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There is a new tab on the IPSoft Full version screen called “Ordering”. Its major benefits are:

  • Combining orders for multiple patients in one order, saving you time and shipping charges.

  • Easy custom ordering for individual brackets, bands, and archwires.

  • Keeping track of order history.

Read below for detail on how to use the Ordering Tab.

NOTE: Placing an order via fax or phone will generate an additional $20 charge. There is no additional charge for placing the order electronically as described below.

Preparing the Order

NOTE: The instructions below assume you already know how to design IP Appliances and fill out the archwires tab.

  1. Start IPSoft, and open the record for the patient for whom you wish to place an order.

  2. On the IP Appliance screen, make sure all questions are answered, and there are no outstanding warnings. Then click the “Add to Order” button:

  3. If the Print Prescription option is checked, the IP Appliance RX screen will appear. You may print it, or just click the Exit button on the upper right to close the print preview window.

  4. If a pending order already exists for this patient, you will get this message

    Click Yes to ADD the items, No to REPLACE the IP appliance items in the current order with items from the IP appliance screen, or Cancel to simply close that window. In other words, if you made changes on the IP Appliance screen, and you want those changes to take effect, choose No.

  5. After the IP appliance items have been added, you will see:

    Click OK.

  6. If you want to include archwires in this order, go to the Archwires tab, answer all relevant questions there, and click the Add to Order button. If you do not fill in all of the required information (archform, size, wire progression and quantities), you will see one of the following messages:

  7. Once you fill in all of the required information in the archwires tab, click “Add to Order”. IPSoft will now add the selected archwires to the Ordering tab for your patient. When this process has been completed, you will receive the following confirmation message from IPSoft:

    Click OK.

  8. Repeat these steps for as many patients as you wish. Switch to each patient, and then click the “Add to Order” button on the IP Appliance tab and on the Archwires tab for each patient.

Reviewing and Deleting Orders

  1. Switch to the Ordering tab. It is all the way to the right, past the Treatment History tab:

    If you can not see it, click the small black right arrow to the right of the tabs until you can see the Ordering tab:

  2. If you have requested “Add to Order” for more than one patient, you will see all the patients’ names (and supplies) underneath the “Place Order” button:

    You will notice that the items appear in the following order: IP Appliance items are shown by quadrant: 1-2-3-4 (starting with the highest 1); archwires: first upper, then lower. Items added manually appear in the same sequence in which they were added.

  3. To delete an individual line item, expand the order for that patient until you can see all the items.

  4. Click the item, then click the “Delete” button underneath the final order window (see below). Click “Yes” to delete the item or click “No” to keep it.

  5. To delete an entire order for one patient, click that order’s date underneath the patient’s name as shown:

  6. Then click the Delete button underneath the final order window. You will see:

    Click Yes to delete, No to keep the order. If this was the last or only pending order for that patient, the patient’s name will also disappear from the Final Order window.

  7. To delete all orders for one patient, click that patient’s name, then click the Delete button. You will see:

If you click Yes, you will be asked to confirm deletion for each order. At the end, that patient’s name and all of that patient’s orders will be gone.

Adding Parts

You may also add any individual items you wish, for any one patient or for multiple patients. For instance, you can use this screen to place a custom order by selecting any one bracket, band or archwire, then pressing the Add button for that category. Or you can simply add items to any order(s) that appear already in the final order window. In the following example, two 21LACer brackets for the “Replacement Parts” patient will be added to an order that already contains items for Izah Decepida.

  1. Select the patient’s name in the drop down box underneath “Patient Name”. You do NOT need to open that patient’s record from the patient screen. You may add items for one patient while another patient is open.

  2. Under Ceramic Brackets, select 21LACer (or whatever bracket or band you wish). The item’s description will appear under “Product Description” in the upper left.

  3. Click the up or down arrow to the right of “Ceramic Brackets” underneath the word Quantity until the desired quantity appears in the Quantity window (clicking the up arrow increases the quantity by one, down arrow decreases it by one).

  4. Click the Add button to the right of Quantity. The item(s) will show up in the Final Order section to the right:

Completing the Order

  1. When you are satisfied that all the patients for whom you wish to order, and all the parts you wish to order, are showing up underneath the Place Order button, make sure you are connected to the Internet.

