I told my daughter Jenny Theron, nee Boyack to contact you as you may have details of Sue Almquist for her

Please could you change my old address to:  37A, Fifth Street, Houghton Estate 2198 for all future correspondence

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Please could you change my old address to:  37A, Fifth Street, Houghton Estate 2198 for all future correspondence

Shan Cownes (Fitzgerald) shantownes@isat.co.za

Please convey my condolences to Raymond and Carol de Wet. What  terribly sad news abot Lucille. I look back on my childhood and thank God for a wonderful family, fantastic schooling and there's more to be grateful for.

Fritha Davidson (Williams) davidfam@icon.co.za

I left DSG in 1976 and completed my schooling at St John's DSG in Pietermaritzburg. I was a partner with Accenture, the management consulting firm until I retired in August 2004. I will unfortunately not be able to join everyone on 9 July - we are running a  half marathon in Knysna that day through the forest. My daughters, Jaime and Abby, are now in Grade 7 at St Mary's in Waverley and very happy. I see Jenny Ireland (Ellis) at school where she heads up the Junior Primary. Hope to be able to see everyone next year.
Carolyn Illes (Barclay) pilles@optusnet.com.au
Would you mind looking in the records, before 1980, about 77, 78 or 79 to see if there was a girl called Debbie don’t know surname, but married with the name of DUNN? Is there any record of Clarissa Viljoen?  She was the one girl who I thought would go far and achieve a
lot. . I do see quite a bit of Virginia Delaney, she is in Bath, England. It is always fun to hear about others and catch up with the news.  Hope all is well, and DSG is now a very impressive looking school.  No room for building hideaways in the bottom end of the school?

Margy Hyman (Cox) phyman@iafrica.com

I am so sorry that I will be missing the Reunion this year - especially as it is our 25th anniversary - but we will be in England on the 9th July - taking the family over to see Mum's family.  We had originally booked to go in the Easter holidays, but due to Pete's work commitments, we had to change to the July hols. I really enjoyed last year's reunion and was glad to have shared the day with my 'original' classmates. I will try and write again before we go, but in case I don't, please send my apologies on the day and my fondest love to all at D.S.G.

Diana Edwards (Elwell) Dianaelwell@hotmail.com

I would love to be there on the 9th but if only you had reunions in Febuary when it would be wonderful to escape the drizzle and cold of England.  I wonder how many of our year will be there.  I love getting all the old girl newsletters, it's fascinating.  We had Juliet Baber and family and Titch Walker and her gang over for lunch last Saturday.  We've been getting together over the last 10 years and we've expanded dramatically.  We used to fit quite well into our small English houses but after a late surge in the breeding rates it is now very cosy,  Juliet is back on now her farm in the Waterberg and I think adjusting.  She has three really rather stunning children and they're hoping to do family holidays.  I now have to go as I have a wailing 2 year old.  I will there in spirit and will look forward to a sunny, hot reunion in Febuary!!

Wendy Chandler (Forsyth) wendy_chandler@mweb.co.za

I enjoyed hearing the DSG chapel service while driving through Oudtshoorn! We were on our way to our farm at Herold, just beyond Oudtshoorn, in the Outeniqua Mountains. My husband, Mark, established our wine farm, so it was amazing to be hearing the sermon about the vineyard workers! I loved the singing, the prayers and the message. Was so glad I happened to remember to switch on the radio at the end of a long day's drive.


Amber Pettem-Shand amberps@telus.net

As most of you know, we are moving and will be at the following address as of July 29, 2005:

136 Snowberry View,Elbow Valley, SW Calgary, AB T3Z 3C5 (403) 238-8116


Anne Hill (Saunders) bridgetanneh@yahoo.co.uk

Thank you for keeping us all updated and enabling us to see how our school friends have moved on and where they are.  It is lovely for me living so far away to still be able to see the old familiar names of the past. 

Edda Emery (von Lichtenfeld) emery@q-net.net.au

I am now an accredited Translator: Afrikaans to English and German to English, self-employed.  See my website http://www.kubu.net/translation/translation.html


Sue Rosengarten (Albertyn) suea@icon.co.za

I will unfortunately not be able to attend the reunion.  Thank you for your emails and updating of news which I really enjoy (Mobile) 083 251 3475
Fran Dreyer (Fletcher) fran@sbh.co.za

Regret that I will be unable to attend this year, but please give my fondest to any class mates of mine that might still attend. Hope you have a great day!

Lesley Ritchie (Pedlar) lesleyritchie@bigpond.com

Just to let you know that we have moved to the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia (and loving it). Mobile: 0415 839 867
Jessica Ainsworth (Greathead)   jlaexpress@yahoo.co.uk

News sent in by her sister Caroline: Jessica lives with her husband Andrew in Seattle on Bainbridge Island. She has two adorable children Simon and Melissa.

Di Frisby (Bryan) dianafrisby@telstra.com
I would just like to say a huge G'DAY from Downunder to all my old class mates and to many of the boarders that were there at the same time.  Also, if anyone from class of '83 knows the whereabouts of Samantha Kelly or Susha Melville, please would you pass on my details.  My email address is, much appreciated. 

Janet Cavszabo (Gill) cavszabo@netactive.co.za

It was so nice to see familiar faces and places again - especially you, Mrs Wishart and Mrs Weaving - and also to see all the changes that had taken place! Thanks for including me in all the old girl correspondence - I will definitely make more of an effort to attend such events in future.


Tiffer Kemp (van Niekerk) ttmkemp@bigpond.net.au

Have received both and yes, you were right it must have cost a fortune in post, but it was lovely to receive anyway. I am back in Australia has you probably guessed, still waiting for a place for Mika as I can't really seem to come to terms with the lifestyle here. Have decided in the meantime to go back to University and study part time. Mika has settled well into a new catholic (similar to Loreto Convent and Iona) school. The Head is very dynamic is always out meeting and greeting the parents. Tthere are only about 150 in the school and Mika is much happier. There is a much clearer sense of welcoming and caring there. She has made a few friends but still hankers for SA.

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