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Donkey or Mule




Llama (with pack)

Apple Bobbing Setup

Bin or Garbage Can



Tarp (for ground)

Apple bobbing for horses


Backpack (frame type)

Cel phone (toy) that rings

Treats (carrots, cookies, etc)

Group Activity. Get person to walk around wearing it. Put some stuff into the backpack; encourage horse to be curious about contents.

Ball, BIG


Possibly two balls – one about 3-4’ high and one about 6’ high


Small to medium rubber flexible type that horse could stand on without them breaking – can work well to “corral” the balls within a framework made by poles or boards

Barrel Rolling

An amazing homemade obstacle made of barrels and wood (or PVC PIPE) that your horse can roll along with his chest! Photo


With bell and horn, etc.

Blowing Tarp

Need a big tarp. If there is no breeze, you can use fans or a leaf blower to cause the tarps to move in the “breeze” See URL.

Boxes (empty, all shapes & sizes

For horses to walk over, under, around and through. You can also put some props amongst the boxes, or


For horse to walk over. Photo

Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrap (long, wide strip)

Board to lay bubble wrap on

Horse steps on bubble wrap lying on board, and it pops. At least 3 feet wide and at least 6 feet long, or longer

Bull Whip

To make loud cracking noise.

Group Activity. Someone will need to come up to speed on using the whip effectively to cause a crack!

Candy Bowl, Animated

Hand moves when something gets near! Widely available during & after Halloween. Put carrots inside the bowl.


Group activity. Requires someone to walk with a cane.

Car Wash

Car Wash


Trash bags (cut into long strips)

In hot weather, create a new experience by winding the mister hose along the ‘bones” of your car wash, and connect to a hose for a mist! See The Streamer Door & Waterfall at URL

CD Player

CD Player

Party Music

Spookless CD

Thunder & Lightning

To order Spookless CDs:


Spooky music with interesting noises is widely available at Halloween time

Clothesline, line type


Clothesline type pulley that goes to/fro

Clothespin Bag

Lightweight socks, rags, etc

Horse sheet

Streamers or pinwheel

The idea is to eventually get your horse to walk under the clothesline, with the items on the line brushing his head, shoulders, back, etc. You can also try the round clothesline (hang it from a tree or structure); readily available at dollar store

Cones (~12)

Useful for the set up of many props, including labyrinth

Crutches (2)

Group activity. Requires someone to walk with the crutches. Perfect job for spouse/significant other w/o horse!


Turkey Jake, Turkey Hen, Etc.

Available at hunting stores like Cabelas, EBAY etc

Doctor Kit

Height Stick

Weight Tape

Syringe w/o needle (1 lg, 1 sml)


Applesauce (individual servings)


Spray bottle with H20

Clippers (battery)

Hand held massager

Can be beneficial to have a helper at the doctor station to help measure, give ‘shots”, etc

Drag item

Animal Hide

Flat rounds made from sidewalls of tires

Gunny sack w/ crunched aluminum cans inside

Inner tube

Rope (50-100’) with plastic milk jugs attached

Pulled/drug on the ground or mounted.

Dress Up

Leg wraps

Shipping boots

Horse Sheet

Horse Blanket

Sleazy hood

Hoof polish

Mane ribbons, rubber bands

Tail bag

Big sunglasses

Glitter for hooves or coat


Hats & Visors

Fly Mask (full face/ ears)



Horse hair Shoo-Fly


Boa Boots

Easy Boots

Pack Panniers

Dress Up is a great time for horse and owner to relax and have fun (and prepare for photos) and also to expose horse to things he doesn’t normally wear. Don’t forget the Santa Hats! Time for the human silly side to come out!

Fake Grass Strip

(Big enough for horses to walk on)

Horses walk on this footing





Crepe Paper

Add other items that will move with the air from fan

Flag Alley


Flags of various shapes and sizes

Some flags are available at dollar store.



Group activity. Need a helper to start the flares and monitor them

Garden Walk


Portable, free standing gate to teach horse to walk through

Attach interesting and challenging items to the gate (examples, helium balloons, bells, streamers, etc)

Hanging Things



Hang from trees or structure. Ghost can be made from sheet.

