In the loop court brookline #488 – Brookline, ma march 2016

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COURT BROOKLINE #488 – Brookline, MA March 2016

“Catholic Daughters of the Americas strives to embrace

the principles of faith, working through love in the promotion

of justice, equality, and the advancement of human rights

and human dignity for all.”
Dear Officers, Members, Fr. Clary, Joyce Ann, and Friends,

Greetings and Blessings! As I am writing this March court newsletter, I urge you NOT to get use to the green/brownish lawn and bushes as one to two feet of snow will arrive this weekend and maybe into St. Patrick’s Day March 17th. At any rate, we will enjoy both a February court meeting as previously informed and hopefully, a March meeting with green tea and Irish soda bread without the annual Leprachan raffle. We will vote to run the CDA sponsored parish baked bean supper/raffle in October of 2016 as we appear to have enough monies to finance our voting delegate, Ellie Groh for $150.00 for the National Convention in PA. Thanks to most of you including Fr. Brian for your donations and support. Court Brookline #488 rocks!

CDA Happenings


  • Weather—gymnastics Old man winter has caused us to postpone our regular

February meeting date and financial review by our District Deputy and the State Board. We were not able to have our February meeting on Sunday, February 28th. Details to follow.

  • Next court meeting This will be held on Sunday, March 13th after the 12 o’clock

Mass. There will be Irish soda bread and tea plus ice cream with green cream de mint. Please check with the Regent or District Deputy in case of inclement weather. Please wear something green.

  • 90th Anniversary of JCDA – I feel too young to be 81! Your Regent, M. Joan, a

young junior in 1948 joined Court Brookline’s active junior court with Brenda, Maureen and with Peg O’Neil, Nel Cannon and Theresa Malinn our enthusiastic leaders. We were well known in our green jumpers throughout the community-parish and at all three levels of the organization. Peg, Brenda and I became local and state JCDA chairmen and myself for six years the youth/JCDA chairman at National. It was in JCDA that I formulated my love of leadership which I carry forth today at 81 years of age and still going strong. My only wish before retiring that we reorganize JCDA here at St. Mary’s. Will you help?
Page 2 – Court Brookline’s IN THE LOOP – March 2016

Lent and in the spirit of the enclosed flyer and the urging of both Cardinal O’Malley and Pope Francis you should make certain to forgive others, pray the family rosary and seek to increase membership in CDA at all three levels of CDA. Have you invited someone to join? If not, why not?

  • Mary’s Way of the Cross This will be held on Friday, March 18th at 6:00 p.m.

at St. Mary’s Church followed by light refreshments in St. Mary’s School Cafeteria. Please join us!

  • 90th Anniversary of JCDA Day on February 20th a success The State Board and

Chairman Annette and Tina Johnstin organized a most memorable day from beginning to end at St. Clement Parish. Two junior courts of 50+ girls from 2nd grade through high school were present with their Advisors and parents. Several new Court Presidents were installed as well as six new girls received with a promise of more to join. The Daughters of St. Paul gave an interactive presentation on the “Year of Mercy” and how each individual could do something for the good of our Lord and nurture their own faith and mercy. I was very pleased to represent Court Brookline and at the same time share my personal story. More details later.

  • The future of America is in the voters hands on March 1st The State and

National Legislative Committees urge all legal-aged voters to do their own individual homework to find out who is the best candidate to be nominated the party’s front runner. Don’t let the biased media try to change your mind to vote on Super Tuesday March 1st for their candidates of choice! If necessary, drive and/or work at the polls on that day. Consider reading about the various candidates’ proven record of successful achievements. Remember – CDA members cannot promise a candidate that CDA will vote for them.

  • Dues are due Be sure to make appropriate plans for the next financial review

today! Who will volunteer to be a member of the Audit Committee?

  • Convention plans are in the works The National Board and PA State officers

are working very hard to make our 56th National Convention memorable. Thank you to Ellie Groh for her willingness to be our voted delegate who will share a rooms with Brenda who is a voting delegate from James F. Stanton with Kay Hart. As our

standing rules state – our Court’s voting delegates will receive a court check towards expenses for at least $150.00 which we will gladly do at our meeting.

Page 3 Court Brookline’s IN THE LOOP – March 2016
NATIONAL (cont’d)

  • COL Reports and the Newsletter Reports are due March 15th Your Regent

has been asked to complete and mail Court Brookline’s COL forms to the designated State Chairman for review and evaluation by the State. It is my strong feeling that due to your involvement in the stated programs, we have excellent service results in all seven COL programs. We’ll see!

  • Helene Shepherd – Regent-elect sends a letter to all State and Local Regents

In the letter she states that it is her proud duty to collect a donation of any size to be given in one big check to Shirley Seyfried as a successful National Regent. Our usual donation is $25.00 from our treasury and we will collect any other donations feasible. As past National Regent, I give in a group check as well as a personal check and letter. Let’s talk at our March 13th meeting.
Prayer Corner: We offer our love and prayers to the Malinn family as Theresa and her beloved husband Jim take residency at German House in West Roxbury where Rose Sullivan resides and hopes to get together to visit. We also pray daily for Mary Regan as she is medically serviced by hospice as a result of lung cancer and the doctors saying that she only has six to eight months to live. Also pray for your Regent who is hospitalized for her heart. God bless them all and for those we do not know require God’s blessings. Remember to say three Hail Marys for the safe return of our servicemen and women and for the end to terrorism.
In Unity and Charity,

M. Joan Kenna, Regent

25 Edith Road, Framingham, MA 01701

(508) 361-5401

Christine Goodreau, Editor

25 Landseer Avenue, Framingham, MA 01701

(508) 872-8093 (home) (508) 259-0500 (cell)



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