is one of them that will help us to relate.
We need we plead for the fate of generations to come
Blessings Exclamation
Edited by Jii-VeloJuanito ( with a few comas & so...)

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PostPosted: Fri Jun 04, 2004 3:35 am Post subject: Thank you, Tooker Reply with quote

I moved to BC last year from Toronto, and with the election my partner and I were talking today wondering whatever happened to Tooker and we wondered what he thought of everything going on. So I went to check his website and get this terrible news.

I am sitting here crying and I don't know what to write really. I just wanted to tell someone how much I appreciated and admired Tooker. I used to like getting his e-mails about all his doings around Toronto, and I used to check his site regularly to see what he was up to. He was always so helpful and kind to me whenever I e-mailed him to ask for help with anything or asked advice from him. He was always supportive.
I remember playing a benefit show for him and feeling so proud to be asked and included. I remember cheering him on with my roommate when he was running for mayor. I remember feeling so great when I put my X on the spot.
I often wish I was more of an activist myself, instead, I support and talk about people who are. And feel really great when they get the message across. Maybe it's like supporting a sports team, standing on the sidelines and hoping they win. Maybe I put too much stress on people like Tooker, they took the weight of the world on as well as the responsibility for doing and saying what I couldn't.
If Tooker didn't think he had much of a life, well he certainly allowed for the rest of us to have more of one. I really appreciate and am thankful for his impact on my life. It is a terrible loss.
But maybe he can do something from behind the scenes, so to speak. Very Happy
I'll miss you, Tooker - not just 'activist' but SUPERHERO. I wish you peace.
Love to you all


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PostPosted: Fri May 28, 2004 12:52 am Post subject: Link to poster for Vancouver Video Memorial Reply with quote

Link to poster for Vancouver Video Memorial:
Link to anouncement for Vancouver Video Memorial:


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Location: Montreal, Qc.

PostPosted: Tue May 18, 2004 7:53 pm Post subject: VaANCOUVER: See you at the movies! A video memorial JUNE 03 Reply with quote

See you at the movies! ***A video memorial for activist Tooker Gomberg***

Come to an evening & screening of Tooker's(own) videos: ~~~~~ A memorial for activist Tooker Gomberg ~~~~~
~~~A call to renewed action! Meet Tooker! See Tooker!~~~

Come to an evening & screening of Tooker's(own) videos:

~~~~~ A memorial for activist Tooker Gomberg ~~~~~
When: Thursday, June 3nd, 2004

6pm to midnight

(people are welcome to arrive 1/2 hour early to share about Tooker's life)

where: Video In Studios, 1965 Main Street( between 3rd & 4th Avenue East )

in South-East False Creek- Mt Pleasant area

(buses: 03, 08, 19; "Main-Science World" Skytrain, also 99B-line & bus

09 on Broadway)

...& of course tha BICYCLE-LA BiCYCLETTe-XEDAP- FIETS-le VELO...

For description go here:

& link to program here:

By donation: suggested 5-10$ (No one turned away for lack of funds)
Refreshments & vegan food available by Pumpkin Patch Kitchen Works &

Ginger Draught(all natural, non-alcoolic)

You can also bring your own potluck style...
So we can estimate participation at the event, people are welcome to let

us know, if they plan to attend...

If possible please e-mail :

or leave a message at 604 682 3269 ext: 9521

Great thanks! to ~Video In~ for providing the space for this event...

...big thanks to Hadas for technical support & helping organise this


...also kudos & big thanks to Sheryl & Barb from Rainbow Bridge

Communications & Kelly from Boiling Frog Videos for all of their fabulous

work & assistance...

...Ackowledgements & appreciation to all the people, friends & family

making this serie of memorials, forums & healing happen & for manifesting

Tooker's vision & inspirAction... in each & everyone's own way...

Big pedal powered thank you to Carless Carmen, Amy & the Momentum Zine...

& Kudos for promoting self-propelled culture...
Kudos & warm thoughts to Angela in these sensitive times...
>>>>Poster & flyer pdf can be(SOON) found here: [

>>> ] on the newswire


Eulogies and Condolences for Tooker

and Stories of ecology and activism



Join our email list by emailing us at:

Write "subscribe" in the subject line

and tell us what city/country you live in

<~~~~~~~~~~~Tooker Gomberg~~~~~~~~~~~>

~Memorial Discussion Forum & Bulletin Board~

*** ***


You can contact Angela at:
or by snailmail at:

Angela Bischoff

2A Harbour Drive

Dartmouth, Nova Scotia


B2Y 3N9

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