  2. Click the “Place Order” button. You will see a preview window similar to this – grouped by patient:

  3. To print this order, scroll to the bottom and click the “Print Invoice” button.

  4. To place the order, click the Continue button.

  5. On the next screen, you will see the Confirmation Code window. Type your confirmation code, which is usually your last name, then click the Continue button:

    Consider this the same as a signature on a drug prescription written by a physician. The confirmation code is typically the doctor’s last name (not the IPSoft user ID).

  1. The next screen will show a progress bar while the POS online store is being contacted:

    Depending on your connection speed and the number of items in the order, there may be a delay of a few seconds up to a minute or more.

  2. At the top of the next screen you will see:

    You are now in the Progressive Orthodontics online store.

    Across the top are buttons that will look familiar to web users: Back (to the previous screen on this report), Forward (next screen), Stop (stops loading), Refresh (redraws the screen), and Print:

    To change the language, click the down arrow in the language box. Then, highlight the desired language.

    To change the currency, click the down arrow in the currency box, then highlight the desired currency:

    NOTE: Currency conversion is tied to the Microsoft currency conversion rates.

  3. The Product Search lets you look up details on any one product. If you can’t seem to find the item you are looking for, click on the product type link on the left (like Archwire), then select the narrower category on the right (like Nickel-Titanium):

    The next screen will show several pages (the links at the top, 1-8 in the example shown).

    The products are always sorted by product number, starting with the lowest. You may need to check several pages to find your item. Once you see the desired item, click the link, and you will be shown a detailed description. Verify that the description matches what you were looking for, then click the “Add to Basket” button. You may change the quantity before or after that:

    After clicking “Add to Basket”, the basket will be displayed again. You will see the item you just selected at the bottom of the list. Clicking the “Basket” link restores the ordering screen if you are on another screen.

    IMPORTANT: Any changes you make here will NOT be reflected in the IPSoft Order History window.

  4. Modifying and Checking Out

    The patient prescription is itemized and priced. On the above screen, you may change any quantities, remove (by clicking the Remove link on the right of the item’s price); add individual items; or remove all (by clicking the Remove all link on the lower right). When confirmed, scroll to the bottom of the screen and click the “Check-out” button.

    NOTE: Any changes made in this section will NOT be reflected in IPSoft!!

  5. Entering Your Address:

    Enter your ship-to address. The “Country” is a required field. When completed, click “Submit”.

  6. Shipping Method

    Currently there is only one shipping method and click “Check-out”.

  7. Reviewing Your Order

    The final invoice is completed, with tax and shipping added.

  8. This is the best time to print your order (by clicking the print icon close to the upper left corner) because this screen shows your entire order.

    NOTE: Make sure to select “Landscape” format from your printer options before printing!

    Review the order. When confirmed, scroll to the bottom of the screen and click “Check-out”.

  9. Purchase Order

    The above screen is for your own records only. Enter anything you want, like your purchase order number or the patient’s name (recommended). Then click Submit.

  10. Final Confirmation

    This is the last screen you see in the ordering process: your 4-digit order number. This is proof that your order has been accepted. Write down the order number in your patient file.

  11. When you close the store window, you will be asked:

    If you got your 4-digit order confirmation code, click Yes. You will be returned to IPSoft.

  12. If you clicked No when answering the above question (and you should do so ONLY if you did not see the order confirmation window), you will be given the opportunity to repeat the order. Click Yes, and the ordering process repeats starting with step 6.

Order History

If you answered “Yes” to the question in step 8 above, the order(s) you just placed will be moved from Final Order to the Order History window, which is on the lower left of the Ordering tab. Like in the final order window, orders are shown according to this scheme:

  1. Alphabetically by patient name.

  2. Within each patient, they are shown in chronological sequence, the oldest at the top.

Here is what you may do with orders in the order history window:

  • View: Click the + sign to the left of a patient’s name or to the left of an order date to expand and view details, the – sign to collapse

  • Print: Clicking the Print button below the order history window will pop up a preview window of your entire order history. On that window, scroll to the bottom and click the “Print Invoice” button to print your entire order history.

  • Delete: Just like in the final order window, you may delete any one item within an order, or an entire order, or all orders for one patient. If the item you deleted was the only item in that order, then the entire order will be removed from the order history window. If the order you deleted was the only order for that patient, then that patient’s name will also be removed from the order history window.

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