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Brigadier S S Pabla, Pro-Vice Chancellor, Manipal University inaugurated an interaction programme between representatives from pharmaceutical industries and the faculty of Manipal College of Pharmaceutical Sciences held under the aegis of the Industry-Institute Partnership Cell of the Manipal College of Pharmaceutical Sciences (MCOPS) on March 22, 2007. This programme is an annual feature which is meant to strengthen the co-operation between pharmaceutical industries and academia. Eminent technical and administrative personnel from some leading industries participated in the programme including Dr. P Gundu Rao, a former principal of MCOPS.

Speaking at the inaugural function, Dr. Pabla opined that as of now there is not much of technology transfer between academia and industry. Even between reputed academic and industrial houses the interaction is quite poor. The industry is not confident of the ability of the academic institutions to provide proper technology. When the academic institutions know what the requirements of the industry are, they could make the changes in their curriculum. At that point they will be able to tell the industry that we could provide your requirements.
Dr. K G Rajendran (US Vitamins, Mumbai) spoke of a communication gap between the industry and academic institutions. He said that there was a need to bring about changes in the curriculum.
Dr. P. Gundu Rao (Director, R&D, Divi Laboratory, Hyderabad) emphasized that universities should train people intellectually. It is these people who will be innovative and prove to be harbingers of new technology and new direction.
Earlier, in his welcome address, the principal, Dr. N. Udupa, chronicled the history of the Industry-Institute partnership cell. He said that pharmaceutical industry and academia must work in tandem to benefit humanity.
Dr. Sreenivasa Reddy conducted the inaugural function and Dr. C Mallikarjuna Rao proposed a vote of thanks. Dr. Varadaraja Bhat rendered the invocation.
Following the inaugural function there were a number of lectures by resource persons from the Pharma industry. The persons who took part in the deliberations included besides Dr. Gundu Rao and Dr. Rajendran, Mr. Kiran Shankar (BPRL, Bangalore), Mr. Dheeraj Chopra (Bharat Serums, Mumbai), G. Sathyamurthy (Himalaya Drug Company), Mr. Raghu Kallur (Fourts India, Chennai), Mr. SG Biligiri (Juggat Pharma), Mr. Bala Srinivas (Sumac Pharma, Hyderabad), Mr. T P Gopinathan (former Drugs Controller of Kerala) and Mr. Easwar Reddy (Drugs Inspector, CDSCO, Mumbai). Dr. H P Tipnis, a former principal of Bombay College of Pharmacy apprised the audience of the rapid changes taking place in retail pharmacy in the country. A former student of MCOPS and a senior scientist at CDRI, Lucknow, Dr. S B Katti spoke on the need to include the government along with academia and industry. This is because government has done a lot for the science and technology sector.
Dr. P Gundu Rao gave a succinct talk on research and its methodology. He impressed upon the young pharmacy teachers the ways and means of choosing research topics, how to conduct good research and the need for proper documentation.
There were presentations from the other resource persons as well. After the industry experts had delivered their talks, a brain storming session was held. This was quite lively as many of the participants from the institution asked specific and pointed questions to the industry representatives. The whole exercise was aimed at finding meeting ground between academia and industry by looking at the deficiencies existing in their relationship at present. In the end, Dr. N. Udupa summed up the gist of the deliberations. It was decided that attempts will be made to implement the suggestions so as to bring the partnership on an even keel.

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