Hula Hoop Squeeze

See The Hula Hoop on URL

Hula Hoops

Made of garden hose, 4’, 5’ and 6’

The hoop/circle is completed by putting a stick into the two ends. Can be used to put around horse’s head or for horse to stand inside



Helium Balloons


Add other props to make labyrinth more interesting and creative. See The Simple Labyrinth at URL.

Limbo Game Setup

Noodles (water toys)

Limbo music




Group activity. Consider making the limbo game challenging, with different activities per round (example, tarp on ground under limbo, pole on ground under limbo, two barrels standing upright under limbo, etc). Noodles can be hooked together using the connector widely available during warm weather.

Magic Tarp

Group activity. Construct a “handle and rope” for a person to pull the tarp along the ground. The game is that the horse has to step on the tarp that is being pulled by a person; tarp always moves away from horse – not towards. When horse puts even one foot on tarp, helper stops.

Mailbox W/Flag On Stand

Put some “fun” items in mailbox (carrots, apples, cookies and maybe some other small props, too – like a small can with pebbles inside)


For horse to walk on

Noodle Barrel Prop

Barrel with holes - /noodles placed a few inches into holes that are cut into side of barrel..

Peanut mound

Bags of packing peanuts inside gunny sacks or feed sacks and then covered by tarp(s). Makes for interesting footing.Photo


For horse to stand on. Photo

Pole Kites (2)


Snow Goose, Eagle, etc.


Group activity. Person holds pole to which kite is attached and it flies over horses and down low on ground. Kites hang from long pole (~ 16’) and move in air. Poles and kites are available from places like Cabelas. Photo

Rope (50-100’) with trash bags

Rope with trash bags and plastic bags of various sizes every few feet is strung along fence. When person pulls the rope, the entire rope (and attached bags) moves! Photo

Saddlebags & Stuff

Rain ponchos (2)

Saddlebag (inside is

cellophane, aluminum foil, map, hoof pick, toy cell phone, can w/pebbles inside & something with Velcro inside)

Sleigh bells

Tackle box

During hot weather, try putting ice cubes into pack; as they melt, some horses get scared and this is better to expose them to when you’re on the ground but horse is saddled

See Saw/Teeter Totter

Build so horse can walk on it and balance. Must be very sturdy. See Rocking Bridge on web site


Can be thrown over jumps, spool or fence. Preferably naturally cured.

Silly String (2-3 cans; 1 can counts as 1 item)

Group Activity. A can will be used up quickly. Horses have been seriously injured at parades when surprised by children with silly string.

Snake Pit

Poles or boards

Sprinkler/soaker hoses



Can be positioned so horse can stand on it, or can be used as jump squeeze. See URL.

Squeeze Box

Mimics the horse washing activity. A horse washing station that horse can stand in to get bathed (even if we don’t use water, it’s a squeeze). Suggest making it of PVC pipe and able to be set up and torn down. See URL.


Starter Pistol

Group activity. Be sure to allow plenty of room so that people and horses can stay as far away as they want/need to

Swamp Box/Water Box

Box or other container with

Rubber or plastic lining to hold water. Water should be 6”-12” deep.

Liner is placed in box. Box is filled with water. Horse steps inside. See Water Box on URL.

Tarp Sprinkler

Garden Sprinkler



Tarp is set up over fence and sprinkler is set up outside fence to hit tarp with water spray. Photo

Tickle Tunnel

A free standing PVC “stand” with receptors to hold noodles.When horse walks thru middle, he has to step over, under around and thru noodles. Really requires a photo to visualize this. Photo

Toy Box

Large Bin to house toys*


Frisbee, soft rubber

Rain stick

Umbrella (toy/childs)

Shakey Things (noisy)


Gunnysack with crunched aluminum cans inside

Baby rattle


Plastic bags

Large stuffed animal

Plastic bags should be different shapes, sizes and textures
A toy baton (with pebbles or marbles inside) makes a great cheap rain stick and can frequently be found at dollar store

Trampoline, Personal


Person jumps up and down while horse stands by or even circles. . Think of interesting props to add to the trampoline play (pom poms, helium balloons tied onto one side, etc)

Wind Spinners

Various sizes.

The kind that pokes in the ground or has a stand. Wind spinners can sometimes be found at dollar store

This web page has many, many pages. Spend some serious time looking thru them all. Quite a few props on this list can be found on this web page.

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