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Intern - Clinical Dentistry

Faculty of Science

Dental Clinic

Position Number




Level 8


This position has delegated authority to Band 3.

Hours of Work


Special Conditions

Infrequent out of hours work required

Ability to travel between clinics (inc overnight stays)

Nature of Employment

Fixed term

Employee Contribution to Superannuation

Flexible contribution options available

Employer Contribution to Superannuation

superannuation guarantee rate

Workplace Agreement

Charles Sturt University Enterprise Agreement 2013 - 2016

Date Last Reviewed

November 2015

Faculty/School/Division/Centre – Organisational Environment
The University’s multi-campus clinics are dedicated to the teaching-training of its dental and oral health therapy students and at the same time the provision of dental services to regional communities.
CSU offers both private and student dental clinics to the general public. The dental clinics are run by the Faculty of Science in collaboration with the School of Dentistry and Health Sciences.
The School of Dentistry and Health Sciences was formed in 2008. The School brings together CSU’s rich history of health professional education in Medical Imaging, Nuclear Medicine, Nutrition and Dietetics, Oral Health and Dentistry.
Staff are focused on innovative and high quality education and patient service, using vibrant learning and clinic spaces to encourage collaboration and support of new methods of teaching, learning and clinical service.

Organisational Chart

Reporting Relationships
This position reports to: Clinical Director

This position supervises: N/A

Key Relationships

  • Head of School, Dentistry and Health Sciences

  • Academic and Professional / General Staff, School of Dentistry and Health Sciences

Position Overview
The position will provide a high standard of general oral health care including oral health education to a diverse range of patients and work to reduce health inequities and build stronger community relationships.
In addition, the position will provide support for teaching to dentistry and oral health therapy students of the Charles Sturt University School of Dentistry and Health Sciences.
The position has been developed to provide opportunity for recent graduates to obtain practical hands on experience working in a clinical environment with the continued support and guidance of experienced Dentists and Academic Staff.

Principal Responsibilities

  1. Patient Care

  1. Provide a high standard of contemporary general oral health care, in compliance with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency policies, procedures, guidelines and standards of practice.

  2. Comply with the Charles Sturt University Dental & Oral Health Clinics’ Policies and Guidelines relevant to the provision of patient care.

  3. Undertake a thorough oral examination, including examination of soft and hard tissues, for each patient allocated to you.

  4. Develop an appropriate treatment plan for each patient under your care, after informing and discussing with each patient his/her treatment needs, treatment options and consequences of treatment/non treatment. Consent must be obtained for this treatment plan prior to the commencement of treatment.

  5. Seek advice from senior clinicians, when appropriate, to assist in the development of these treatment plans

  6. Refer patients for specialist management / consultation, when appropriate

  7. Take overall responsibility for the management of each patient allocated to you, including follow-up of patients who you have referred.

  8. Adopt a team approach to the management of patients by utilising the skills of Dental Assistants for oral hygiene education, when appropriate.
  9. Be knowledgeable of each patient’s medical history prior to commencing treatment and modify treatment accordingly.

  10. Educate each patient under your care on dental health.

  1. Infection Control

  1. Maintain a high standard of infection control in accordance with the Charles Sturt University Dental & Oral Health Clinics’ Infection Control Policy
  2. In accordance with the NSW Health PD2011_005: Occupational Assessment, Screening & Vaccination Against Specified Infectious Diseases Policy Directive comply with the need for and documentation of vaccination against infectious diseases

  3. In accordance with the NSW Health PD2005_162: HIV, Hepatitis B or Hepatitis C – Health Care Workers Infected be aware of your blood borne virus status through annual serology testing and testing in the event of exposure.

