J2 expands eFax service coverage across Europe

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j2 expands eFax service coverage across Europe

eFax services now available in Denmark, Norway, Bulgaria and Luxembourg, over 50 new cities added.

October 23, 2006—j2 Global Communications, Inc. [NASDAQGS: JCOM], the provider of outsourced, value-added messaging and communications services today announces further European expansion of its eFax services. New local services have been added for Luxembourg, 10 cities in Denmark, 13 cities in Norway, and 27 cities in Bulgaria. This is part of j2’s strategy to bring full in-country coverage to all key territories globally, as well as continually expand into new markets.

eFax® is a simple to use fax-to-email service that allows the customer to send and receive faxes by email anywhere in the world. j2 has provided additional local numbers for eFax across Europe and now has over one million customers outside the USA, bringing its total global subscription level to over 11 million. Another round of European numbers will become available later in the year.

This expansion brings further flexibility to customers, especially businesses, as it will give users a greater selection of local or international dialing codes. Companies can assume a virtual global presence by selecting fax numbers from the 2,000 plus cities in 34 countries that j2 covers, or tie their business to their region through the use of a local dialling number.

Says International Director at j2, Tim McLean: “We are adapting our company to reflect the significant changes globalisation brings to modern business. The increase in Internet penetration across Europe continues to boost the use of technology such as eFax. Having a local view is vital for us to understand our customers’ needs, and they also benefit from the global thinking and background of the central j2 team.”

The company will further bolster its European operations through staff hires at its Dublin headquarters, increasing personnel up to 50 per cent over two years with a new local hire appointed as general manager. The office will co-ordinate further European expansion and the continued development of European customer support and telesales services. It will also provide j2 with expanded European capabilities in finance, marketing, business development and legal.

j2’s company’s global network spans over 2,000 plus cities in 34 countries on five continents. It recently announced increased storage periods for its eFax customers’ incoming messages and faxes, with capacities extended to as much as two years.

About j2 Global Communications

Founded in 1995, j2 Global Communications, Inc., provides outsourced, value-added messaging and communications services to individuals and businesses around the world. j2 Global’s network spans more than 2,000 cities in 34 countries and across five continents. The Company offers faxing and voicemail solutions, document management solutions, Web-initiated conference calling, and unified-messaging and communications services. j2 Global markets its services principally under the brand names eFax®, j2®, jConnect®, JFAXTM, eFax Corporate®, Onebox®, Electric Mail®, jBlast®, eFax BroadcastTM, eVoice®, PaperMaster®, ConsensusTM, M4 Internet® and Protofax®. As of December 31, 2005, j2 Global had achieved 10 consecutive fiscal years of revenue growth and 4 consecutive fiscal years of positive and growing operating earnings. For more information about j2 Global, please visit www.j2global.com.

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