I told my daughter Jenny Theron, nee Boyack to contact you as you may have details of Sue Almquist for her

Vanessa Eales (Brathwaite) ness.eales@dsl.pipex.com

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Vanessa Eales (Brathwaite) ness.eales@dsl.pipex.com

I matriculated in 1965 and would love to be kept up with news of other DSG old girls. My maiden name was Vanessa Brathwaite and my married surname is Eales. I live in a lovely little village just outside Winchester called Twyford in England and work as a Social worker with Adults with Learning Disabilities. My work email Vanessa.eales@hants.gov.uk Please note, it's Brathwaite, not Braithwaite. (A long ago ancestor took an army position and had to change his good old Quaker name, Quakers being pacifists and all that, because it was considered a disgrace by the other Quakers to have a Quaker name for a British colonel.)

Sandra (Brathwaite) Abele teacosy999@yahoo.com

My snail mail address is:  114 Woodlawn Ave, Willow Grove, PA 19090 USA Tel (215) 830-0931 My twin sister, Vanessa (Brathwaite) Eales, has lived for ages in England in Hampshire, in a little village called Twyford. She has just moved into a new home, she and her husband, Peter Eales, have had designed and built which has a little door onto a meadow where
sheep graze and there is a path to an old English church called St. Mary's.
Here is her e-mail address: ness.eales@dsl.pipex.com
postal address: Bag End, Searles Hill, Twyford, Hants.,SO21 1NW  Telephone: (international dialing code) 1962-714543

Some details of my life are as follows: 1966 - Pretoria Techical School, typing and shorthand; a year or so later one year at University of the Witwatersrand - English only subject passed; moved to Cape Town. Worked as an intern at Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens; worked at Starke Ayres Nursery, Cape Town; Matjiesfontein Hotel Village,Karoo; Stellenbosch Fruit and Fruit Technology Institute. In 1977 I went over to the U.S.A. to obtain a degree in elementary school teaching at the Academy of the New Church College in Bryn Athyn, Pennsylvania. Met and married John Abele in 1980. Obtained my BScEd in 1980. Live in Willow Grove which is on the outskirts - Northeast suburbs - of Philadelphia.  Have two children, both girls, Mary (23) and Vicky (19)both of whom are at Millersville University, Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Mary in going into her senior year Social work, and Vicky is just starting her degree in special education. Phew much water under the bridge. The Lord has indeed blessed me.

Would love to hear from other classmates. Does DSG still cheer for the Pretoria Boys High School at swim galas? I write poems, some of which have even been published.

Shirley du Toit Miller shirleydutoit@shaw.ca

What a thrill to receive all the news and pictures of you all, especially as our 40th reunion approaches! V.T. really enjoyed your comments and Pam Visser's picture was great. I have been brave enough to attach a fairly recent photo of my "new" husband, as of 2 years ago and me.

I live in Vancouver, and have three grown children who live in Tokyo, Sydney and Vancouver so they have flown the nest. Sadly as most of you probably know I lost my sister Mignon two years ago, following a long illness. I am working as a Physio with the mentally and physically handicapped population in the community, which I find really rewarding. I really cherish the memories we all share of School and this contact we are establishing with each other after all these years brings a lump to my throat! Please could we have more "sharing" from all of you from 1965. Catherine (nee Lamont) and I have been e-mailing having made contact through Jeanette.

Mother Barbara Claire (Kelly) mbc@csmv.co.uk

Please give my love to anyone who remembers me - I might make the 50th! Val Louw has been in touch with me as has Pat Visser as was, from the Netherlands. It was such a surprise.

Val Louw (Taylor) crystal.kelpies@absamail.co.za

We are anxiously awaiting registration of the property that we have bought in Louis Trichardt! It seems to be taking forever. The Registration of the farm that we have sold took place about a month ago so we feel as if we are living on borrowed time!! They keep saying any day now, but we have to get used to the new SA, things just work slower!

Yes, Joan Turk did come over from the UK for the reunion, I think I did mention it to you in one of my previous e-mails  


Gill Goodall (Ayres) goodallrg@worldonline.co.za

My new address is goodallrg@worldonline.co.za.  Next year is our class’ 40th anniversary and Sheila Meintjes and I will be getting together to organize as big a group as we can, so we will definitely be there in 2006!  

Margaret Fielding chosen@family.net.nz

The last DSG newsletter with email addresses of classmates and your address was very helpful. I confess I have only kept up with Pam McLaren and Ethel Fung. I was in the 1966 class. My postal address has changed.

from Hawera Hospital to Queen St Practice, PO Box 42, Wairoa, Hawke's Bay, New Zealand

Trish Hayes (Gordon Lennox) gordonlennox@icon.co.za

Thank you for all the effort you have made in keeping us posted  with news of the Sisters, DSG and Old Girls etc.It has been very much appreciated. 0224092222 083-659-3403 23 Kingfisher, Jakkalsfontein Coastal Estate , P Bag X2; Darling, 7345

Prue Wimble (Martyn) daveprue@mweb.co.za

Thank you again for all the hard work you do in keeping us so well informed about what is going on at our much loved school. I have not been a very good old girl and apologise for that but I do so love hearing everyone’s news - keep up the good work. Sadly I won't be at Reunion this year but have a wonderful day and I certainly will be thinking of you.
Pam Haynes (McLaren) dart@sai.co.za
I am of the 1966 vintage and could assist as a co-ordinator - I went to the reunion in 1996 and so enjoyed it. I have copied this message to Sylvia Pharoah (Thornton) and Margaret Fielding as I see you did not have them on your list. Let me know if I can help.
Adee Varney (Pfundt)  adee@randjestate.co.za

Julia, our grand daughter is now in Grade 0 at DSG, third generation, and seems to be getting used the new environment.  

Liz Hopkins and I are having breakfast in October and she and I will look at organising the 1966-year reunion next year - 40 years out of school - I cannot believe it.  When I have details I will let you know.

I am now General Manager of Randjes Estate in Johannesburg and any old girls in the area who are thinking of looking for a place to retire are most welcome to give me a call (082 322 7061)

Karen (Varney) is working very hard being a farmer's wife and they have moved to the original homestead on the farm and is looking forward to creating a new home there.  Her parents-in-law are moving to a smaller completely renovated cottage on the farm and are also looking forward to a new life - life is always changing!!!



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