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I met Tooker when he came here to Kitchener to partake in one of our Critical Mass bike rides and broke bread with him at Muses Cafe. We talked for only a short while before his bus left 4 T.O. and yet, in that short time, I was so energized by Tooker that I was impelled to create an action; I do not remember what it was though and it doesn't matter. What matters is that here was one human being being and giving energy to another in the spirit of humanity.
I believe that Tooker, like me, was a sensitive soul who was saddened by the actions of the majority of this world and who constantly cried out against the injustices he saw and felt very deeply. While the DSM-IV (essentially created by drug manufacturers) lists certain criteria for the label "depression" (and its various manifestations)...I believe in my heart that there are those of us, for whom on a cellular level, those "criteria" do not accurately reflect the disharmony with a world totally out of synch with its "natural" rhythms. It is so easy for those who are "not in control" to attempt to "control" those of us who are.
I say to Tooker...thank U for what U gave me that afternoon and for "paying it forward". Thank YOU 4 the stand U took for people and the environment mattering. Thank YOU for the respect and caring U showed. Thank YOU 4 being who and what U were and still are! Thank U 4 U!



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i can't say that I personally knew Tooker, but I saw him campaign in the mayoralty race when I lived in Toronto. I voted for him. Of course his bid was a long shot, but i think fifty thousound people cast their vote for him--maybe someone could correct me if they know the right figure--and that's a lot of people to have hoping you'll run their town.
I saw him shopping at the food co-op where i shopped. One of his campaign helpers was always there as well. Tooker was inspiring: challenging our hapless mayor to actually consider important environmental issues, living the life he professed to others, riding his bicycle around the city, rallying the green thinkers to make their voices loud and cohesive to enact real change for our collective futures. If he is gone, his presence will be sadly missed, but his actions of the past will continue to inspire others, including me.
E Arner



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I see that a lot of people are reading and not posting, so I thought I'd start.
Thank you, Peter, for setting this up. I appreciate knowing that I am not alone in my feelings about Tooker and his death, and in a small way it mitigates the feelings isolation and despair that this news brings.
I didn't know Tooker all that well, but the time I spent with him at the activist support group awhile back was very meaningful to me. In the group Tooker talked about his depression and allowed many of us to do the same because of his braveness and openness about it.
I wish we hadn't let it fall apart - Peter started such a good thing, but we didn't follow it up. I guess we all felt that we had more urgent things to do. But I know that there is nothing more urgent than supporting and sustaining each other.
Depression is a mental illness, and one shouldn't fall into the thinking that "if only i had done" this or that, this wouldn't have happened. But I don't think that anyone can deny that a more supportive and nurturing community would certainly make a difference in many of our lives.
Tooker was such a kind man, an inspiration and such a positive presence in so many lives.
Goodbye Tooker.

I'm sorry.

Peter Blanchard

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PostPosted: Sat Mar 06, 2004 4:20 pm Post subject: Tooker Gomberg missing, presumed dead Reply with quote

It is with great sadness that I report that Tooker Gomberg, writer, politician and environmentalist, is missing and presumed dead.

All indications are that he took his life on March 4th. He leaves behind his partner, Angela Bischoff.
Originally from Montreal, Tooker spent time in Edmonton and Toronto before moving to Halifax in 2003. Tooker was an inspired writer, activist and green crusader. He touched the lives of many -- through his Greenspiration project, his remarkable mayoral campaign in Toronto, and many many other projects and writings.
To learn more about Tooker, to read his writings, ideas, news coverage and discussion, please see the links below. has created an on-line discussion forum where you can share your thoughts and feelings about Tooker, his life and ideas. To see the posts and discussion, or to add your own comments, go to:
Groups in Halifax, Toronto, Montreal and Edmonton are planning memorials. If you hear the details of any public gatherings, please post them on the above forum.
We've also created a forum for your thoughts on how to create stronger, more supportive community for environmentalists, activists and everyone who is working for a better, more sustainable world:

Any announcements, updates or discussion related to this message will be posted on the forum.
- Peter Blanchard
Tooker Gomberg - Online Discussion Forum & Announcements

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odyssey documenting and sharing inspiring ecological stories"
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"Take care of yourself and each other" - Tooker Gomberg

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