I told my daughter Jenny Theron, nee Boyack to contact you as you may have details of Sue Almquist for her

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Jennifer Macintosh

Tel 031 312 0024 cell 0722993167
Sue Sparks (Tasker) raysue@rochester.rr.com

 - ask her to send photo she has a digital!!!!

 Phillipa Moult (Wishart) bmoult@shaw.ca

Many thanks for your nice note regarding the upcoming Golf Day – obviously “to happen” on a beautiful October Spring day in Pretoria!  Of course, I am sorry I will not be attending, but it sounds wonderful with very luxury prizes to be won and enjoyed too!  I wonder where Tintswalo Safari Lodge is – sounds fabulous!  I realize as the years go on, I am getting out of touch with all these beautiful new resorts/lodges/spas/hotels etc. that have become part of South Africa’s wonderful new look!

 I am feeling very guilty that I have not yet replied to some of the lovely notes I received from Old Girls in my 1975 Class following the wonderful July Reunion.  Linda Dustan kindly sent me some super photos via e-mail and it was indeed fun to see old faces again – some I recognized instantly, a few I am going to have to ask Mum to help me “identify” when she comes to visit us in December.  It is on my “Fall” list to reply to everyone – somehow during the Canadian summer, one does not achieve too much and with the start of the new school year in September, there always seems to be “settling in” too – we are now through that all, with Jane most happily installed in her little Grade III Class and Thomas in Grade 7, and thus the start of Junior High – a big step up from Elementary School really!

 Will be in touch again soon – I envy you the start of Spring as we plunge into Fall and chilly mornings and evenings now.  The golden and yellow colours are pretty however, and this upcoming weekend, it is time for Thanksgiving – turkey, potatoes, squash and any other nice vegetable that has been harvested before the frosts!

Kate (Coster) Viljoen katherine.koster@cox.net

Julie Belvedere (Wallis) juliewallis@ticali.it

I don't know if many people will remember me, but I do remember some of them. My married name is Belvedere, but we don't take the husband's name in Italy. My phone number is 00 39 0445 860529 and my address is 27 Via Bordogni 27, 36030 Calvene (VI), Italy. I am married with two boys aged 8 and 10 and I run a language school in Veneto, Italy. I'm still so in love with SA that I'm fulfilling a dream: to take my kids there. We will be travelling a lot but our last three days are going to be near Pretoria (Dec 16 - 19)

Fran Bester(Bradley) nabester@imaginet.co.za

Thanks very much for the invite unfortunately I will be unable to attend. Grahamstown festival has just started so it is a mad house here. Hope you all have a fantastic day.


Sallyl Hansen (Fleming) sallyhansen@mweb.co.za

News wise – I am still in Polokwane / Pietersburg practicing as an accountant and besides being kept busy with my practice, I am rather involved in our community. Two weeks ago I was very honoured and surprised!)  to receive the Paul Harris Award from Rotary International for my involvement over some 20 years with schools, churches and other various charity organizations.
Julia Meintjes juliam@icon.co.za

Thank you for keeping me informed about DSG etc - I will not be at 9th July Reunion - perhaps will be able to another year, but not this one!

My daughter Sarah, finished Matric at DSG in 2001 and is now in her honours year at the University of Pretoria and will join KPMG in 2007 to do her articles as a Chartered Accountant. Paul, my son, finished Matric at St Albans in 2003, and Is in second year at the University of Pretoria also doing his CA. (Must be in the genes!)

We have been blessed to have a farm just outside Pietersburg, and my husband Steve

gets pleasure out of his cattle and farming ventures while still running his practice In the insurance/investment field. All in all , life seems to march on and never a dull moment !

My sister, Margie ( I think she matriculated at DSG in 1980) is in Adelaide and decided to go back to University. She has two wonderful sons and is doing well. Her e-mail address is  mgoodbrand@chariot.net.au


Kim Glasgow encounterkim@yahoo.com.au

My family and I are travelling to South AFrica at the end of Nov (23rd) and will be in Pretoria on the 24th or 25th.  This will be the first time I've returned to SA since matriculating in 1978!  I have excited and a little nervous. Do you think it would be possible for me to visit DSG?  I would especially enjoy taking my 17 yearold daughter on a tour of my old school.

Sandy Wrigley (McIntosh) GrahWrgly@aol.com

I received your e-mail address and DSG Old Girls News letter from Liz Nuttall.  I moved to the USA a year ago, my husband works for Pfizer Pharmaceutical Company and was transferred here.  We have two daughters - Angela aged 16, and Sarah aged 13.  We are very happy in the USA, we live 35 miles west of New York City

Anne Morrison (Wyllie) amorrison@icon.co.za

Thank you for all your efforts in keeping us up to date with news.  I am very shocked to hear about Lucille – my sincere condolences to her family.  I am unable to attend the reunion tomorrow, but as always I will be remembering all the old girls, and especially those we have lost over the years.  We are starting to plan our 30th reunion and hope to have a good turnout then.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but thought that I should let you know that Pam Pearson (Nathan) 1978, committed suicide today.  Her devastated husband, Bryn, called me this evening.  She also leaves behind her young son, Joshua. Her memorial service will be held in Jhb within the next few days.  If you could please pass this on to all our fellow matrics – I am sure that they will remember Pam as a bubbly, vivacious person who always enjoyed a good laugh.  She will be greatly missed and our prayers go out to all her family.

Patti Wickens sent in the tragic news that Lucile de Wet died on 5 July 2005.
Charlotte Ford (nee Broadley) charlieford@mweb.co.za

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