Identify the behavior and its consequence. As a consequence of the behavior, is something added or removed/avoided?

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Operant Conditioning Practice ANSWER KEY Name _____________

  1. Identify the behavior and its consequence.

  2. As a consequence of the behavior, is something added or removed/avoided?

  3. Does the consequence strengthen or weaken the behavior?

Operant Conditioning Review…Including Reinforcement Schedules:

Below are Examples or +/- Reinforcement or +/- Punishment

  1. ___ +R____________ You receive a kiss for bringing your girlfriend flowers.

  2. ____ -R__________ Wearing a helmet, pads, etc. to avoid a sports or recreational injury. 

  3. ____ +P________ You receive a detention for being tardy to class.

  4. _____+P_____ Receiving a ticket for speeding in your car.

  5. _____+P__________ Hurting your head when you don't duck in a low doorway.

  6. _____+P__________ Jail - Being forced to live in a small smelly room.

  7. _____-P__________ Teenager loses their cellphone for talking back to mom.

  8. _____+R________ You get your allowance only after you complete your weekly chores.

  9. _____+R________ You receive a merit raise at work for doing your job well.

  10. _____-R______ Being nice to your brother to avoid super-wedgies

  11. _____-R__________ Following the laws to avoid jail.

  12. _____-P__________ Jail – You lost the freedom to do as you please

  13. _____+P__________ Someone frowns when you tell a joke.

  14. _____+R__________ Someone smiles when you tell a joke.

  15. _____-R_________ Put gas in your car to avoid a break-down.

  16. _____+R__________ Feeling good after working at a soup kitchen.

  17. _____-R________ Ducking your head to avoid hitting it on a low doorway.

  18. _____-R__________ Removing a super-wedgie to eliminate discomfort

  19. _____-P__________ Repo man takes a car for failure to make loan payments.

  20. _____-R__________ Studying for an exam reduces stress

  21. _____+R__________ Getting pleasure from a stimulating conversation with a great colleague.

  22. _____+P__________ Tasting bitter nail chemical when you try to bite your nails.

  23. _____+R__________ Give your child dessert when they eat their vegetables.

  24. _____-R__________ Taking out the garbage to quiet a nagging significant other.

  25. _____+P__________ Snapping your wrist with a rubber band when you bite your fingernails.

  26. _____+R__________ Smoking a cigarette brings a dopamine release in the brain - that good feeling

  27. _____-P_________ Removing the door from bedroom hinges after child slams it in anger, taking away your privacy.

  28. _____+P__________ Having a blue-ink pen explode in your mouth while chewing on the tip.

  29. _____+P__________ Getting the stink eye for being on your phone in class when you shouldn’t.

Below are examples of Fixed/Variable and Ratio/Interval Partial Reinforcement Schedules:

  1. ______F#_________Getting a snack after reading every 30 pages

  2. ______F#_________A hotel maid takes a 15-minute break after cleaning 10 rooms

  3. ______V INT________Scratch off lottery tickets

  4. ______V # _________Slot machines

  5. ______V INT_________Your teacher gives pop quizzes.

  6. _____ F INT__________Picking up the paper in the morning after it has been delivered at the same time every day.

  7. _____V INT__________Checking the refrigerator to see if JELLO is ready.

  8. _____V INT__________Checking the mail for a letter from a friend

  9. _____V #__________A boxer has to hit his opponent a variable number of times before a knockout.

  10. _____V #__________A charitable organization makes an average of 10 phone calls for every donation it receives. 

  11. _____F #__________A blueberry picker receives $1 after filling three pint boxes.

  12. _____F #__________A dog receives a treat after it turns around four times.

  13. _____V INT__________A person plays the lottery in hopes of winning.

  14. _____V INT__________A writer sells stories only occasionally.

  15. _____F INT__________Metro train/bus schedule.

  16. _____V INT__________Checking the clock as the end of class nears.

  17. _____V INT__________A professional baseball player gets a hit approximately every third time at bat

  18. _____F #__________Subway (or other frequent buyer program) rewards card: get XX stamps, get XX free

  19. _____F INT__________A student receives grades at the end of every semester.

  20. _____V INT__________Checking cell phone for text messages when phone is on silent

  21. _____F INT__________Getting a gift on your birthday (what behavior is being reinforced?)

  22. _____V INT__________Checking the front porch for a newspaper when the deliverer is extremely unpredictable.

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