Jailbreak Event Briefing In association with Cobh Credit Union: Jailbreak Olympic Triathlon July 1st

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Jailbreak Olympic Triathlon

July 1st 2017

Event Information

We are really looking forward to seeing you in Cobh, Co. Cork on Saturday 1st July 2017 for the National Series Jailbreak Triathlon Cobh!

Below is some useful information about our race. There are additional maps available on the Jailbreak Triathlon website page at www.cobhtri.com.


It will be an all-in start at 10.30 am

Event Timetable:

Friday 30th June


Commodore Hotel, Cobh.


1900 Registration Opens

2200 Registration Closes

We would kindly request local participants (Cork) and athletes who are staying locally to come and register on Friday evening as registration will only be open for 1.5 hours on Saturday 1st from 07.00 to 08.30 thank you.

Saturday 1st – RACE DAY


Cobh Town Centre, Co Cork


  • 0700 Registration Opens - Commodore Hotel, Cobh

  • 0700 Transition Opens (Promenade area on sea front)

  • 08.30 Registration Closes

  • 09.00 Transition Closes

  • 09.00 Race Briefing (Transition area/around Bandstand)

Transport to Swim Start/Race Start - Please bear with us on this as there are more logistics involved than with a regular beach start. Thank you.

Athletes are to be ready to swim on leaving Cobh for Spike (goggles and swim hat only). There will be a bag for rubbish so please don’t litter the area as it is a major tourist attraction.

Please pay attention to the timeline below as we really want all of you to get to the start on time, if you miss the launch or the last rib shuttle, you will miss the race.

  • 09.30 - Boats start ferrying athletes to Spike Island from transition area

  • 09.40 – Athletes amassing on Spike/acclimatization to the water

  • 10.15 Swim Briefing on the beach at Spike Island

  • 10.30 - Race Start

Prize Giving

Prize giving will be at approx 15.30 hrs and take place at the Bandstand/Commodore Hotel.

Important Points:

  • Register first and in person. You cannot gain access to transition without registering.

  • If you are a member of Triathlon Ireland, you must bring your 2017 TI licence with you.

  • If you are not a member of Triathlon Ireland, you must purchase an ODL (one-day-licence). This must be purchased on the TI Website before 5pm on Thursday 29th June print your receipt and bring to registration as proof of purchase.

  • For Relay Teams, one member of the team must be a TI member or else an ODL must be purchased for the team. All members must register together.

  • Once registered proceed to transition.

  • Only athletes permitted into transition area.

  • Bags and Boxes must be removed and placed in bag drop area. Transition will be dismantled at 1530 hrs – all bikes, bags need to be removed by this time.

  • After you finish your race, removal of your gear & bike may only take place once the last cyclist has returned to transition and is out on the run course. On removing your bike from transition, please show your race number to the marshals on the gate – your number must match the number on your bike.

  • Helmet to be worn entering transition with your bike & gear

  • Bikes will be visually checked for road worthiness prior to being brought into transition. If your bike is deemed unsafe, you will be asked to remedy the faults. Unsafe bikes will not be permitted to race and no refunds will be accommodated.

  • Racks will be numbered.

  • Race numbers are provided at registration along with timer chip.

  • Race number must be clearly displayed on your back during the cycle section and on your front during the run section.

  • Torso must be covered during the entire race – no nudity in transition.

  • No headphones, no dangerous riding, and breaking the rules of the road will disqualify.

  • Obey the Marshals and Gardai at all time

  • Safety of everyone is our priority

  • Roads are open and all Rules of the Road apply.

  • Should you need to retire from the race, inform your nearest marshal and please return your chip to the transition area.

  • Finally we would ask competitors and visitors to please not litter out on the bike & run course. We, Cobh Triathlon Club, are dependent on the support of the residents of Cobh and have no wish to jeopardise this support for the future.

Race Governance

  • Athletes must ensure that they are well prepared for the race. General health should be good and you will be expected to have familiarised yourself with the course in advance.

  • The Jailbreak Cobh Triathlon is a Triathlon Ireland sanctioned race. All athletes must follow Triathlon Ireland rules and regulations and should therefore familiarise themselves with such

  • Any form of external assistance such as coaching, pacing, provision of any materials is prohibited.

  • Abusive behaviour from competitors or their supporters will not be tolerated. Any transgression of this regulation will be heavily penalised and may result in disqualification.

  • Any referee decisions will be posted on the penalty board at transition within 1 hour of the race finishing. Appeals must be in written format and be submitted within 1 hour of the referee’s decision being posted as per TI guidelines.


  • Transition will open from 07.00 and closes at 09.00 on race day.

  • Entrance to transition is strictly controlled, only those registered athletes will be permitted entry. Family members, friends, coaches, media personnel etc. are not allowed in the transition area; athletes will be expected to enforce these rules

  • As stated previously, only road worthy bikes will be allowed in transition

  • Bike racks will be clearly marked – you must rack your bike at your corresponding bike number only.

  • Only equipment that is essential to your race may be left in your transition area. As space is limited, please adhere to this ruling; transition marshals will perform regular checks. During the race, maintain your equipment in an orderly manner. Equipment deemed to be causing an obstruction will be removed

  • From the swim exit T1 – once your helmet is in place and clipped ONLY then may you remove your bike from its racked position

  • From the bike return T2 – rack bike fully & correctly and ONLY then remove your helmet

  • Once you finish your race, please do not loiter in the transition area, please think of other competitors still in the race. Please remove your bike and race equipment

  • Exit bike verification checks post the race will be in place. Under no circumstances will you be allowed remove your bike from transition without your race numbers matching the bike sticker number.


  • This is a TOUGH 1700m swim

  • Swim caps provided must be worn.

  • Swim wetsuits must be worn/ not surf wetsuits

  • Please make way for strong swimmers to manoeuvre to the head of the field. Weaker swimmers should move to the rear of the pack 

  • Safety is our primary concern throughout. The swim section will be well marshalled by boat and canoe cover.

  • If you wish to retire from the swim or find yourself in any difficulties, please remain calm, lie on your back and raise a clenched fist in the air. A boat or canoeist will come to your assistance.

  • If a swim marshal deems it necessary, you may be removed from the water for your own safety

  • There is a safety cut off time of 60 minutes for the swim section. This cut off will be strictly adhered to due to tidal flow and time limit on the shipping channel.


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