  1. Data quality management and Dental / Medical Records

  1. Document all information relevant to the treatment of each patient under your care in the patient’s dental record and / or in the computerised Patient Management System

  2. Record all radiographs in the Digital Imaging System

  3. Ensure all patients, for whom you provide treatment, are billed appropriately for their care.

  1. Clinical Productivity

  1. Ensure your appointment time is rostered and booked effectively and personal clinical targets are met.

  2. Ensure patients are billed appropriately for the treatment provided utilising the Charles Sturt University Dental & Oral Health Clinics’ schedule of fees

  1. Referral / Consultation with Senior Clinical Staff

  1. Consult with senior staff and arrange referrals, where indicated.

  1. Communications

  1. Liaise with support staff to ensure efficient delivery of services to patients.

  2. Treat patients and other staff with courtesy and respect at all times.

  3. Demonstrate good communication skills with patients and other members of staff.

  1. Teaching, Training and Continuing Education

  1. Ensure your clinical knowledge is current.

  2. Provide support to teaching in the Simulation Clinics of the Charles Sturt University School of Dentistry and Health Sciences as rostered

  3. Attend regular peer review and in-service programs provided by Charles Sturt University Dental & Oral Health Clinics to assist in the development of diagnostic and treatment planning skills.

  1. General Duties

  1. Maintain registration with the Dental Board of Australia, and licensing with the NSW Environment Protection Authority as required.

  2. Work in Dental & Oral Health Clinics of Charles Sturt University or provide oral health care in external locations, including aged care facilities, residential homes, domiciliary sites or schools as required.

  3. Perform other duties as directed by the Clinical Director

It is expected that the successful applicant for this position will have the following capabilities:

  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills

  • The ability to positively adapt to and work effectively within a variety of situations, and with various individuals or groups. Flexibility entails understanding and appreciating different and opposing perspectives on an issue.

  • An ability to set goals and priorities and undertake work without continuous direct supervision.

  • Ability to interact collaboratively within a team

Physical Capabilities

  • This position will involve work in other environments beyond the school such as other campuses as well as car and air travel, with the requirement to stay overnight on occasions. It will include work with a diverse range of staff, students and community members.

  • Possess the ability, when required to drive a university vehicle distances up to 500kms per day within the terms of the University’s Driving Hours Guidelines and Policy available at

Selection Criteria
Applicants are expected to have the following requirements to be considered for this position:

  1. Registered for less than 12 months as a Dentist, with the Dental Board of Australia.

  2. Demonstrated sound clinical and diagnostic skills in general dentistry.

  3. A demonstrated ability to work as part of a multidisciplinary oral health team.

  4. Excellent oral and written communication skills and a demonstrated ability to liaise effectively with a range of individuals including the general public.

  5. A demonstrated understanding of and commitment to a preventive / population health approach to patient care.

  6. Knowledge of and a commitment to the principles of EEO, OH&S, ethical practices, confidentiality and privacy legislation and continuous quality improvement.

  7. A demonstrated commitment to ongoing professional development and education.

  8. Current Class C Driver’s Licence.

Further information is available from
Dr Heather Cameron

Clinical Director , School of Dentistry and Health Sciences

02 6365 7647

Attachment (i)

Information for Prospective Staff

Your Application
E-recruitment is the method by which CSU manages its recruitment processes and it is preferred that all applications be lodged using this method. Please refer to
If intending applicants are unable to access this website, please contact the HR Service Centre on 02 6338 4884.

Staff Benefits
CSU is committed to providing an employment environment that fosters teamwork, innovation, reflective practice, continual learning, knowledge sharing and opportunities for staff to achieve their full potential. CSU

is committed to providing a flexible working environment that encourages employees to live a balanced lifestyle, combining work and family responsibilities.

To find out more:

Essential Information for Staff

  • All employees have an obligation to comply with all the University’s workplace health & safety policies, procedures and instructions and not place at risk the health and safety of any other person in the workplace;

  • All employees are required to be aware of and demonstrate a commitment to the principles of equal opportunity in the workplace;

  • All employees are to ensure the creation and maintenance of full and accurate records of official University business adheres to the University’s Records Management Policies;  and

  • All employees are expected to undertake an induction program on commencement.

Further information regarding the policy and procedures applicable to Occupational Health and Safety and Equal Opportunity can be found on the CSU website

Further information regarding the policies and procedures of CSU can be found in the CSU Policy Library at:

The following links are listed from CSU Policy Library on relevant specific policies:

  • Code of Conduct

  • Staff Generic Responsibilities Policy

  • Delegations and Authorisations Policy

  • Outside Professional Activities Policy

  • Intellectual Property Policy

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