International Dental Research Program Project Form Name of the research project

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International Dental Research Program

Project Form

Name of the research project:
Odontogenesis and regeneration of periodontal tissues
Name and adress of the department:
Institute of Animal Physiology and Genetics

(Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, v.v.i.) in close cooperation with

the Research Centre of Stomatology

Veveri 97

602 00 Brno 2, Czech Republic
Project Leader (Mentor):
Ivan Misek, Prof. D.V.M. Ph.D.

Phone: +420 541 212 292, (fax: +420 541 212 988, cell phone: +420 724 977 448)
Description of the project:
The project is focused on tooth development and morphogenesis of tooth anlagen as well as related structures. It is based on signalling, proliferation, programmed cell death, differentiation and redistribution of single cell populations within the tooth primordia development. Although regulation of tooth crown morphogenesis is well known and tissue engineering and tooth regeneration are becoming a realistic possibility, information on proper morphogenetic processes within tooth primordia, including proliferation, differentiation, distribution and death of cells is still incomplete. Hitherto studies on cell proliferation concentrated as a rule on the region surrounding the enamel knot – a structure regarded as a signalling centre controlling the shape of the future crown, and on the cervical loop, where the existence of stem cells is affirmed. Our prospective research is focused on signalling within tooth morphogenesis, proliferating processes and apoptosis in different eutherians (pig, reptiles). The study is focused also on complete development of normodont dentition using an unique pig model with aim to characterize it as a suitable reference model of odontogenesis. This approach could contribute to the generalization of results obtained from studies of highly specialized dentition of laboratory rodents (mice, rats). The results could extend the current knowledge and contribute to the understanding of principles and mechanisms of odontogenesis and to the explanation of evolution of mammalian dentition and adjacent orofacial structures.

Current odontological research aims to analysis of cell and molecular interactions, but also tends to integrate the knowledge in the general concept of tissues and organs to understand development, homeostasis, disorder of related craniofacial structures and possible regeneration of periodontal tissues. Therefore, the proposed research follows these strategies and covers topics from molecular investigations up to broader applications.

What will be the student’s involvement within the research project?
The students will get a chance to participate, observe and also assist in research and the experiments.
What practical skills and knowledge would the student acquire during the research project?
The students will acquaint with basic procedures and techniques of experimental embryology, odontology, molecular biology, tissue engineering and get the unique chance to look to the possible future of their jobs.

Is there any special knowledge, skills or certain level of studies required?
Advanced knowledge in developmental biology, tissue engineering and laboratory methods are required.
Language(s) of use: English
What is the minimum number of weeks available to the students who participate within the research project?: 2 weeks
Hours of work per day: 4-8 hours

Available months: July-September

How many students can be accepted to participate within the research project? 1-2 students
Special remarks: -

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